View Full Version : Where do you get marriage license?

18-08-2008, 09:29 AM
Where do we go when we get to Orlando to get our marriage license, how much does it cost and importantly how long does it take. I hope it's not a really big deal :(

18-08-2008, 10:23 AM
Oh it takes at least three weeks. :yes:

KIDDING!!! It's a matter of walk in, tell the clerk what you want, fill out the documents, pay for it and you are on your way.

The Courthouse in Kissimmee is the closest place to WDW I believe.

18-08-2008, 01:25 PM
I went to the one in downtown Orlando. It was so nice and clean and I felt totally safe!

Tink, don't forget about the part where you have to "raise your right hand"! :) I didn't think they actually made you do that and I couldn't stop laughing!

In 2005 I think it was about $70 or so.

18-08-2008, 01:40 PM
Raise your right hand? :unsure: Huh. Didn't know that part! :lol:

18-08-2008, 04:41 PM
Raise your right hand? :unsure: Huh. Didn't know that part! :lol:

They make you swear that there is no reason you shouldn't be allowed to get a marriage license. Like if you're already married! (thankfully we did not have that problem!)

18-08-2008, 11:14 PM
Oh. :yes: Well, I guess that would be a bit of a complication. :unsure: