View Full Version : Cannot believe it took 8 months to resolve this...

24-03-2013, 12:48 PM
Have you ever had a problem with a service company? We had our security alarm system through a company here in Florida. Last JULY, I canceled the service following their directions and policies, which required I put in writing that I was canceling.

They started calling a month or so later. I explained I'd canceled. "Oh, can you send that in writing?" "I DID!" This went on for awhile (weeks and weeks) so I SENT ANOTHER LETTER.

The calls continued, and continued and I got more disgusted. I had numerous conversations telling whomever was calling at that time the entire story again, and THOSE REPRESENTATIVES ALL AGREED that I'd done the right things, but could I do it ONCE AGAIN! I said no for months.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was not allowed to. The calls continued. Finally one day I got smart and sent a certified letter telling them the entire story and once again canceling the contract as of JULY 2012.

They countered with "OK, and here's the money you owe us since then."

I'd had quite enough thank you, and contacted the Better Business Bureau... needless to say within two weeks the situation was resolved and they are "oh so sorry that they misplaced my previous two communications" but "here is your overpayment !!!! and yes, you've canceled."

Now, I'm pleased that it's done, but EIGHT flipping months? :mental:

Have you ever had to do something along these lines? Get outside agencies involved to accomplish "the right thing" being done? Makes me crazy.

Needless to say, we'll never do business with them again. When I want a new security company, I'll be looking elsewhere.

24-03-2013, 03:39 PM
Wow! That is just insane. EIGHT months??? I applaud your patience, as I think I would have lost it months ago. I can't recall a time when I've had to deal with this type of situation for that long, but I've had things like this happen to me on a smaller time scale - it's so incredibly frustrating. You just want to reach through the phone (or across the counter) and throttle someone! In the end, I'm glad you got it sorted, but wow...still...

24-03-2013, 04:13 PM
Ugh I have! I was driving down I95 and out of nowhere came a tire that hit the front end of my car. Still driveable but there was damage. I found the owner of the car (on the other side of I95!). I fought with his insurance for a year. They refused to take responsibility. Then I went after the car company that the man had gone to that had over torqued his wheels. They paid me with no problem. It took 15 months to get $1800 but I did it.

I have a reputation for getting what I want. I'm persistant :yes:

I just switched from Comcast to Verizon and I think I am going to have issues with Comcast too. UGH