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Tink in Pink
17-12-2008, 03:24 PM
Travel Day-21st October.

I will introduce us all again:
Me-Laura-aged 21
Mum-Kerry-aged 21:ROFL:
Dad-Paul-aged 50
Brother-Sam-aged 19
Sister-Elizabeth-aged 7
My son-Aston-turned 1 while we were there
Cousin-Luke-aged 4
Cousin-Allison-aged 4
Cousin-Blake-aged 4

Mum left at 6.45am and I left at 7am after feeding Aston some breakfast, having a shower, checking my suitcase 3 times. I couldnt eat breakfast as I was feeling sick with excitement. Barry dropped me off and we said our goodbyes and Dad met me by the car to help me with my luggage and go to meet the rest of them, well excited would be a true understatement of what we were all feeling by now, I mean we were all on our way to Florida!!!:bounce: So first thing to do was get rid of all our luggage. This was pretty quick and straight forward. We walked through security without a blip. We looked around the shops for a bit then went up to Burger King for breakfast which was OK. After a toilet stop it semmed no time at all before we were getting called onto the plane. We boarded at 10.10 and the plane took off at 10.30 so everything was on time. We were very happy to have seat back TVs. As the plane took off Aston was playing with his bottle and lid from it which he decided he would throw down the aisle while the plane took off. I had no chance of catching it as the plane was slanted so it rolled down to somebodys feet. Luckily the flight attendant found it for me. Aston went to sleep not long into the flight and slept all through the film that me and mum watched which was 'Baby Mamma', very good and funny, and he slept through our meals. We had a choice of chicken or beef, I had chicken and it was lovely. Aston woke up not long after but was as good as gold, we didnt get to bored throughout the flight. Elizabeth was sick during the landing, bless her but seemed fine once we were down. We had to run through security to make it to our commecting flight. It was late taking off, about 4.30 USA time. We got to Florida about 6.30. Got our bags and car quick and left the airport about 7.30. We got lost finding the villa and had to ask at a pharmacy. We got to the villa about 9.30. Mum and Dad went out to get a few essentials. We all got to bed between 11 and 12 for our first night sleep in Florida!!!!!

18-12-2008, 04:14 AM
Luke, Alison and Blake.... triplets? And who is Barry and why didn't he go to Florida too? :D

18-12-2008, 10:55 AM
wow - sounds like everything went well! Poor Elizabeth though :hug2:

18-12-2008, 09:59 PM

you have started your trippie!!!!!
i may do mine next year lol

barry is lauras partner, and yes there are triplets amongst the vennels!!!!

glad aston was so good on the flight, makes it a lot easier for you ....

where is the next bit then??
and some pics xx

18-12-2008, 10:44 PM
aw lickle triplets! How sweet!

19-12-2008, 10:03 AM
sweet three four year olds lol they were lovely sil worried that they winged at times but we had to remind her even us adults winged at times our car was steaming at times when dh kept getting us lost florida is a fantastic holiday but very tiring so four year olds winging is to be expected dont you think :wave: