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22-09-2008, 01:01 PM
Saturday 6th December

Lemme see your change

I stirred several times in the night, vaguely aware that my head was not resting on anything, but I was never awake enough to get up and investigate. Steven woke at 5.30am and I got out of bed to attend to him and stepped on my pillow. Who knows how it got down there; I’m not one for casting off the bed accessories in the middle of the night. Oh well. We got up and showered and Steven got bathed and had a snack, before we went and got some coffee at 6.30am. We bought this back up to our room and sorted our laundry out while watching TV. Oh, did I not mention: there is nothing planned for today, and we are all doing our own thing. We did consider an airboat ride or a water park but it was just a couple of degrees too cool, even for us hardy Brits. Not sure what the others had planned but Adrian and myself were going to do our laundry and later on in the day collect Nanny Lesley and have a stroll around World Showcase. And wait in trepidation for the arrival of the cheerleaders. Yes, today is the day that the Pop Warner groups begin to arrive. We’ll see how quiet our room location is then.

So I got watching the TV for a bit. There is no longer the Resort TV channel that gives you the “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Tip for Today,” much to my displeasure. There is instead a “Top 7 Must-Sees at Disney” program, which is about 15 minutes long and basically repeats continuously 24x7. Once you’ve seen it through once, all the fun is gone, and it appears to be a long commercial for Mission Space anyway, or I might just be being a bit cynical. We watched a commercial for something called Huggable Hangers, or something like that: it was very strange, but not as compelling as the Appliance Direct commercials from our last trip. Sadly we saw no trace of this fantastic commercial on this trip.

After watching Bear in the Big Blue House we loaded Steven into the car and drove off to Perkins for breakfast. Steven had an English muffin and made friends with the little girl seated a couple of tables down from us. I can’t remember what I had, except that there was a lot of it. Adrian probably had the gammon steak and eggs: he always has that here. As we were driving away from Perkins, we saw Big Steve and Lisa drive in and stopped to exchange pleasantries and generally call each other Slubbies and stuff like that. We shot over the road to Goodings to get a couple of jars of baby food as we were running a bit low. I’m not sure if it was just me looking in the wrong places but we had a hard time finding jars of baby food with lumps in for Steven. Loads of the stage 2 jars we found were just puree. He needs his lumps. We did find some that had, “with added texture,” on the label. Who knows what the texture was but we settled for those anyway. He also liked the Gerbers banana biscuits for toddlers as finger snacks. He liked these so much we bought a couple of boxes home with us. But I digress.

We return to our room and gather up our laundry and head toward the elevator. At the bottom of the elevator I leave Adrian and Steven waiting while I go back up to the room to fetch the laundry detergent and dryer sheets, and then we head into the laundry. I cram our stuff into a couple of machines and dash to the food court to fill our mugs. Upon my return I find that Steven is on top of the big folding table/platform thingy in the middle of the room, and is using it as his stage to entertain every single person that came in there. Adrian was looking very embarrassed. Why can’t the boy be all shy and reserved like we are?

I need to check something with Guest Services so I stroll over there to see how busy they are. Chaos. Absolute chaos. There is a long line with the guest at the front of it not having the best grasp of the English language. I opt to come back a bit later. I return to Steven’s theatre/laundry room and set about finishing writing out all those postcards I have promised to send back to people in various parts of the world. I manage to get them finished and even persuade Adrian to write a couple out for his family. Now all we have to do is buy the stamps and get them posted. After this I went to the ATM machine in City Hall to get some cash. The guy already at the machine must have had about 50 different cards that he was trying in the machine and seemingly none of them would give him any cash. Eventually he gives up and I use my singular card to make a small withdrawal.

I return once again to the laundry room where Steven is still charming the crowd in there. Well there’s 3 other ladies in there, not much of a crowd, but Steven is not deterred. I notice that there are also some people in the Fantasia pool at this time. Another degree or two warmer and we may have joined them. I note that none of them appear to be cheerleader type. OK so I’m feeding my quarters into the dryer and as I push the coins in I notice that one of the quarters has New Hampshire written on it. My initial reaction is “oooh I know someone who lives in New Hampshire.” Then I think to myself, “New Hampshire? On a quarter? Money is federal in the US. There hasn’t been state money for over 200 years. There’s state money!” I immediately rummage through my pockets and come up with a Georgia, an Illinois, and a Massachusetts. I ransack Adrian’s pockets and find a New York. This is exciting: I have a mission to collect as many of these as I can. I get so excited I shove a few dollar bills into the change machine and see what comes out. Over the next few days whenever one of my group makes a purchase of any kind I immediately pounce upon them demanding to inspect my change. Big Steve thought this was a great profiteering racket and once charged me 50c for a Missouri. Anyway, I have a bag of quarters upstairs somewhere that I will sort through and find out which quarters I still need and then I’ll be tapping you all for your loose change.