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20-10-2008, 06:16 PM
Monday 23rd April

After a bit of a restless night I woke up feeling quite sick. I took a couple of ginger tablets and got up at 9:00 but came over dizzy and had to retreat back to bed where I lay for an hour.

After a mug of apple juice I felt better, got up at 10:00 and we left the room at 10:30. Today was another Ďdo what we feel likeí day so we took a run out to Celebration. We had a walk around what was almost a ghost town but as the weather was still quite hot and I still didnít feel great we went back to the hotel to get out of the sun.

When we got back our room still hadnít been made up so we went down and sat in the Outer Rim lounge for a while drinking more apple juice. We popped back to the room every now and then and came back out again because it still hadnít been made up but at 2:30 we gave up and just stayed in the room vowing to go out again once the maid came along.

At 4:10 I decided I was well enough to do what I had planned for this afternoon, which was to catch the Off Kilter show at EPCOT. We parked up in Amaze 33 and made our way straight round to Canada where I bought the Off Kilter CDs from the little stand there and we found a seat in the shade for the show. The band played a great set even posing for photographs and videos in the middle of songs and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the show we walked round to Morocco where I had hoped to get some CDs of the MoíRockin show but they didnít have any and as we had just missed the boat across the lagoon we walked back round and made our way to Spaceship Earth.

Unfortunately we walked onto Spaceship Earth just behind a large group of what I think were cheerleaders judging by the lanyards they were wearing. Now I think this group had never seen a camera before and had just been given one each as they proceeded to take a constant stream of photographs all the way round the attraction. There were flashes going off constantly and it seemed as though they were in a competition to see who could take the most photographs, either that or they were hoping to print them out and flick through them in some sort of primitive video ride-through of the attraction. It was really quite off-putting and spoilt what is actually quite a nice attraction. Then to make matters worse when they got out of the ride vehicles they just stood on the moving platform waiting for it to deliver them to the exit!

From there we went back to the hotel, arriving around 7:15 and going down to the Food and Fun Center where I got a Cuban Sandwich basket and Dad got a Bacon Double Cheeseburger Basket which we took back to the room to eat on the balcony. I didnít eat much of mine and whether I had eaten something funny or got too much sun I donít know but I had a dodgy stomach for the rest of the trip and didnít really feel right until a couple of days after we got home.

We were in bed by about 9:30 hoping that tomorrow would be a bit better.

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20-10-2008, 08:04 PM
Sorry to hear you became unwell, are you sure that apple juice was not cider :laugh2:

20-10-2008, 09:52 PM
sorry you didnt feel well but I really like your trip reports :) still got some to read