View Full Version : Best bag to carry round the parks

26-09-2008, 12:47 PM
Just thinking about all the stuff we'll have to carry. Juice, sandwiches, cameras, all sorts of stuff. What kind of holdalls does everyone use?

26-09-2008, 12:50 PM
'Kipling' bags are perfect. Strong but lightweight. :thumbs_up:

26-09-2008, 01:02 PM
try and get everything I can into a bum bag and my cargo shorts - great to feel as free as possible

26-09-2008, 02:21 PM
I/We usually visit WDW sans children, so Leu uses a bum bag and I use one of my shoulder bags with a good deal of its daily contents removed.

Last year, we had a 10-year-old and an infant. The 10-year-old carried her own stuff--that was a stipulation. If she took it into the parks or purchased it there, she had to carry it.

Shelly used a backpack--it's actually designed as a diaper bag, complete with changing pad--for the baby (14 weeks old). She removed her wallet and camera when we went into attractions, but left the backpack in the stroller beyond that. It contained primarily diapers and formula, with the other necessities for changing an infant.

26-09-2008, 03:33 PM
I've got an old Winnie the Pooh backpack that my Mom gave to me before she passed away. It's a cool bag with padded shoulder straps. It'll hold EVERYthing I can possibly think of and it doesn't get uncomfortable.

26-09-2008, 03:40 PM
Depending upon how long we are going for (if it's a quick walk around the WS visit, cc in one pocket and cell in the other).

For those times with food, a small soft sided lunch cooler. With camera I use an across the shoulder TUMI bag. It's designed for easy access without taking it off, and keeps the contents from spilling out when I unzip it to get to whatever I'm after.

I hate having things in my hands so I work diligently to not have to manually carry anything. (I have poor balance and need those empty hands to catch myself when I stumble).

If it may rain, we have umbrellas that come in their own carriers that can be thrown over a shoulder. They are lightweight, so it's an easy matter. If we are adding ponchos to that mix, then we revert to the backpack.

I'd like to get a lunch cooler style backpack someday. Just have never taken the time to research them. I much prefer something like that than anything around my waist (oh, like I need to add girth THERE) or draped across my body, or over my shoulder.

Streamlining what you take into the parks is key to enjoying yourself. If you are laden like a pack mule, you will serioulsy detract from your fun factor. :yes:

Remember, the first aid stations and baby care stations have loads of supplies, so you don't need to carry things like band aids, analgesics, itch cream... etc. Most first aid supplies are free. Baby supplies you will purchase, but those stations do have microwaves, and water coolers. :yes: Comes in very handy.

26-09-2008, 03:57 PM
I use the kipling waistbag. I can go hands free all day and, in the evening, it becomes my shoulder bag after the parks. It's big enough to hold my camcorder, contact lens solution etc, purse, comb, and phone.

26-09-2008, 04:02 PM
I take the least amount possible so my Kipling Eldorado carries my money in a small coin purse, it has slots for cards, I can get my glasses and my sunscreen in it, it's across the body style so i don;t have to carry it and it's small enough to take on rides. DH carries the cameras, and DS was really good last time and carries a small lightweight rucksack with the rain jackets in.

26-09-2008, 07:40 PM
We took this one with us and it was perfect for juice, water, camera etc etc. I like the fact that you can access everything through a zip on the side plus there's a small compartment at the back.