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21-01-2013, 02:18 PM
..........before the internet?

We rely on it for everything these days and I was thinking how did you plan your trips back then. When went all the information I had was a couple of guide books and information I sent off for from Disney.

How did you manage :lol:

21-01-2013, 04:03 PM
Before the internet booked holiday with travel agent and found out about DISNEY WHEN I GOT THERE and had a lot of fun finding out

23-01-2013, 04:35 PM
Good question! Used the Insiders Guide to the park and got the skinny from friends who went there before we did. It was helpful. Best tip back in the old days was to run to future world to make dinner reservations on the closed circuit TV thing.

23-01-2013, 05:15 PM
. Best tip back in the old days was to run to future world to make dinner reservations on the closed circuit TV thing.

That system blew me away when we used it waaaaay back.
Actually speaking to someone who could see you on a screen as you made your reservation was the height of technology in those days and something I had never come across before, so I was well impressed. :yes:

23-01-2013, 06:25 PM
Oh dear. I really knew nothing. My best friend was a rock to me when my dh died and I was so miserable that she told me I needed a proper holiday to cheer me and the little ones up. She suggested WDW (I thought, that is so NOT me) and promised me faithfully I would love it and directed me towards the Unofficial Guide and Brits Guide. The first option I loved and it was great for planning, the second not so much. I relied almost totally on it and with her recommendations for parks and eating I had a great first holiday. The problem is I did LOVE it and have been going back ever since.
Those were the days when you could walk up to the front desk in your Disney resort and book a meal for almost any hotel. To be truthful, we all just 'felt' our way but it was a great first experience. The next holiday was planned based on the first experience and even more guide books. After that it was the internet and only the internet...


23-01-2013, 06:44 PM
We really didn't do a lot of planning. On our first trip we stayed off site and one of the "Main Gate" hotels. It was quite a way from the main gate. Back then you could plan your daily dining when you went into the park. The next time we decided to stay on site and I don't even remember how we chose where we stayed but we stayed at All Star Sports.

23-01-2013, 08:41 PM
the first time we went -1997 i got a couple of travel brochures to get an idea of what was needed. We stayed in the days inn main gate east or west i can't recall. It was horrible - all musty :( We weren't there much though as we only visited Orlando for 4 days/5 nights. The rest of the time we spent in Miami and Englewood on the West coast of Florida. i got a few travel brochures that had Disney in there and just used that information. Jon had bought tickets on a previous visit to the US in a BX for Disney and Sea World and we just arrived and winged it!! Sea World the first night and i'll never forget going back to the hotel really tired and then hearing the fireworks from the parks in the distance as i was going off to sleep. The rest is history, of course there were only 3 disney parks in those days. I was hooked from the start...sorry off track a bit there. The next time we went was 2001 and we did have the internet but I read the unofficial guide to WDW cover to cover and the villa owner that we were renting from also gave us some advice- his advice, go and have a character meal at Crystal Palace and don't miss MVMCP.

23-01-2013, 09:44 PM
I never dreamed I could afford to go to WDW. I remember buying Cinderella on VHS and there was a little flyer about a Disney vacation for $1500 or something. We booked and stayed at a "budget" resort, Dixie Landings. I remember my first thought when I saw DL, "this isn't the Econo Lodge!" Lol

Our package include length of stay tickets and a character breakfast at Ohana. I remember buying a guidebook and there were coupons in the back. We ended up getting a completely free meal at the Swan or Dolphin. This was in March of 1996. Alysia turned 5. We managed to eat at King Stefan's Banquet Hall. We met Cinderella and the mice in the lobby. We ended up riding in the elevator with them. Alysia about burst with excitement.

Even with my guidebook, I completely missed that Spaceship Earth was a ride lol. I told my grandma the line was for the bathroom.

We paid too much, visit was too short but it was still awesome :-)

23-01-2013, 10:47 PM
The first time I booked a trip to Disney was 1994 and we used a travel agency called Liberty Travel, after that I planned my own trips by booking directly with Disney and the airlines. I have always enjoyed the planning and booking of a vacation, in fact I still do.

31-01-2013, 10:33 AM
We booked the trip at first and then onwards we just went there and sorted out stuff.

31-01-2013, 06:54 PM
Our first trip was 2003, walked into a travel agents in february and booked to go in may - that was before dd so we actually had money! :lol:
We bought our tickets through the travel agents (not disney ones though), used to the brochure for a bit of information but didnt really plan anything at all - and weve never planned anything on our other trips either!

01-02-2013, 10:33 AM
My first staying onsite Disney trip was planned as a surprise visit to the Beach Club for Herself's birthday. I went to a travel agent and had her book everything. Little did I know then... I spent more than needed for the initial bookings, but live and learn, eh? (For example I bought the length of stay park hoppers available then, when an AP would have been cheaper!).

Now, we had gone "down to Disney" and stayed off site prior to this visit, but it wasn't nearly as nice an experience and taught me quickly that I far preferred to stay onsite when visiting. Of course, I'd never tried an offsite villa, so that would have made a big difference. I would surely look into an offsite villa if I still lived far away and were not a DVC member.

(I did do a one day visit years prior to this trip, but that seriously doesn't count. NOT a good experience and involved nothing more than a visit to the MK on a day pass).