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08-04-2013, 06:19 PM

ok here goes http://images.proboards.com/new/rolleyes.gif this will take a while

Monday July 2nd - got up early (3am) and went over everything one last time to be sure i didnt forget anything. a friend was able to give me a ride after all, so i got to the airport in plenty of time for my 6am flight. (funny more time needed at small local airport than in orlando http://images.proboards.com/new/rolleyes.gif ) booked with United but they changed my flights to later in the day...i had called and complained about the change so they put me on a usair flight for 6am. not much time but grabbed a soda and crackers for the flight so i could take meds. arrived in Philadelphia on time 6:40am. had a little time now so grabbed an egg sandwich and got my 8am flight. arrived in orlando right on time at 10:30am and got to magical express and was at all star music before 12.
as a surprise a cast member met me getting off the bus. he had a laptop and asked if i was susan.. he took me off to the side so i didnt have to stand in the already long line (i did do the pre-check in on the disney site if that means anything) he did have my request for a first floor room in the rock & roll section but asked if i would mind a 3rd floor king room instead. just so i could get my room early i said yes. then he told me that they were bumping me up to a preferred room in the Calypso section, very close to the elevator and overlooking the pool. great room. he gave me a birthday card, an already set up photo pass, room key and birthday button, and was done and on my way in less than 5 minutes. stopped at Maestro Mickeys and the food court, grabbed my mug and a quick kids meal hot dog to hold me over until i got a meal. it was only about 12 but i was starving. By the time i got to my room my bag was there...and 2 others as well.

i had 2 bags but 2 were from the last guests not removed yet.

i took the bus to DTD and a taxi to Goodings. the driver was very nice and asked where i was going...explained what i wanted to do, so he took me to goodings, waited while i got my stuff ([pepsi- (2) 8 packs pringles chips (were 2 small snack packs for $1 so bought a bunch) a small birthday cake for later and a huge bag of grapes to break down to small baggies for each day) and some other snacks...and he took me back to all star music for $35. was prob a lot but got everything done, back in the resort fridge and off to Studios by 4pm.
the park was very crowded but i thought i was in hyper mood and since i missed Fantasmic last time i wanted to be sure to see it..and studios was open until 12 so off i went. went to Toy Story Mania, but naturally by now they were out of fast pass and the stand-by was about 2 hrs...so passed on that until next full day at studios. Went to see Little Mermaid, caught the last Beauty and the Beast show, did Walt, one mans dream, on a hot dog kick, stopped for another since i was hungry and it was getting too late to do a sit down meal, rode the great movie ride and Fantasmic. after that, during the extra hours I did the great movie ride again, saw a music group playing in front of the sorcerers hat and walked thru some shops. stopped for a popcorn & water and the CM at the cart said "Happy Birthday from Mickey" no charge for the snacks..wow.
got the bus back to the resort and started to unpack. by the time i got everything settled, showered and relaxed it was 3am again.. wow ..was going on 24hrs ..no wonder i was tired. didnt set the alarm. tomorrow is MK and they are opened until 1am so planned on a later start.

Tuesday (7/3) first full day

had breakfast at the resort about 7am, had plans for a later start since the park hours had been changed (due to crowds i guess) from closing at 1 am to closing at 3am http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif (knew i would never hold out THAT long). but by habbit just woke up early anyway.
unfortunatly, i was not watching at the food court counter, i ordered a veggie omlet with a side of bacon, and never noticed until i sat down it was a western omlet (not a big fan of ham). because of the crowds and it really wasnt a big deal i just ate some of it, and picked out some of the ham.
got to the MK in time for the opening ceremonies at 9am. cute, with the fire chief welcoming the train of characters. so cute to see the little kids get excited when they get their first look at Mickey and the gang.
headed right to Tomorrowland and got a fast pass for Buzz Lightyear, and then walked right on. got off and walked right on again.. hardly anyone there yet. then i did Carousel of Progress, Peoplemover, back to Buzz for my fast pass, did monsters inc laugh floor and the Stitchs great escape (still only a 10 min wait for that). surprised not crowded yet. Got to the Plaza restaurant around 11:30am (ressie was for 2:30) but crowds suddenly arrived and was getting hungry so i took a chance. fortunatly they took me in after about a 5 min wait. they were just opening so that was (i think) the wait. had the meatloaf dinner (with potatoes & corn) excellent meal. but as i usually find, way too much food and i couldnt finish it.
then went over and did Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Tiki Birds and Country Bear Jamboree. the lines for Splash Mtn and Big Thunder were huge at this point. so i skipped since i knew i had at least 2 more days in the MK (and the tour groups were there http://images.proboards.com/new/undecided.png )
stopped for a Mickey bar and what a disappointment. will eventually get the pix posted...it tasted fine but looked like it had melted and been refrozen. didnt even look like a mickey bar.
took lots of pix of the castle and walked down main street checking out all the shops.. didnt know what i really wanted to get (yet) and figured i would scope out for the SPECIAL thing i wanted. stopped at the Harmony barber shop to confirm my appt for Friday, but they only get the appts the day of...they didnt have fridays list yet. the CM there asked why i picked there to get a haircut and told her about my birthday etc so she said hold on....and put a little spray in my hair and gave me some pixie dust to hold me over until Friday http://images.proboards.com/new/grin.png so many CMs will go out of their way. they were too busy at that time, and i already had gel in my hair....cant do it if you have anything in your hair...they cant wash it there..only dry cuts.
because of the heat and the crowds now expoding in the park, i went back to the room. oh yea, this is when i found the towel birthday cake in my room http://images.proboards.com/new/grin.png.. what a sweet mousekeeper i had.. took a cool shower and nap (since i lost some sleep the day before)
about 6p I got up had a quick veggie pizza at the food court, and decided to go to DTD and check out some shops and bought a few things....i know what is on property is the same all over, but sometimes DTD has a few more things.
thank goodness for the fridge in the room...i found some chocolate (sorry forget which store) and took back to the room..
a chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate covered pinapple and some peanut butter fudge. actually, believe it or not, the pineapple was the best http://images.proboards.com/new/wink.png
got back to the room about 1130p and crashed

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08-04-2013, 06:22 PM
Wed (july 4)

Had breakfast in the room. at goodings i had picked up a couple of the cereal (frosted flakes my fav) in a cup packages for the room and on the way back the night before i grabbed a small milk container and banana.
i stopped at the front desk on my way out and asked for a manager, and told him how impressed i was with the cake, and i hope that the word gets back to the MOUSEKEEPER and her supervisor, that it was appreciated more than words can say. he said he would take care of it. and i guess he did...the towel animals showed up every day, with the exception of one day (might have been her day off) and tons of the soaps and shampoos every day too. http://images.proboards.com/new/grin.png
headed to studios for the 9am opening but arrived early...good thing too since there was a crowd (but not a crazy big crowd) waiting already. they opened the gates at 830a instead of 9am so i headed right to Toy Storia Mania and got a fast pass for 945am and then walked right on, then got it line and walked on again. Then I started walking around since it was still not even 845a when i was done but the lines werent long so stood in line and did TSM again. still not 9am yet, so i went over to Muppet 3d and Star Tours. lots not open yet. so i window shopped then about 1015a headed back for the 11a Lights Motor Action show. got there early and many people had fast passes for the first show and we had to stand there and wait until about 1050a until we could get in as the fast pass people drifted in. starting to get very hot and that wait was crazy. picked up a coke slushie on the way and and good thing, it held me until i got to sit down, but ended up getting a bottle of water from a machine. nasty heat about now. after the show went over to Pizza Planet and had a veggie pizza (a new favorite) and for some reason the salad at pizza planet is amazing. i am not a salad eater but was temped to go get another one.
canceled 50s prime time for 3pm since i knew i wouldnt be hungry then. went to see american idol show and it amazes me the talented people that are out there. 2 women and a man and they were all fantastic. the guy won and was coming back for the final show...but fast passes were gone for that show. was thinking of coming back...but....during the show a blast of thunder hit and you would have thought the roof was coming in...i swear it shook the bldg. when the show ended, went outside and the rain was coming down big time. waited a while, it let up some, so i ran to Indiana Jones..(close so i didnt get to soaked) but they only did the first scene (still raining and now thunder and lots of lightning). walked thru all the shops on Hollywood blvd for about 2 hrs but the rain showed no sign of letting up. so about 430p i decided to skip out. i figured if i hung around and the rain didnt let up, they would have cancelled the fireworks anyway...
so i headed back to Music, after shopping some. had the turkey dinner which was pretty good (with a milk shake too http://images.proboards.com/new/laugh.png ) and used the internet on my nook to post then went to Maestro Mickeys to get bandaids, gauze and antibiotic since blisters were starting. picked up a few gifts for friends while there.
then headed back to the room. showered and changed and decided to call it a night. around 7p or so i noticed the rain had stopped but was too tired to head back to a park. so missed july 4th fireworks..but felt good to be just relaxing..

Thursday (July 5th)

change in my original schedule. was supposed to meet a friend from PA (who is now living about an hour from WDW) on Sunday at MK (found the message on the machine at the room the night before) so decided to go to the MK instead on thurs instead of friday...hoping...
got to the MK early and very hot and sunny again, and when i checked my bag to get the sunscreen (drs orders because of high BP meds) and guess what wasnt in the bag http://images.proboards.com/new/huh.gif so off to a shop to get some. and a new hat since mine was back in the room http://images.proboards.com/new/grin.png that might have been intentional. http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif stopped at Main street bakery and had a bagel and OJ for breakfast.
went to fantasyland and road mostly everything---winnie the pooh, tea cups, dumbo (not too sure if i am thrilled with the queue there) Peter Pan (sign said 10 min-only about 6 though) --funny side note here...there was a young couple getting in line behind me, (still early maybe around 10am) and the girl, 20ish, said to the guy she was with...10 MIN http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif i am not standing in a line for 10 min...lets go on something else.... http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif i had to chuckle...usually every time i go past Peter Pan the line is 60 min or more. i was shocked it was so short at that time...so i jumped on quick. anyway, did philharmagic, and stopped at Sir Mickeys.. got a hoodie and jacket and sent the hoodie to the room. was kind of overcast so i took the jacket (kind of like a windbreaker) with me (just in case http://images.proboards.com/new/wink.png ) took the train back to main street and
went to the Harmony Barber shop to see if i could get my hair cut (longer than usual and the heat was making me crazy http://i868.photobucket.com/albums/ab247/MTMods/SMILEYS/smiley-monkey-pray.gif
and the cm checked and said there was 2 appts and 3 waiting but there was 3 cm's cutting hair so i knew it wouldnt be THAT long, so i waited and talked to some really nice people from Ireland (mom and 3 kids) while they waited also. the 12 yr old boy wanted a haircut and a mickey painted on the back of his head...looked cute. was about 30-35 min and i got my turn. the cm was great.. she took her time and i was very happy with it when she was finished. and the cost of the haircut was $19. i pay more than that here at home. so then i had to call and cancel the appt for friday or i would have to pay for it, so took a break and made that call. and also cancelled my dinner for tony's for friday, since i got my haircut thurs, i would go to epcot instead on friday.
walked over to Cosmic Rays for lunch and while waiting for my order the waitresses filling the order called others over and they sang happy birthday...REALLY COOL... got the 1/2 chicken dinner and the chocolate gelato...another meal i could not finish but the chicken was great, although i thought a little bit peppery.
was done in time to see the Celebrate the dream show, then did hall of presidents, haunted mansion and cought a little of the Move it shake it show. went back to Pinocchio house and had the kids meal pizza http://images.proboards.com/new/rolleyes.gif then went to adventure land and did pirates and Jungle cruise, tiki birds again. stopped and had a funnel cake as i walked around, the saw country bears. so hot kept looking for AC things to do. shopped some on main street then headed back to the room about 7pm. the heat and crowds were crazy and i knew i had 1 more scheduled day at the MK and one free (a wing it day) yet so i went back to the room to chill out.
relaxing watching tv, i was trying to decide where i wanted to go for dinner Friday (birthday). first thought was LeCellier but knew there would be no chance of getting in without a ressie there, so figured i would just have to wing-it and hope i could get in somewhere without a ressie.

Forgot to mention...when i got back to my room Thursday, there was a basket on my bed, from my sister, her DH and nieces and nephew, a huge Mickey, a leather portfolio, a really super nice pen, and a $50 gift certificate in a wicker mickey head shaped tray.
so, friday morning, my birthday i decided to head to epcot. didnt eat breakfast, just grabbed a juice and headed out. went directly to Soarin as soon as the park opened. got a fast pass then walked right on....got off and went back in line and waited 5-10 min. by now the line was up to 30 min, so i stopped right there in the land and got breakfast. i justed ordered a side of eggs and side of sausage. wow...i couldnt believe the side of eggs..filled the plate and could barely finish my breakfast. by the time i was done and took a few pix around the land it was time for my fast pass, so i got on soarin again. i dont know how i missed it the first two times, but the third time, after riding soarin i stopped at the stand right by the exit to ask the CM where there was a pay phone, (having problems with my cell) to call my sister and thank them for the beautiful gift. couldnt get thru and started to walk back and saw .....GNOME MICKEY... i have been looking for gnomes for my patio to put next to the new water fountain i got last year, and got 3 from my sister & her husband for easter...and now mickey joined them...i also got the small mickey rain gauge but had them both mailed home...didnt want to break them. used the gift card that was in the basket from family so they became part of the cool birthday gift. rode living with the land and saw circle of live movie then went over to mouse gears, since they usually have quite a selection, and got a polo there, a duffle bag, journal, ornament, mickey socks, a mickey camera strap,the cd wishes,and memo tablets...must have been a new CM because had to do a transaction correction...he charged me 2x for the polo and 2xsocks...unfortunatly i didnt catch it until the stuff was all wrapped up to go back to the resort and as i was walking out i looked at my receipt....i knew i spent a lot but didnt think it was that much...unfortunatly i used a debit card so then i had to wait until the $55 was put back in my acct....anyway, off i went to world showcase... stopped and walked thru norway and rode the malestrom since in wasnt crowded. went thru germany and checked out the shops, and got 2 glasses from the promonade kioske (sent back to resort). stopped at the outpost and had a slushi and sat there for a while, trying to figure out how to get the new strap on my camera http://images.proboards.com/new/rolleyes.gif took a while.... went thru morocco and took pictures, then headed to shop in japan...got a cool t shirt last year..beige with DREAM in japanese (small on front bigger on back) and found another beige shirt with PATIENCE so i got that too. went to Teppan Edo for lunch, thank goodness they were not busy so i walked right in. there were 3 people on my left...not friendly..said hi and they turned away (mother father older son 25ish) then another family (mother father and son about 9) sat to my right...and we talked and had a great time....they gave me some of their ribs (highly recommend ...will order next time) and i gave them some of my scallops. when we were done and paid our bill the waitresses came over and sang happy birthday in japanese and gave me a cake with candle and a chefs hat they wrote happy birthday and dream (saw it on my shirt). a wonderful 60th birthday. walked around world showcase for a few more hours then decided to head out...about now my feet were killing me...my blisters had blisters...and i figured i had another day at epcot so would catch illumiations then....on the way out stopped and got more sox, seems the mickey socks are a lot thicker than the ones i brought from home and did help, so i got more,....and went into the Art of Animation store by spaceship earth and bought a Self portrait figurine...love that picture, had it on a postcard hanging on my desk at work until it fell apart,....got off the bus at all star music and picked up the packages i sent from the day before, called and spoke to my sister and said thanks for the gift and got the phone number of the one niece whose number i didnt have (and also had a birthday that day) called her to wish her happy birthday , and grabbed a veggie pizza and my new fav....the cheese sticks they sell at maestro mickeys, and took it back to the room. got a message from my friend (worked with here in pa, now lives in fla) called her back and made plans to meet on sunday. a very exciting birthday.

08-04-2013, 06:30 PM
Saturday got up early and headed for the animal kingdom. got there too early ...i thought Rainforest would be open but it wasnt yet...so i went to the shop and got a RFC windbreaker (and on the sale rack too http://images.proboards.com/new/grin.png ) looked for Dawn but she wasnt there so i got my table and had breakfast. had the Bandits Breakfast (eggs sausage potatos ) and headed out to the park. didnt actually get a lot done..missed many things...went right to kilamajaro safari, sat with a really nice woman and her daugher (8) who were on their first disney trip and she asked for suggestions...went thru bugs life, pangini falls, lion king show and picked up a really nice small aluminum thermos. keeps stuff really cold too.
about now the heat was bothering me so the plan was to go to art of animation for late lunch. stopped at RFC on the way out hoping to see Dawn but, no luck. went to art of animation and had lunch...wow, they had different things...got a chocolate mickey tart filled with fruit, acorn squash and a bowl of pineapple...i know crazy lunch but really the heat takes away your appetite. got the bus to downtown disney then (was the next bus in so what the heck..more shopping) walked around for a while then stopped at the art of disney to look (again) at the watches...saw one in the art of disney at the main st cinema the other day...and they had the same one...it was a limited edition (only 150) and i had asked at the MK if they had #60 since it was my birthday (i know crazy) but they didnt...next choice was 76 (birthday july 6) no luck...so i got #12 (like in 2012), by now needed a rest so headed back to resort...picked up my deliveries at maestro mickeys again (by now the CMs are addressing me by name) got more cheese sticks and went back to my room...getting exhausted by now. felt really good to get back to the room, take a cool shower, and just chill out and watch tv ...and posted some pix on facebook....YAAAAA NOOK AND FREE WI FI

stopped at the front desk on my way out to check and pay the phone bill since i had been using the one in the room. figured it would be better to straighten it out now than have to wait my last day.
went to the MK to meet my friend. she left a message for me to meet here at the main entrance to the MK between 8:15 and 8:45 am http://i868.photobucket.com/albums/ab247/MTMods/SMILEYS/duh.gif when i tried to call her back there was no answer http://images.proboards.com/new/undecided.png. anyone who has been to the MK knows what the main entrance is like at park opening.... so i saw the train come in and tried to video it but the adult in front of me kept waving her arms so ...erased the video... hung around until 945am waiting for her and then went to guest services to see if she left a message for me. nothing...called my room to see if there was anything there...nothing...went back out to the main entrance ..out one side and back in the other and no friend. so i headed down main street, had more pix done by photopass, then stopped at MAIN STREET BAKERY for breakfast...had the egg crouissant ...very good except i dont like that kind of bacon they put on but it came right off. headed back to do my fav rides, jungle cruise, magic carpets, jungle cruise tiki birds....walked past ALOHA ISLE thinking...i will be back later and moved on..stopped at Pecos Bills and had corn on the cob onion rings and a dring....went back to the haunted mansion and stopped at hall of presidents again. caught the celebrate parade/show and headed out of the park... the tour groups were all over the place and the heat was crazy so i took the bus to DTD again (becoming a favorite place to shop)and on the way for a taxi went thru shops but got hooked in Basin...love that store but didnt want to carry stuff so wanted to stop on the way back...(taxi stop is behind Basin) and got a taxi (cheapest from DTD) the the Premium outlet mall. stopped at the character warehouse (of course) and got a polo, henley and a long sleeve denim shirt all for $27..wow...great discounts...walked around a while but nothing caught my eye so got my taxi (about 2 hrs later) back to DTD. went into basin and found lots of stuff but ended up with just bath bombs and a jar (almond) sea scrub..love that stuff, but did get the website so i can order stuff now. walked back to the bus stop browsing in all the shops on the way...again, by the time i got back to the resort my knees were starting to ache (tried not to push once the pain starts) and relaxed the rest of the night. Had to pick up more batteries on the way back, my rechargables died on me...charge them all night but then no power when i put them in the camera...had to keep buying batteries...and so stupid i didnt think to get some at the mall while i was there...disney only had the cheaper ones...no duracell or energizers..picked up more string cheese. got the steak dinner at the food court and took it back to the room. thought i was back early, but it was 9pm by now...too late for me to be bothered going back to the park...tomorrow is another day


Slept a little later, had breakfast at the resort (thought the groups would be gone, but no such luck...they were all over the food court) and finally got my Mickey waffle for breakfast. headed out for a late start and got to Epcot about 11am. went right to Spaceship Earth, Univerise of Energy, Mission Space, Seas with Nemo and did Journey into Imagination, the ride and Captain EO. wasnt too crowded, but i guess everyone was already over in World Showcase. Went to the Canada side and saw O Canada stopped in the UK for lunch..had the fish & chips...wow were they really good and i dont like fish http://images.proboards.com/new/rolleyes.gif (until now anyway). sat at an outside table and relaxed, played on my nook for a while and called a friend about my ride home. it looked like it was going to pour rain and i was waiting to see whant was going to happen..which way i should go...but it passed over so i moved on...went to see Impressions of France and was going to go into the bakery but the lines were out the door http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif must have been snack time for everyone else. moved on to Italy, Germany and Morocco checking out all the shops. headed back to the bus stopping at Mouse Gears again & left. grabbed a veggie pizza ( a new fav) and went back to the room to relax. another long day


had a mickey waffle again at the food court, and had to go to the front desk. i had received my reservation for magical express to the airport wednesday and my departure time was blank. found out the flight number was changed, but the time was the same, pick up was 155p so i headed to the MK.
went right to splash mtn (which was crazy every other visit) and i got on after about a 30 min wait, and this was about 930am. i did see why fast passes were always running out. coming in the gate at the same time, i noticed the head of the tour groups of kids was collecting everyones ticket. then they went ahead and would hand out fast passes to the group. one person went ahead and while everyone else took their time and did other rides the leader was getting fast passes. after splash mtn i went to big thunder mtn and there was the leader handing out BTM fast passes....and the machines were out of fast passes for the day... so i never got back there since the lines were about 90 min wait. did Country Bears again (was down on sunday) grabbed a hot dog in liberty square, then did Liberty Bell Riverboat, Hall of Presidents, back to Haunted Mansion. got a spot for the afternoon parade and video taped the sign language interpreters...i use the videos to improve my skills. took the monorail over to the grand floridian, walked thru shops there then went to Ghasparillas Grill for an ice cream. right outside the door is a little patio where you can see the lake and the top of the castle. sat, relax, posted on nook, and then took the launch (via the Poly) back to the magic kingdom. took two trips around on the railroad (it started to drizzle..wondering if it would rain...thunder in the distance) went thru some shops on main street then headed over to tonys to see if i could do a walk in since i cancelled my ressie last friday.. it was abut 345p and the cm said they wouldnt take ressies untul 415p since they didnt open until 430p so i took my nook, sat in a rocking chair on the porch of tonys, and relaxed, listened to the thunder and watched the people come and go. got a table right at 430p and had a great meal.. had the lamb and polento . was the first time i had polento and i really liked it. missed dole whip again. walked around and the found a spot by the railroad station on main st to tape the parade. sat nea a woman who was waiting for the rest of her family. we talked for about an hour waiting for the parade. by now, i was getting tired and knew i still had some packing up to do so i left after the light parade and missed wishes http://images.proboards.com/new/cry.gif. (another reason to go back again)
got back to the resort, grabbed a milk shake at the food court and headed to the room to pack up. last day http://images.proboards.com/new/cry.gif I want another week

7/10 Wednesday

slept a little later, then packed up all the stuff that was left. went with one duffle bag, came back with 2 and a large shopping bag.
called for my bags to be picked up and they came really quickly. i had the automatic check out so i didnt even have to go to the desk..i didnt charge anything to the room and cleared up the phone call the other day so all was done.
went to curbside check in and all went crazy. United was my air home and they are on the list for curbside, can check your bags there then they got right to your flight....you can even get your boarding passes there...EXCEPT...since my flight number was changed they couldnt do anything http://images.proboards.com/new/cry.gif wasnt their fault...my flight number wouldnt come up and even the changed number wouldnt come up...so i got nervous and asked to get on an earlier bus to the airport. it was after 11 by now and too late to go to a park and be back by 1 so i went to the airport. of course, now, on the way, the clouds open up and it starts to pour buckets right before we are getting off the bus. now i am so far away from the check in desk i have to get a little luggage cart .... $5 now to use one. had 2 duffle bags, the shopping bag with my big mickey gift and my birthday cake towel and elephant. i asked and the CM at the check in desk said feel free to take them...so i did...and my messenger bag...off to go down a level and across to the UNITED desk. got rid of my stuff and the woman asked if i wanted to go on the 225 pm flight since i was there instead of the 5 pm flight...ok.had time to stop at wendys in the airport and grab lunch...since i missed breakfast.....now, the flight from newark to pa was at 6 and this flight wasnt supposed to get in on time, would have to wait until 1-pm in newark...ok...wasnt planning on getting home until after 11 anyway...got to newark before 530p..(at gate 83) so the agent there said got there in time so go to gate 114 and catch the 610 plane...they got me a buggy since by now i only had about 20 min to get there...got there and http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif the flight was moved to gate http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif http://images.proboards.com/new/shocked.gif 85. another buggy and back again...got to the gate just in time...about 615p and.......the flight was delayed until 720pm then we sat on the runway for about 20 min until we could get cleared for departure...anyway, but the time i got to AVOCA airport (15 min from my house) I called my friend to pick me up, grabbed my stuff and got home...it was still only 9pm.. home two hours early...was worth the rush...and surprisingly my luggage was on the flight....so home by 9.instead of 1130.not a bad day

08-04-2013, 07:03 PM
All I can is is WOW, what a great time you had and Disney certainly worked their magic when you arrived.

Thank you so much for sharing with us, I love reading trip reports.

Do you have another trip planned soon?

08-04-2013, 07:39 PM
unfortunatly nothing planned soon. had 12 full days last summer, and july is too hot to go all day. the heat seems to take away the "gotta run" energy. i would love to go for the food & wine festivel but i have bad knees and i cannot go for 4 days and just do the favorite things and be done :nono: i have to do EVERYTHING... some things several times...and some things many times.... so i NEED at least 10 days.
i have a federal job and we have had overtime in the past that paid for my vacations, but now things are so shakey i wont have o.t. to pay for a trip :hissyfit:

08-04-2013, 07:40 PM
:bounce: :bounce: Mind numbing programming work today, so I decided I would take a break and pop over here to see if I could find some manner of distraction - and VOILA!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm off to read now!

08-04-2013, 08:11 PM
Right then, through the first post...off to do some more work and then come back for more.

So impressed at the red carpet roll out you're getting for your birthday! Well done, Disney! As for that Mickey Bar, I would have taken that RIGHT BACK! Half the fun of one is the shape!

08-04-2013, 08:18 PM
unfortunatly nothing planned soon. had 12 full days last summer, and july is too hot to go all day. the heat seems to take away the "gotta run" energy. i would love to go for the food & wine festivel but i have bad knees and i cannot go for 4 days and just do the favorite things and be done :nono: i have to do EVERYTHING... some things several times...and some things many times.... so i NEED at least 10 days.
i have a federal job and we have had overtime in the past that paid for my vacations, but now things are so shakey i wont have o.t. to pay for a trip :hissyfit:

Oh no that's a shame, it a nice time of the year when the Food and Wine Festival is on. Hopefully you will be able to go soon.

08-04-2013, 09:12 PM
Sigh....just finished...great report, Susan!! It sounds like you had a lovely visit! Did you ever sort out what happened with your friend?

09-04-2013, 09:57 AM
yea unfortunatly they got there, traffic issues, about 3 hours later. so we just missed each other. i didnt have my cell phone with me and she didnt think to leave a message at guest services ( kept checking there) to meet at a certain time. well, now she moved back to PA anyway. they :shrug1:didnt like living in FLA

09-04-2013, 10:37 AM
How can someone not love living in Florida, I'd be there in a heartbeat :lol:

09-04-2013, 11:04 AM
Wow Susan you were really busy. Just reading your TRs wore me out. Sounds like you had a load of fun however. I also work a federal job and any overtime that I built up had to be taken as Comp Time as they didn't want to pay for it. I ended last year with all of my regular use or lose leave still in hand so I took off the entire month of December, but had no place to go as my DW was still working.

09-04-2013, 11:34 AM
How can someone not love living in Florida, I'd be there in a heartbeat :lol:

:nono: I'm not hearty enough - the heat and humidity would destroy me! I do love to visit as often as I can though :)

09-04-2013, 01:23 PM
as a surprise a cast member met me getting off the bus. he had a laptop and asked if i was susan.. he took me off to the side so i didnt have to stand in the already long line (i did do the pre-check in on the disney site if that means anything) he did have my request for a first floor room in the rock & roll section but asked if i would mind a 3rd floor king room instead. just so i could get my room early i said yes. then he told me that they were bumping me up to a preferred room in the Calypso section, very close to the elevator and overlooking the pool. great room. he gave me a birthday card, an already set up photo pass, room key and birthday button, and was done and on my way in less than 5 minutes.

What a lovely start to your birthday visit. :)

10-04-2013, 09:12 AM
to be honest, i didnt mind the heat as much as the tour groups...unusually large group 50-70 teenagers with one adult. and i had no way of knowing in the morning what park they were going to. a cast member working at the shop in the ASMu stated they have 2 groups max staying at each resort...so that is like 140 at ASsports, ASMusic, ASMovies...that is a lot of unsupervised teenagers...and they come in july and august.... so, aside from my birthday, i will try to stay away during those months :nono:

10-04-2013, 09:30 AM
We noticed there were a lot there this October, but usually in September, especially early September there don't seem to be as many. I must admit is is mpre enjoyable without them :yes: