View Full Version : Has anyone stayed at Disney's Vero Beach?

18-09-2013, 03:38 PM
We are booking a three day weekend next May and none of our party has ever stayed here. As anyone here every stayed here? I think maybe Tink has mentioned VB in the past.

Please tell me your thoughts and impressions.

18-09-2013, 03:45 PM
We have stayed there a couple of times DF and really enjoyed it there.
It`s nice to have a Disney chill out location but without the hustle and bustle of the parks. :lol:
On both our visits, we stayed in the main building, however the other accommodations also look nice from what I saw of them.
They have a "reasonable" restaurant for dinner, although Vero Beach itself is only a short distance away if you want to try somewhere different.
What is nice about VB is that they are very keen on nature, and they do supervised patrols of the beach at night to view the breeding turtles when in season.
One good thing I noticed was that the pool was supervised by lifeguards who took their job very seriously, checking the pool every few minutes or so.
I`m sure that you will enjoy your stay there, and look forward to hearing your views about the place.

18-09-2013, 03:51 PM
Thanks Slowhand. From what I have been able to checkout online, the floor plans look very similar to Old Key West, the grounds are beautiful and seem very secluded. We are trying to book a 2 bedroom. That's good to hear about the restaurants since we want to try to not leave the property for the entire weekend. I've seen some videos of the turtle hatching on YouTube and it really is amazing. We missed our opportunity to see this last month on Singer Island. Unfortunately when we'll be in Vero the hatchings will not be in season.

18-09-2013, 03:55 PM
Yes the grounds are quite nice and not anywhere near as spread out as at OKW.
Shame about your timing regarding the turtles, however the beach itself is right by the resort and well worth spending some chill out time there.

19-09-2013, 03:05 PM
We used to make it a point to go to Vero Beach every summer. The last time we were there (last year) we were so disappointed. The beach had eroded terribly and there was virtually NO beach to relax on (lounger, etc). We've since heard that they've tried to bring in more sand and rebuild some depth, so that would be great!

We love the peace and quiet there. You go for the restfulness, the serenity of the beach, the ability to stroll along the water's edge. At least we do, which is why we took the loss of the beach so hard.

We are not huge fans of the food there. It's "ok" but nothing too wonderful, although we did have an excellent lobster dinner (special) there once. We bring our own food. Get off the Fellsmere exit (probably spelled that wrong) and on the approach to Orchid Island there is a nice Publix. Also, if you go (south) to Vero Beach proper there are some cute shops to poke around in, a farmer's market on one day of the weekend, and a pretty good outlet mall if that is your thing. They have (or did have) a Bose outlet there so we liked it.

Definitely worth visiting. Let us know how the beach is, ok?

Oh! The pool area is quite nice. If the beach is a disappointment, you always have that. :yes: