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11-10-2013, 04:11 PM
I have been looking for more up to date information with regard to the Disability Access Service Card (DAS) which started on the 9th October replacing the old GAC.

The new service is designed for Guests who are unable to tolerate extended waits due to their disability and allows Guests to schedule a return time that is comparable the current queue time for the given attraction.

What Guests need to do is go to Guest Relations upon entering the Park and explain to a Cast Member the reason why you or your child/partner need a DAS card. You will have to explain exactly why you cannot wait in line and what can happen if you had to.

The CM will ask you questions and then will explain how the DAS works. The family member who needs the DAS card will have their photo taken. This is done quickly by the CM using a tablet which looks like an iPad. You will need to give the name of the person requiring the pass and also how many people will be accompanying the DAS holder.

Some sources are saying that information will also be taken from a photo ID and entered into Disney’s computer system to help code the DAS. Now whether it is the ID of the person who requires the DAS or the ID of the parent if it is a child, I don't know.

You do have the option of not having your photo taken and printed on the DAS card, if you do refuse, the DAS will be valid only for one day.

The information required to be printed on the card is:

Front Left Side:

Terms and conditions

Front Right Side:

Name of Guest with the disability
Date range (the number of days the card will be valid, which can be up to 14 days
Park the Card was issued
Number of Guests - there appears to be no limit but all those accompanying the Guest with the disability are present when the card is issued
Photo of the person with disability


Two separate tables with the same information on both sides:

Attraction name
Current time
Current wait time
Return time
Cast Member

Once they have all the information, the CM will print out the new DAS and ask the Guest to sign it. The photo will be printed on the DAS along with a unique QR code. The DAS is good for all guests for the length of your stay or 14 days. If you fill up the back of the card, you will need to return to Guest Services and get a new card.

The QR code on your DAS will be used to obtain your information and photo when you need a new DAS., so if you visit WDW on a regular basis it might be useful to take your old DAS card with you when applying for a new one.

Here is a copy of the front and rear of the DAS card, sorry about the quality



How Does the DAS Card Work

If the posted wait time for the standby line of a ride is 10 minutes or less, the CM will direct you to enter through the fastpass or alternate entrance of the attraction.

If the attraction has a stand by wait time that is more than 10 minutes, one of the Guests in the party, it does not have to be the Guest with the disability, will give the card to the Cast Member at the attraction's entrance. The Cast Member will fill in the information on the back of the card which will be the scheduled wait time less 10 minutes. For example the wait time for Pirates of the Carribean is 45 minutes, the Cast Member will write on the back of the DAS a return time that is 35 minutes.

It is important to remember that whilst you have a wait for an attraction listed on your DAS, you cannot obtain another attraction’s wait time, until the first wait time has expired or has been crossed out by a Cast Member.

When your return time arrives, proceed to the entrance of the attraction and present your DAS to the Cast Member who will check your return time, match the Guest photo to someone in your party, and draw a line through your return time indicating it was used. The Cast Member will then direct you to the fastpass+ line or alternate entrance wherever appropriate. NB It does not direct you to the front of the line, if there are others in front of you who have fastpasses you will have to wait behind them.

The rules concerning wheelchairs is still vague. It does sound like Guests with wheelchairs will not be able to obtain a DAS card, instead they will be given an Attraction Return Card which works like the DAS, but is given out at EACH attraction that does NOT have an accessible entrance (examples: Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Spaceship Earth, etc...).

One thing that is new that wasn't available under the old scheme is that the DAS can be used for character meet and greets that have fastpass/fastpass+ access.

As I find out more information I will update this thread.

11-10-2013, 04:42 PM
Interesting. Thanks for the update, Wendy. I guess my first question is, given the reason this new system arose (fraud), I'm curious what measures are in place to prevent dishonest guests from just filling in the back of the card with whatever terms they desire?

16-10-2013, 12:16 PM
Here are some videos, which show the experience of a Guest asking for the DAS.