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Hmmm, the link you posted wasn't working for me, but I think this is the article you're speaking of:


Does this link work? If so, I'll edit the OP.

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Of course, now it's working - so completely disregard everything I just said, and I'll go make myself another martini....

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OH!! And I'll actually read the article, too! :tralala: :tralala:

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Interesting article. As you all know I love Disney. I love to go and find much value in
my Annual Pass. However, I am not stuck in the mindset that I need to stay on site
and eat all all of their restaurants. Nor do I have to buy something in every gift
shop I get deposited into. Though I will say, with taking advantage of the "free" dining
for many years, they almost got me into that mindset! But, I am back to the old ways of
staying offsite and eating offsite so I am very happy.

The only complaints I have ever heard from newbies is that Disney is too expensive
and/or too crowded. I have never heard anyone dislike them due to commercialism.

22-03-2013, 09:54 PM
Interesting, indeed. Clearly I disagree with some (much) of what was said, but that's ok - everyone is entitled to their opinions (grossly exaggerated as they may be :wink: )

The thing is, I think some people dislike Disney merely because they want to dislike Disney and they think they should dislike Disney. They believe "giving into" Disney makes them ordinary or mainstream (I've been called a Disney lemming more than once). Seriously? All they need to do is look around this forum for five minutes and they'll realize we're anything but mainstream and ordinary!

Over the years, I've heard the Disney brand marginalized for just about every reason under the sun; and for each argument, no matter how plausible or germane, there is an equally plausible and germane counter argument. Boil that down at the end of the day, and what it suggests to me is that if you want to go to Disney, go; if you don't want to go to Disney, don't - but there is nothing inherently wrong with either of those decisions. I certainly don't feel the need to judge or analyze why you are (or are not) on the monorail - ain't nobody got time for that.

To be clear, I haven't drank the proverbial kool-aid. What I have done is design a lifestyle where I think for myself. I will be the first to speak up when I don't agree with something Disney does, and I can assure you that the reasons I don my Mickey ears year after year are not based upon "gift shops or other excesses of our extremely individualistic society" and neither is it to pursue some "fast-paced, high-pressure entertainment." I don my ears because Disney makes me happy, in a way few other places do. I don my ears because it connects me with my children, not only at the park, but years down the road when we are sitting around the living room "remembering when." Could I do that somewhere else? Of course. But I choose Disney. And it's ok if you don't.

Rather than blindly following a "commercial machine built to sell tickets, overpriced toys and a stereotype of girls as princesses," I consciously choose to create this legacy, this tradition, of togetherness. And ultimately I do it because I have made a choice to believe in something. I believe in fairytales. I believe in pixie dust. I believe in faeries. I believe that girls can be anything they want to be...including a princess. And if you don't agree with my choice, well, that's ok, too! It's just more cotton candy for me!

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HA! I'm anything but a lemming. And neither are you or any of us.