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05-09-2008, 08:11 PM
Sorry a bit of a long rant.

Had to return Robyn's laptop to PC World last week as the charger stopped working.

They use the company DPD to collect from the house.They text you to let you know what day they are coming to collect and at what time.This wnt smoothly and i was very impressed with the way it worked.
Hadn't heard anything by this week so phoned PC World to chase it up.
Waiting for a part so shouldn't be long.

At work in the staffroom yesterday and a text came through.It was DPD to say they were delivering the laptop that day.Obviously too late fr me to arrange anyone to be in.When got home i had a card to say they had tried to deliver it at 9.25am.They sent me the text to tell me they were coming at 11.30:rolleyes008:

I phoned to try and re arrange delivery but it's an automated service.My options were pay to have to have it delivered at my specified time or the weekend,collect from the depot and hour and a half away,have it delivered to a neighbour or have it left in a safe place on the premises:mad:

I phone PC World to say as it's taken so long i'm now back at work and i want it delivered there.Too late for next day delivery so will arrange for Monday.

Get home to day to find they've tried to deliver it again.
Then the phone rings.

PC World in Scotland.Someone else has ended up with Robn's laptop (luckily as soon as she saw it she realised it wasn't hers and refused to accept delivery)and i'm waiting for the delivery of hers:mad::mad::mad:

DPD have made a huge cock up and put the wrong laptop in the wrong box.
I now have to accept deivery of the wrong laptop on Monday then phone PC World to arrange collection from work on Tuesday and Robyn's laptp should be back with me again sometime next week.

I know mistakes happen but i am fuming that that Robyn's laptop could have ended up in the wrong hands.
It has all her coursework on there,personal and friends details,photos,holiday dates when the house will be empty and God only knows what else may have been stored.

I also questionned where is stood if the laptop that is coming to me got lost,stolen or broken while in my posession.
As soon as i made the chap aware of the implications of the mistake he decided he would have to seek further advice.

Luckily nothing has happened but what could have happened doesn't bare thinking about :(

05-09-2008, 08:16 PM
omg what a nightmare teresa

as ive told you plenty of time make backups....also never let anyone have it with that sort of info on it, just back it up and delete i off the lappy next time then theres no info that others could use or have acess to, esp like an empty house

05-09-2008, 08:22 PM
What annoys me more is that it was the charger that wasn't working but they insisted on having the laptop back too.

Most things on there are backed up but it would have taken forever to delete and re upload all the coarsework,photos,powerpoints.

All the cookies were cleared so no passwords were remembered and the laptop itself is password protected but even stuff that was deleted could have been restored by someone who knew what they were doing.

05-09-2008, 09:11 PM
OMG! I'd hate that! How many days was it gone for? One thing that PC world don't tell you about is they have a 28 day policy, if they have it for more than 28 days then it's their obligation to give you a new one. They ignored me when I told them this and had a big fuss with mine, they eventually switched it.
I know that's not the point and you where concerned about the data, but it might be a good chance for a free upgrade :lol:.