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16-04-2013, 10:31 AM
After reading another post i have realised the food and wine festival is on while we are at WDW. It hadn't occurred to me to look into this but now I have I am intrigued :wink:! The main website hasn't got much detail on it yet so not sure what happens etc.
Can you guys that have been a few times fill me in on what happens and let me know about any must dos or tips please :surrender:?


16-04-2013, 11:07 AM
In addition to all of the country pavilions that already exist around the World Showcase several other countries set up kiosks. Each kiosk will sell tasting bites of two to three items native to that country. They normally will also have wine or beer available and of course the Coke products sold at Disney. The festival center is set up in the old Horizon's building between Ellen's Universe of Energy and Mission Space. Here you will find demonstrations, a place to buy souvenirs, a mini wine store to purchase bottles of wine and a place to cool off if it gets too hot. Additionally around the World Showcase you may also find food demonstrations, a couple of special beer locations where you can purchase several different types of beer. There are separately priced events that also go on such as dinners and my favorite, though it has gotten very expensive and I haven't been in a couple of years, the Saturday Night Party for the Senses. This takes place in the old Millennium Village area. We normally spend 3-4 days there just so that we can sample most of the things we want to sample. Despite the small sizes of the food you fill up rapidly. As much as I love being at WDW during the Christmas season, this is my favorite time of year to go.

16-04-2013, 11:29 AM
Pretty much what John said, the food can wotk out very expensive though if you eat all all the kiosks. I saved all my loose change up just to spend on the food at F&WF and I spent it all and that didn't include any of the alcohol as we don't drink :lol:

The details should start coming out soon, it's normally after the Flower and Garden Festival has finished. So watch this space :D

16-04-2013, 04:50 PM
Ah thank you - sounds like good fun. When we first visited wdw in 1996 I remember my brother eating and drinking his way around the world but didnt realise it was a proper festival going on (my memory can be pretty rubbish at times). Looking for to experiencing it :D and the details coming out soon.


Missus T
13-05-2013, 02:01 AM
We happened upon the Food and Wine Festival in 2011 and we caught it on the last day of our vacation. We had no idea what it was or how huge it is or how much it really takes over the World Showcase. But it was AMAZING! After the first year we went to Disney we ended up spending more money than made us comfortable, we invested in Disney giftcards. Christmas, birthdays, end of the school year gifts (I work in a before/after school care), all we ever ask for are the giftcards. So we walked around the Showcase the last day of our vacation and excitedly bought small samples of all kinds of delicious foods and drinks that we may night have tried normally. We planned our vacation this year during the Festival so we could enjoy more than just a day and I am super excited. Let us know how you like it! I hope you enjoy yourself!!