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16-11-2013, 12:54 PM
ok we've booked photopass+ but where do we pick it up from at Disney?

Is there a list of places we can use it with the card or something?

Any tips for getting the most out of it ?

16-11-2013, 03:51 PM
We picked ours up from the photo place on Main Street USA, just on the right as you enter the park. We got it on a lanyard that had an extra card on it with a list of all the locations you can use it at.

16-11-2013, 05:02 PM
We got ours at Downtown Disney Guest Services.

Get the most out of it? Grab every photographer you see. Ask them if they do any "specials" too. If they don't they'll tell you where the nearest one is. The rides listed on your little card will add your photo on to the pass as will the restaurants listed too. We managed to get about 300 pictures and a couple of other featuring complete strangers. :lol:

Ohohohohoh and if you go to water parks don't use that pass because it will dissolve. Get the little wristband passes they give you in the water parks. You can then get the pictures on those cards added to your plus card. Same if you have a small child do the Jedi Training. :D

16-11-2013, 07:25 PM
Same applied for the enchanted tales with Belle. They give you an additional card and you can apply it to your account. Try and find Anthony at Epcot. We filled in an excellent CM form in about him. Did some amazing photos around Epcot of our kids. They went off to play and he wasn't busy so just followed them around - best photos of the trip!

17-11-2013, 06:36 PM
You can collect from any of the photo centres in the parks. We got ours from the photo centre at AK.
All the centres are either on the right as you enter the parks or on the left as you leave.
A little tip, if you are able to get internet access check your account. most of the time by the time we got back to our villa we were able to view the days photos. If you use an ipad or iPhone the site might not work too well and Sometimes the ride ones can take a while to get on the account.
I have read so many reports about the photopass pics not being on people's accounts and then they have to try and get them found etc. the ride ones are deleted off the system after 48hours (I think).
I checked our account each night and if there were any missing I would stop at a park photo centre a day or so later and checked the account. Sometimes it was on the account just not showing in the ipad but there was a bunch of photos when zac met Pluto, I was able to tell them the time and they were able to find them and get them added (they weren't on the account at all).
Also a couple of ride photos were missing, we kept the receipts and ask the photo centre CMs to check to make sure they were there.
They were all really helpful and friendly. It just saved waiting to look at the pictures when we got home and then having to figure when the missing ones were taken and what we were wearing etc.