View Full Version : which park to go to first?

25-09-2008, 06:58 PM
we'll get there at a weekend and magic kingdom is supposed to be very busy :( how busy I dont know though. What park would you recommend?

25-09-2008, 07:31 PM
i always have to go to MK first. If it was going to be really busy there i would get there before park opening and then when the park fills up go elsewhere.

25-09-2008, 08:42 PM
I'm with Britchick.....MK first. AND last.

26-09-2008, 12:26 AM
I'm with BevW: MK first and last!

Leu would say EPCOT first and last! :lol:

Everyone has their opinion. :)

If you're going to be at WDW during a busy period and arriving on a Saturday, I probably would check the park hours schedule and decide based on that.

We usually visit WDW during the off-season.

26-09-2008, 12:31 AM
AK ... to get it over with...Im feeling hot flashes just thinking about it...

26-09-2008, 01:27 AM
I never bother with the park predictions, they always seem to be wrong to me (with the exception of christmas day at mk which was crazy :lol: )

I tend to do EPCOT first and last but I think most people would probably say MK

26-09-2008, 08:32 AM
i dont know why, but we have always gone to sea world as out first park and never ever even looked to see if parks are busy on certain days, we just go

26-09-2008, 08:34 AM
I never bother with park predictions. I try to avoid early EMH though, if I'm not onsite.

Before we had Steven we would do Epcot first. But last trip with Steven and his cousins it had to be Magic Kingdom.

26-09-2008, 08:43 AM
MK has to be - got to say hello to the mouse - would be rude not to :D

26-09-2008, 09:26 AM
I have to go to MK first, busy day or not, I would suffer palpitations if i didn't :lol:

26-09-2008, 09:33 AM
the first day is usually th eolnly day we are there for park opening and watch the opening ceremony :D