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04-09-2008, 04:55 PM
Day Four

Jordan…DS…11 (eating off the adult menu for the 1st time)

Wednesday, August 27th

Today’s original agenda had been Animal Kingdom…but Jordan had been driving me insane with his constant question, “When are we going to Downtown Disney?” Several months ago, I made the mistake of telling Jordan about the *Build Your Own Lightsaber* at Once Upon a Toy and he’d been constantly looking up articles about it online and planning ever since. :action-smiley-043: He had earmarked his first $20 to spend on the purchase and had also been trying to convince me that he actually needed two. (You get to pick a *Jedi* or *Sith* pin with every purchase and he wanted BOTH :rolleyes008: ) He managed to talk Marcus into making one for himself.:star-wars-smiley-02 (Pleas for me to make one, too fell on deaf ears)

So, off we headed to DTD. First stop was to the Lego store, and even faced with the huge multitude of the *sets* available, Jordan eventually ended up over at the *wall* of pieces parts filling up a container of treasures. It turned out that this purchase brought his Lego frequent buyer club up to a free $10 gift card. Since our only other source of a Lego store is in Virginia when we visit Marcus’ mom…off Jordan went again to the wall to fill yet another container. :sigh:

I sent Jordan and Marcus off to Once Upon a Toy by themselves to drool over lightsaber parts while I ducked into the World of Disney Store. Ahhhh…shopping on my own with no one watching to make me feel guilty. :207: I met them at the toy store just finishing up…Jordan’s is dual ended, although only one side lights up (a minor detail they don’t mention in all the hype advertising). He has complete faith in Marcus’ plan to do a bit of *jiggery-pokery* with LEDs to fix this problem. Marcus’ is just a single blade. They are rather cool, and $20 doesn’t seem excessive compared to the prices of many other things.

I dragged us over to Wolfgang Puck’s Express to use up some more counter service points…another hidden treasure. I had the bbq chicken quesadilla and it was just brilliant. Jordan chose the bbq chicken pizza (minus all the veggies) which he declares his favorite meal all week. Marcus chose the beef and cheddar foccacia sandwhich (also minus the veggies and the *weird* sauce) which he found to be okay, but he admitted he had chosen poorly after tasting my meal and Jordan’s. (I did pick up a new menu here, and although it got wet in a downpour I will dig it out soon and get it turned in to post here)

Jordan and I chose brownies for dessert…yum…but Marcus wasn’t with us in line and we didn’t want to choose wrong for him. The CM at the register told us to just tell our server when he decided. Yes! Again, a CS place with a server! He kept Marcus’ drink well-filled (Jordan and I had bottles of water) and when Marcus also decided on a brownie (possibly due to my moans and eye rolling while eating mine)…the server brought both a brownie and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Jordan and I wanted to go sneak into Goofy’s Candy Company and arranged to meet Marcus at the car. Apparently, the server also brought out a dish of frozen yogurt with 3 spoons after we’d left. This made Marcus feel quite guilty as I’d forgotten to leave a tip and he had no cash, so he slunk away while the server was busy elsewhere. I feel bad about this as well, but we’d already headed off to Animal Kingdom before Marcus told me.:oops: Bill was about $45. Would we go back? Definitely.:yes:

It was very hot at Animal Kingdom as usual, and it was PACKED. We headed over to Expedition Everest first thing as this is our favorite ride here. All the fastpasses were gone already, but with my ECV and GAC we got to get in the fastpass return lane any way. We couldn’t have been in line more than a minute when it was announced that the ride was closing and they had no idea when it might be reopening. You would not BELIEVE the nastiness of some of the people! They acted as if was a personal vendetta against them, closing the ride before they could get on. :rolleyes2: It was crazy. Jordan decided he wanted to get wet, so we headed to Kali River Rapids. Even in the fastpass lane, it took us 45 minutes to ride…soooo not worth it, but Jordan got soaked, so he was happy. (I hate wet underwear) I think we rode Dinosaur and we decided to just call it quits...it was too hot and we weren’t getting anything accomplished. As we were heading out, though, we passed the Nemo musical and realized we could just catch the last show. As we reached the back of the theater, they asked us if we wanted to sit in the *penalty box*. There is a twisting ramp that leads down to the bottom of the theater and there are places for 2 wheelchairs/ECVs and 2 benches that seat 2. The seats were wonderful. As for the show itself…the puppetry is magnificent and fun to watch…the music, eh. :shrug: I seriously doubt we would go back.

We went back to the hotel to hit the pool for a quick cool off…we had 6:55 ADRs at Cape May Buffet (Marcus’ only requested meal as he’d liked it when we were there in 2006)

Honestly…we were rather disappointed this trip.:confused: First of all, the bbq spareribs were cold…and I don’t mean not hot, I mean cold as if they had been in the fridge and were being reheated. The au jus for the beef was also lukewarm. Marcus got a plateful of mussels and nearly every shell was empty. The little mini hotdogs were missing from the kids buffet…much to Marcus’ dismay. I also thought the array of desserts unimpressive, although Jordan had 8 Oreo bonbons. :surprised010: Our waitress was nice, and when we mentioned our disappointment, she sent out the chef even though we begged her not to. We were eating for free and it wasn’t as if the food was inedible…he did apologize, but what else could he do? Bill was about $80, I tipped about $15. Would we go back? Hmmm, we’re not sure.

04-09-2008, 06:37 PM
Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that Cape May was a disappointment. :( I've not been there in awhile (over a year! :eek: ) and it's always been one of my favorites. :(

Isn't Puck's great?! :yes: Very nice food and fairly reasonable prices. :yes:

Jordan must be thrilled with his light saber. :yes: Sounds like a good day!

05-09-2008, 01:15 AM
Now why do I see a lightsaber in my future? Hmmmmmmmmm?

05-09-2008, 01:43 AM
Now why do I see a lightsaber in my future? Hmmmmmmmmm?

Make sure you go to DTD. The one at DHS is not as cool...per Marcus and Jordan.:lol:

05-09-2008, 01:56 AM
Excellent. I have my marching orders then :D

05-09-2008, 02:26 PM
Now why do I see a lightsaber in my future? Hmmmmmmmmm?

They are totally awesome!!! Johnie did one for me a couple of years ago and now Zach has it. The darn thing is bigger than he is, but he walks all over house with the lights going and pushing the button to make noise :lol: