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19-10-2008, 03:16 PM
So now we're back and I've decided to take the plunge and have a go at writing my very first Trip Report! I love reading about everyone else’s trips and seeing what everyone does each day etc and I especially love to read the reports with plenty of photo's in so I've tried to include as many photo's as possible in mine (and maybe too many in parts)

Hope you enjoy because I do tend to waffle on at times!

The Cast
DF 6th Trip to WDW
DM 6th Trip to WDW
Me 6th Trip to WDW
DBF Newbie, 1st time to WDW!!! Excited to see what it’s all about :)

Here we all are…

This is Alun, my DBF taken in Lanzarote last year…

This is my Mam and Dad aka DM and DF

These are some pictures of me and Alun…http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn166/rhianje/Trip/Us/DSCF0491.jpg

Me and Alun have been together for 4 years now and got engaged this April in Venice, we’ve not long ago booked our wedding for August 8th 2009 which meant this holiday was a year more or less before the wedding!

The Background to the Trip

So, now I’ve introduced us all I’ll explain a bit about the background to our trip! As I've said, I’ve never attempted a Trip Report before so here goes….

My first visit to WDW was back in Easter 1992 when I was 8 years old, my parents took my DB (6) and me to Florida and we were hooked!! The next visit followed in 1995 then we had a break and went back in 2000, 2002 and 2003!

We took a break from WDW in 2004 and 2005 but still went to the USA doing the West Coast – San Francisco, LA and Vegas in 2004 and the East Coast - New York, Washington, Key West and the West Coast of Florida in 2005! Saying that, we still managed to fit in a quick Disney fix :p015: in 2004 going to Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal Hollywood!

Both trips were absolutely amazing but for 2006 and 2007 my parents went on holidays without us ‘kids’ and I went to Lanzarote with DBF but by the mid to end of 2007 I had started dropping some hints and mentioning a family holiday to WDW again. :D

And so the discussions began!! I don’t think anyone was surprised that I wanted to go back and my DF did not take too much persuading but my DM had to be convinced lol! Her ideal holiday is more of a lie by a pool/beach and read a book kind of thing instead of keep up with us around the parks!

Having said that, as soon as we started looking at pictures of villa’s she was soon back into the Disney spirit and was soon (almost) as excited as the rest of us! :207:

Originally my DB and his DGF were going to come with us too but after some budgeting realised they couldn't afford it this time (which just means that we will have to go again when they can come too he he he :D) UPDATE : Since writing, they have split up so was lucky that they didn't book to come!

So we finally booked to go on 2nd August 2008-16th August 2008, travelling up to Heathrow Holiday Inn J4,M4 on Friday August 1st.

My DF and DM are going for three weeks and myself and DBF for a fortnight (this is due to lack of funds on our part lol – we would love to stay for an extra week!) For their third week, my DF and DM are heading to Ana Maria Island, we’ve all had a nose at it on Google Earth must say it looks lovely and I’m sure my DM will be very happy to get there to unwind after a fortnight at the parks!!:yes:

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Whooo Hoooo!

Bring on the rest........:)

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yayayay looking forward to reading these :D

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does this mean you are getting stuck in to getting all your trippie written so claire will be happy:p015: by the time we get back it might be all up he he;)

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YOu brought it over!!! Ok so now you have to get it all up before I go away - you have 35 days you think you can do it Rhi?:hug2:



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A great start Minnie, you and alun make a lovely couple, nice pictures! You're just like your mum as well. Look forward to reading the trippies Thanks for writing X

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YOu brought it over!!! Ok so now you have to get it all up before I go away - you have 35 days you think you can do it Rhi?:hug2:



Oh No you dont, you have 6 days to get the report finished or before claire goes thats 4 days :p015:

No preasure really. Really glad you moved them over and even glader (is there such a word) that you are going to finish them.