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19-10-2008, 08:00 PM
Wednesday 18th April

Today we were off to Sea World so we were up at 7:15 and on the road by 8:15. We parked up in B2 and as we had purchased tickets from the UK we headed straight for the entrance.

We had a wander round and after checking show times and restaurant offerings I decided that we would do the Clyde and Seymour show first and that we would have lunch at the Spice Mill.


At around 9:30 we took our seats in the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium and after a few minutes the mime came out and did his thing. I had read a lot about the mime before we went and everything I had read was right – you MUST get there early and enjoy the pre-show, this guy is absolutely hilarious. The show proper started and we absolutely loved it, there were several places where the cast couldn’t carry on for laughing At one point a squirrel ran across the top of the mast and when the cast member realised what we were pointing at he said “A squirrel? This is a sea-lion and otter show keep up.” They also had technical problems with one of the microphones and all in all it was one of the funniest and best live shows I have ever seen.
After the show we went round to Shark Encounter and had a quick walk through and saw the sharks in the pools outside.


Next we wandered round to Believe which was crowded already 15 minutes before the doors were due to open. We saw the show and to be honest I wasn’t that struck by it. I know it is supposed to be THE show to see at Sea World and maybe I missed the point of the story but it just seemed to be whales jumping around flicking water on the audience and people riding on their backs. I didn’t quite see where the boy carving a whale’s tail out of a piece of wood fit in. Sorry to those who love it but I won’t be rushing back.
After Believe we went over to Spice Mill where we had a Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich and a coke each for a total of $22.02.

Suitably re-charged we walked round to Pacific Point Preserve where it was 5 minutes to feeding time so we hung around for a while and watched people feeding the sea-lions. We both thought it was a bit pricy - $4 for three small fish!!


After Pacific Point we covered Penguin Encounter, the aquarium, alligators, manatees and dolphins in fairly quick succession before heading off for the Blue Horizons show. This was a bit more interesting with the live performers and I quite enjoyed this one.


From this show we went to see the stingrays and then because Turtle Point was closed and there was a 30 minute wait for Sky Tower we headed back to Shark Encounter so I could take some photos from the moving walkway.


We then went over to Wild Arctic (by foot) but didn’t stay too long as the polar bear was asleep. We had now seen just about everything I wanted to see so I bought a shot glass, fridge magnet and pin for $14.88 and we left the park at 3:50.

From Sea World we went to Mall at Milennia as I wanted to go in Bloomingdales which was just about the only place in Orlando that does the Jack Black After Shave I wanted. I bought the after shave and we had a wander around the shops before driving over to the Premim Outlets.

We had a wander around Premium Outlets but didn’t see anything we wanted so I decided it was time to find somewhere to eat. Golden Corral seemed like a good option so I picked what I thought was the nearest one on the list on the sat nav but somehow we ended up at the one on 192 in Kissimmee when thinking about it later I Drive would have been nearer? Anyhow we found it no problem and ate ourselves silly for a total of $23.96 including drinks.

We were back in the hotel for 7:30 and filled our mugs at least twice during the evening before retiring to bed at 10:00.

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19-10-2008, 08:06 PM
Great report....and i love the photos too :yes:
SW is one of my fave parks.

19-10-2008, 09:41 PM
The shows are always so much funnier when something goes wrong. My guys did the shark dive last time we went and i could see them from the shark tunnel.

Brilliant pictures looks like you had a smashing day.

20-10-2008, 04:59 PM
great pics and fab day