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08-11-2008, 05:32 PM
Our Spooky Disney Celebration
Day 2 ~ Nick and my 5 year dating anniversary at Disneyland

We were up at 7.30am, got showered and dressed and Dad collected the breakfast from the little cabin at the start of our trail. We were given a little box and bag with croissants, sweet rolls, French bread, butter, jam, nutella, coffee, chocolate milk, juice and milk, it was a nice start to the day. After breakfast Nick gave me a gorgeous white gold ring, a Christmas Minnie and a grey bear for our anniversary and I gave him a grey bear and cat (as well as everything else we collect Me to You bears, its one of the very first things he gave me and we have given them to each other at every occasion since).



My beautiful ring


We left just after 8.30am, parked right near the front and got to the park just after 9am. It was an Extra Magic Hours morning which started at 8am for 2 hours but we found out last time only some of the Fantasyland rides and Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear were open so we just came for the last hour.

Traveling up the travelator things

The beautiful Disneyland Hotel

Main Street


We went straight to Buzz and then planned to do Space Mountain and Peter Pan and get to Thunder Mountain for 10am, of course this never happened. Well we got to Buzz, got straight on and then just before the end of the ride it broke down. We were stuck on the ride for about 25 minutes before they finally came and walked us off the ride. Nick won of course, but I came 2nd with 139,500. Space Mountain wasn’t open, we weren’t sure if it opened at 10am or was down so we went to head for Peter Pan. However they had let people in early and they were all heading for Space so we couldn’t get through. We headed for Space too and joined the queue, but of course being Europe no-one joined the queue they just piled in from all sides and we were stuck in the middle. We waited and waited, no-one was being told anything and we were getting seriously crushed, I was worried about Sophie as she is only small. Eventually at about 10.25 they opened the ride and everyone tried to pile through the gates. We eventually got though, being pushed and pulled in all directions, and then queued inside for about 25 minutes, poor Mum was just waiting outside the whole time (she doesn’t like big, big coasters). The ride was great, it is definitely one of the best and completely different to the WDW one. You sit in larger trains, 2 people wide, and you start by shooting off up a tunnel and then whizz off doing corkscrews, loop the loops and inversions, all in the dark. It was great.


After Space Mountain Mum wanted to do Peter Pan so we walked over to Fantasyland. This land is so pretty, slightly bigger and different to WDW. They have Belle's Christmas Village which is lovely, Alice in Wonderland gardens and a few more rides including a Storybook boat ride and Dumbo train.



The outside of Small World is huge - you can see it behind the world

The teacups

Belle's Village

Alice in Wonderland Garden's


The wait was about 60 minutes so the others grabbed Fastpasses and Nick and I grabbed fastpasses for Thunder Mountain. Whilst we waited for our times we went to Indiana Jones Temple of Peril which is an outside roller coaster. The wait was 35 minutes and the ride is so short only Dad and Sophie queued, Sophie was very worried as she hadn’t ridden it before but loved it. Meanwhile we went over to the Pizza Outpost and got some coffees whilst we waited for them. They met back up with us and then Mum, Dad and Sophie split up and went to Peter Pan and Nick and I had a look around the shops whilst we waited for our FP return. Nick brought me a really cute glass Minnie and Mickey and a blue glass screen to put it on, it was lovely.



Some pictures around the park ~ Adventureland




Frontierland by day

08-11-2008, 05:32 PM


And the castle ~ it has quite a lot of land next to it with gardens and also a dragon underneath

We rode Thunder Mountain and then walked over to the Videolopis in Tomorrowland to meet the others. They had already got some food and had got a really good table in the front row above the theatre. There is a Lion King show in the theatre but the queue for seats were huge so the other option is to get a table in the fast food bit. Nick and I queued for food, we queued for over 30 minutes as they seemed rather inefficient and our server was so slow. Nick got a space burger meal which came with fries, a drink and brownie and I got a chicken burger with fries, a drink and Mickey beignet. The food was ok but at 24E for burgers it was very overpriced and not the best quality.
The show had started by the time we got back to the table so we watched whilst we ate. The show is very good and colourful, and also very different to Festival of the Lion King, more of the story.


After the show we walked back to the car, it was now pouring with rain. We left the park as it was very busy and we had done all the main rides that we wanted to do.

Some pictures as we left the park ~ City Hall

The Disneyland Hotel from the park ~ The Castle Club has its own private park entrance


Back at Davy Crockett we went to the pool for a few hours. The pool is very nice with the main pool bit, a lazy river bit, a slide, children’s bit and 3 spa’s joined into one. It was nice relaxing in the spa for a bit and then Nick and I got out and had a look around the shop and Nick brought me a Hound and I got Sophie a Fox to go with the others we brought last night. The village area has the pool and Crockett’s Tavern, the restaurant, and on the other side the shop and a bar. There is also a farm bit with ponies to ride and surrey bikes to rent, Sophie loved the ponies when she was little, she used to spend ages there.





Anyway we got ready and left the cabin at 6pm. We managed to park right at the front and walked to the village arriving a little early for dinner so we browsed the shops. We got to The Steakhouse for our 6.30pm reservation and were taken straight to our table in the conservatory bit. The restaurant is really nice and set up like an old Chicago meat packing warehouse with a lovely bar area.






It took a while to get served and then ages for the food to come, but we didn’t mind we enjoyed chatting. Mum and I got tequila sunrises to drink and Dad and Nick beers, for food Nick, Mum and Dad got the Chicago menu which was a 3 course menu for 33E. Mum got Mushroom ravioli, tuna steak and baileys crème brulee, Dad got carrot soup, chicken curry and apple pie which he gave to me, Nick got carrot soup, rump steak and baileys crème brulee. Sophie and I ordered off the main menu, she got the NY strip steak, she got it medium rare but it didn’t have enough blood for her (she is very strange), and I got the filet with baked potato, which was pretty good but slightly tough for a filet and slightly overcooked on the outside.

Mum's tuna

My filet

Sophie's NY strip

Nick's Rump steak

It was a very nice meal but again not up to the same standard as last time and at 82E was quite expensive, especially when were used to American prices.

We had a little look around the stores in the Disney Village for a bit, I got Nick a Remy plush and a Chip and Dale bowl and cup set as a surprise.

Sophie messing around

Nick's pressies

The Chip Nick brought me and the Dale I brought him

Some more souvenirs from today

When we got back to the cabin I gave him his gifts which he loved and we had some rose champagne which he had brought. Then is was time for bed.

Oh and one last cute picture of Sophie

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Thank you again for sharing all of your lovely photos and trip. I just loved the Alice and Wonderland area. :D

08-11-2008, 05:55 PM
A lovely and very wet day!

08-11-2008, 06:03 PM
Loved reading your report and the photos are fantastic :yes: Thank you :)

08-11-2008, 06:48 PM
Another great day even if a little wet.
What lovely presents you got for each other. The ring is gorgeous.

09-11-2008, 09:23 PM
another great report despite the weather wow the pool looks great of course indoors i see;)