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23-11-2013, 04:22 PM
We have never been on a cruise before and are considering on for our next trip, so my question is, what is actually included? How does it work with food and drinks, kids clubs, tips and shore excursions in particular?

We're very much at the start of the planning phase, so any help would be appreciated.

23-11-2013, 04:36 PM
going to be watching this thread! tempted again myself :yes:

23-11-2013, 04:50 PM
Hehe, hopefully someone will be along to educate us Keith :-)

23-11-2013, 05:00 PM

Here's what DCL has to say about this:

What's included in the basic price of a Disney cruise?

Your vacation package price includes almost everything on board—from your stateroom to breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, along with soft drinks served at meals and at the beverage station on Deck 9, and snacks and ice cream throughout the ship. All onboard activities and entertainment are included. While you're sailing, there are only a few things that will require an additional charge: port adventures, spa or salon visits, phone calls, photos, video games, Internet usage and all alcoholic beverages.

A couple of things this doesn't mention are adults only dining like Palo or Remy (on the Fantasy and the Dream) and gratuities. Gratuities are optional and collected at the end of your voyage. There are suggested amounts that Disney publishes but again, they're optional and at your discretion.

Let me know if this doesn't cover it and what other questions you may have.
Tom ( :macwave:... you're gonna love it! :sail:)

23-11-2013, 06:56 PM
Can you tell me anything about the kids clubs? Mine will be 5 and 9 when we go :-)

23-11-2013, 08:04 PM
Can you tell me anything about the kids clubs? Mine will be 5 and 9 when we go :)

Ok. They'd be in the age range for the Oceaneer's Club and Oceaneer's Lab (ages 3 to 12). I can't tell you much about if from personal experience as our kids are grown and gone and I'm far too old for them to let me in.
At least unsupervised. :wink:

What I can do however, is tell you a short story.

When you first board a Disney Cruise around noon, Disney has a nice buffet lunch laid out in a couple of the dining rooms. My DW and I dutifully went to our lunch one time on the Disney Magic in what was at the time called Parrot Cay. We were seated at a table with a young family who had an adorable little girl who was a real daddy's girl. A little over 4 years old. Very shy. Had to sit in her Daddy's lap at the meal. We spent our lunch talking to mom and dad. They were terribly afraid of the kid's clubs. Their daughter was soooo very shy. They were absolutely certain that she'd be miserable. We told them that based on what we'd seen on our previous Disney cruises, they really didn't have anything much to worry about. We finally convinced them that they should give the Oceaneer's Club and Lab a try. If she didn't like it, they could always come back, get her, and keep her with them. We didn't see them again until...

The last night of the seven day cruise. We happened to be in one of the nightclubs enjoying the entertainment when in walks mom and dad. We waved to them and they came over to our table and before we could open our mouths, they were both thanking us profusely for recommending the Oceaneer's Club and Lab to them. Seems they had take our advice and checked her into the club. The only problem that they found then was when they went to go pick her up that first night, she didn't want to leave. She was having the time of her little life. They said that after they got her back to the stateroom that night, the following morning she couldn't wait to go back just as soon as they'd had breakfast.

In our five Disney cruises, I've never heard of any child who didn't absolutely love the Oceaneer's Club or Lab.

Basically, you register your kids for the club in the cruise terminal or onboard the ship when you first board. Then you've got to check them in as soon as you board. Both you and the kids have to be there for that. You'll fill out the paperwork and your kids will be given a wristband to wear. I assume this is so Disney can track their whereabouts. Several years ago, Disney would then give you a pager and you'd say good bye to your kids. If they needed you for anything, they'd page you. Nowadays, I think they make the contact using the wave phones that are in your stateroom.

From what I've seen and heard, Disney does an unimaginable job of entertaining your children. Only complaint I've ever heard was the parents bemoaning the fact that they couldn't get their kids to leave!

Tom ( :macwave:... like I said. Try it! You'll like it! :sail:)

23-11-2013, 08:30 PM
I think the kids would absolutely love that! Especially as both of them would be there.
How does it work with transport? Is the bus from resorts free or do you have to pay for.it?

23-11-2013, 08:39 PM
How does it work with transport? Is the bus from resorts free or do you have to pay for.it?

Not sure on that one. :unsure:

I know that Disney has special buses for that. You'd probably need to check with them. They're the transportation for the Disney Land/Sea packages.

It's never really applied to us since we drive our car down to Port Canaveral.

Tom ( :macwave:... cool looking buses though!)

23-11-2013, 10:00 PM
You have to pay per person for the bus from WDW to Cape Canaveral. Four years ago it was $69 or $79 each. We chose to hire a local transport company as it worked out cheaper for the 20 people we had going.