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11-11-2008, 06:21 PM
Our Spooky Disney Celebration
Day 3 ~ Disney Studio's and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

We were up early at 6.30am, got showered and dressed and left a little late just after 7.40am. We parked right at the front again and walked to the Disney Village. We had a reservation at Cafe Mickey at 8am, we were seated straight away and got some breakfast.

Outside Cafe Mickey



Cafe Mickey Halloween decoration

It was a buffet and there was scrambled egg, bacon, sausages and potatoes, a large section with pastries and danishes, fruit salad, cold meats, cheeses and salmon, cereal and yoghurt, hot drinks and juice. The food was quite nice but the section of hot stuff was poor and it wasn’t very hot. The danishes and fruit salad was really good though.





It was a character breakfast and soon after we arrived Mickey, Chip and Dale and Pluto came around. This was a surprise for Sophie as she loves character meals and she was so excited. The characters spent a while going around and Chip and Dale were great play fighting and giving nice cuddles. Unfortunately we had a little boy next to us who cried everytime a character came near so Pluto never came over to us. It wasn’t quite the same as America, there was no minders making sure the characters went to all the tables, but they did generally spend longer at the tables, apart from Pluto. The characters stayed for a while and then left, and then about 5 minutes later Baloo and Robin Hood came around. It was great as Nick loves Robin Hood and he looked really excited.










The restaurant was only half full so wasn’t too hectic, it was a really nice setting, all Disney-ish, although it was still 17E with the resort discount.

A few more pictures



By the time we finished breakfast it was only 9am and the Studio’s didn’t open till 10am so we walked over to the New York Hotel. The Hotel New York is set around a lake along with Newport Bay and Sequoia Lodge, all within walking distance to the parks. The main Disneyland Hotel is at the main entrance to the Disneyland Park, you walk under it to get in to the park and some of the rooms look right in to the park, it is absolutely beautiful and one of my dreams is to stay there one day.

Sequoia Lodge

Newport Bay

This is Panoromagique ~ its like a tethered hot air balloon, but we have yet to see it go up

Anyway back to the report, we walked to the New York Hotel, the ice rink was already up for winter and as we entered the hotel it was all decorated for Christmas already. The lobby looked beautiful with a massive Christmas tree decorated with red and silver, the reception was covered with lights, as was the bar, which looks lovely. I really liked this hotel this time, it is quite magical, especially decorated for Christmas and with the ice-rink outside

The New York Hotel in the distance

Outside by the icerink

The reception ~ its a little blurred but its really cool



We looked round the shop and then slowly walked to the Studio’s. We got there about 9.45am and the gates were open. We had a look around the first shop as last time once we walked through the main building we were held in there until opening and it was really busy. The Studio’s were decorated for Christmas too, we guessed it must have been done last night as we hadn’t seen any of it before.

Outside the Studio's

Inside the main gates


We walked through the main building which has a fast food place on one side which is made to look like Hollywood restaurants from the outside, a big shop on the other side and has film props around, it is really cool. They weren’t holding the queues inside this time and everyone was already outside queuing for the rides. The queue for Tower of Terror was absolutely huge and snaked all down the main boulevard. The Studio’s is fairly new and last time we came it had little atmosphere, the main entrance bit seemed to have more scenery and looked much better.






We walked over to TOT and grabbed some fastpasses, the return time was already 12.05 and the park hadn’t even opened yet. We went over to Rock and Rollercoaster, the wait was 10 minutes so we joined the queue. **Sophie got so scared as we waited, this was one of the first rides she went on when we went to WDW and she didn’t realise it was a rollercoaster, nor did we. After she looked so scared and everytime we went on a ride she would ask if it was as fast, she doesn’t mind rollercoasters, she just didn’t like the speed. ** As we were in the car, waiting for the countdown to blast off she started freaking out and crying, then we shot off and as we did I heard her shout “This is so totally awesome” and then she screamed happily the rest of the time. When we got off she said she loved it and wanted to go back on, now she had conquered her fear.
We walked over to Crush’s coaster next as this was new from when we were all last here but the queue was 120 minutes so we went on Aladdin’s carpets which was a 20 minute wait.



It was now time for Animagique so we got in line and managed to get really good seats. Animagique is a bit like a live version of Philharmagic with Donald taking Mickey’s key and entering a big building where he meets characters of various Disney films performing songs and little dances. After the show we still had a bit of time so we went to the new Radiator Springs area where Crush’s coaster was, a little Car’s ride and a character spot where we got to meet Remy for the first time.





We then went over to Tower of Terror for our FP return. It was all of our first ride on this TOT as it is pretty new, and Mum and Sophie had never been on before, yet had promised to ride. The ride was pretty much the same to begin, you enter the tower, get into the first lift where they play the movie about what happened in the hotel, however this time it was in French. We then queued inside for about 5 minutes before entering our lift. Mum, Sophie and I were in the second row and Nick and Dad behind, Sophie and Mum held on either side of me so tightly the whole time. The lift bit itself was a bit different, it doesn’t move around but you still see the people from the lift and the lights. The drops were great, as the windows opened we could see all across the Studio’s park and the Disneyland Park too, the view was so amazing, I loved it.



Sophie waiting to ride

We walked over to Crush again but the queue was 100 minutes so we decided to go back to the cabin for a rest and come back to the Studio’s for a bit before the dinner show. Back at the cabin we had some French bread for lunch and then Mum and Sophie went to the pool and the rest of us had a little nap.

We left again just after 4pm, parked and walked to the Studio’s to try and ride Crush. Unfortunately the queue was still 80 minutes so we never got to ride it this time, however this means a reason to go back again. We went to the Art of Disney Animation instead, this had 2 parts, the first was a montage of Disney film clips and the second was a live show about animation narrated by Mushu. It was pretty much how I remember it in Florida but it was in French, there were headphones but it was pretty hard to hear over the narrator girl. After this we had finished in the Studio’s so wondered out getting a few pictures.



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We walked over to the Disney Village for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. We got there at 5.30pm, entered, were given hats and got a drink from the bar. The waiting area was quite large with 2 bars but there was only a few seats and the seats were already reserved so there is not much point of getting there too early. Just before we were allowed in to the theatre a little country band came and played a few tunes and then we were allowed in.





We were in the red river section, in the first row so we had a great view. The show was about cowboys and Indian’s with horse stunts, buffalo, bulls and Miss Annie Oakley a stunt woman with a rifle.



Buffalo Bill





The cowboys cookout

The country band playing whilst we eat


The Indian's



There were team competitions, and each team had a clown. Our clown was the funniest ever and made the show for us. He went and got a hat from each of the other teams and took them into the arena and jumped on them, he put a cream pie in one of the Indian’s faces, made us chant “Nah, nah” when we won, chucked the hats from the green team everywhere and even joined in our rally by stealing our teams horse and winning it for our team.





We were served chilli first and there was bread and cornbread already on the tables. For mains we were served chicken, sausages, potatoes, corn and this little bbq skewer thing. Whilst we ate the little band played country music and the cowboys were cooking up tea for themselves. For dessert we had apple pie and ice-cream with coffee or tea and throughout we were served beer and wine and they were always refilling our glasses.

Our table settings

The chilli


Apple crumble and ice-cream

At the end there was a shoot out between the Indian’s and cowboys but Buffalo Bill and the Indian chief saved the day and the gold and we were all given a gold coin (chocolate).



Our clown ~ the one waving madly

Gold coins ~ yummy

The show was great, it was nearly all in English apart from the French general at the beginning and end, and most of the riders were American. The food was really good, as was the service and the show itself was both fun and interactive and enjoyable to watch. It was quite different to Dixie Stampede with the Indian’s too and well worth a visit. The clown really made it for us though, he was so entertaining and funny and loved the attention too.

Afterwards we brought some souvenir photo’s and then headed back to the cabin for some champagne before bed.

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Sounds like a great day Sammie. I think there are plans to introduce something similar to Panoramagique to Orlando.

12-11-2008, 08:21 AM
Another great day! :p015:

13-11-2008, 01:53 PM
lovely read your sister is so beautiful no wonder she doesnt mind being photographed so much

13-11-2008, 10:16 PM
Sounds like a great day Sammie. I think there are plans to introduce something similar to Panoramagique to Orlando.

Oh that would be interesting, you could get a good view over Disney. Although if its anything like the one at DLP it would only be going up about 30 days a year.

Another great day! :p015:
Thanks ;)

lovely read your sister is so beautiful no wonder she doesnt mind being photographed so much

Thank you, I think she is gorgeous but then I'm biased :p015:.

25-11-2008, 08:14 PM
Looking at the picture of nick and your step day i think they enjoyed the charature breakfast the most. :lol: