View Full Version : disney not as friendly?

16-08-2008, 11:40 AM
ive been reading an article in a local paper about a family that has been to disney for 20years and they say that this year the staff were unfriendly and other guests rude

for thos eof you that have been many years is this true?

16-08-2008, 11:52 AM
Well we`ve been visiting WDW since 1985 and I can`t recall ever having cause for complaint. Sure they all aren`t happy and smiling all of the time, but that`s human nature after all.
With the current state of the ecomony both here and in the US, I`m sure that Disney would take a very dim view of any reported cases of their CM`s being rude to their guests so as not to lose any custom.

16-08-2008, 03:03 PM
Overall, no complaints. Most CMs are quite friendly. Remember, you're dealing with many different personalities, not one-size-fits-all, not matter how hard Disney tries to make it that way. My version of friendly is a bit reserved compared to others who are more outgoing.

I think part of what people are seeing is the sheer volume of CMs--WDW alone has many thousands more of CMs in all positions than they did during my first visit in 1981. It's harder to find people with exactly the right personality and attitude for every position--and my understanding is that Disney has modified its training significantly. Both would affect how CMs interact with guests.

And CMs are human. No matter how hard they try to leave issues from home at home, some inevitably have to affect the CMs day. It's pretty easy to walk away from the minor issues, knowing they will resolve themselves or be there to handle later. But some of the heavier ones are a bit more difficult to shed, no matter how hard one might try.

And with all of the focus on various boards about the magic of a Disney holilday, some people have developed unrealistic expectations of a Disney holiday. We have to create our own magic--Disney provides a conduit and sometimes a bit of a push in the right direction! :)

16-08-2008, 03:33 PM
Well, I have a bit of a different experience. I've always loved going to WDW as it was a guarantee of excellent service and CMs who were very friendly, well informed and willing to help a guest with just about anything the guest needed. There always seemed to be a CM at the ready whether in park or at a resort. The CMs that keep the parks so clean were some of the best! They carried extra maps, knew the times of all the shows, the locations of anything, were willing to talk a bit with kiddos... they were funny, witty and worked very hard for their minimal pay.

Now, I can and do see a difference. The smiles of the CMs are what I miss the most. It used to be that every CM smiled at you (either in return, or initially) and usually spoke as you passed. That is no longer the automatic response. Often they are frowning and seem quite disgruntled with their "lot." They are not informed as well as they once were, and there is no time really for them to interact with guests on a purely friendly basis. They still do a magnificent job, it's just that we aren't seeing as much of them any more and I miss them.

Also, I've had my own direct experience with a terribly rude (mean) CM and was pretty upset by it. I can honestly say it ruined my (short) stay and I ended up writing a letter about it. The letter resulted in a voice mail to my home (the call came in when I was away) which did nothing to make me feel better about the incident.

So, I have to say in general and personal terms, yes. WDW has slipped in the friendliness department. Where they once held the standard for excellence in customer service, warmth and friendliness, they have now slipped to a "nothing special about it" level.

They still do good service, but it's lost the definitive edge that once was the hallmark of all Disney service. :( :sorry: