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29-06-2008, 04:57 PM
After quite an easy day yesterday, well not on the wallet it wasnít :D we are off to sea world, we get there for gates opening and head straight for you guessed it kraken, we get to the ride entrance a bit sharpish and there is no queue to speak of and me, Jamie, Lauren and Craig leg it to the ride thru all the rigmarole twisting and turning to get to it and there is hardly anyone there so we all jump on in rather quick time and we are rolling, Craig is screaming like a baby as he has never been on a coaster this big before and Iím laughing my socks off at him it so funny :lol: Jamie is doing the same its his first park and he is loving it I feel so happy for him and glad I asked him to come along, to see his little face beaming make my holiday, well I say little heís 14 lol. Its over too soon and we leg it round to the start like a bunch of school kids and ride it 7-8 times straight, I cant get enough of coasters I luv em :D then I think we walked across to the journey to Atlantis everyone rides it but me I wanna film them coming down and also I donít like getting wet and have to walk round for a couple of hours till I dry off. I managed to catch them a bit too late for the big dip coming out in the open but not to worry, they all get wet and i'm laughing again. Then we started making our way to the Shamu stadium hoping that the show has a few new things added, itís the same show really with just a couple of new tricks, still love it though, at the first splash warning I focus the camcorder on the kids down the front and i'm already laughing cos Craig and Jamie donít know whatís coming, we didnít let on, and they get absolutely drenched, sooooo funny me and Denise are up the back bone dry :D do a little walking around ,by now its lunchtime and we are all famished, so we hunt round for somewhere to eat, we first come to voyagers wood fired pizza and not everyone wants pizza so we then mamas kitchen not much on offer there so we head to Smokey creek grill sounds good when we get there the d*mn place is closed so we all trek over to the shark underwater grill, we didnít know this was a proper restaurant to expensive for lunch so we all trapes back round and end up at voyagers, as Iím not a lover of pizza I have a hot dog, chips and a big lump of melon give that to someone else, the portion is real small for the amount they charge you and Iím still starving, Iím really disappointed with the food thatís on offer at seaworld just not good enough, times getting on and we race over to see the Clyde and Seymore show at the sea lion and otter stadium which starts at 2pm, and Iím hoping the cast is better that in 02 they were not very good IMHO but I might just be comparing them to the cast in 00 as they were absolutely superb and very funny. We get in early as I just love the mime artist before the show and itís a new guy and he was very good but not a funny as the previous guy in 00 & 02 he was just the best all you could hear was me laughing my socks of at him on the video :lol: the show starts and itís a new cast with a lady in it, all men before, its slightly different cos they have added a Halloween feel to it, and they are much better than the last lot, the only downer is the stadium there is a big chunk of the centre section all scaffolded up with a huge tarpaulin covering it and its quite hard in some sections to view the whole set, but we finally find somewhere and have a good view, the best bit of this show is the otter what a funny little guy he is lol, we then take a stroll round the shark encounter, then a few other attraction and then we wanna get back to the kraken and ride it another 6-7 times lol and then its just about time to go as the evening spooktacular attendeeís are starting to arrive, so we head back to the villa, as its been a long day, the boys head straight for the pool so I get the camera out and film them for a bit, its brill so much lighter than the old one I can hold it very still when filming the shows and stuff and its got a screen on it too, had my head behind the viewfinder on the old one, Denise start to cook dinner, its now 6.30 and its off to old town for the evening so Jamie can look at all the old American hotrods and cars.

When we get there the cars are just about ready to do the drive past so I get to a decent vantage pint ready to film them and iím not disappointed there is some beautiful cars with some fantastic paint jobs on show and Jamie is in his element as he is a bit of a car fanatic, about 10-15 minutes after I start filming and I hear a lot of talking behind me and its only a family from Basildon and friends of Jamieís, well a classmate really and we get talking to them for a while after the drive by is finished. Every time weíve visited Florida weíve bumped into a family we know funny isnít it all that way and bang they are there :lol: Jamie then spots the sky coaster which is for anyone that doesnít know is a 300ft high swing that can take up to three people at time the more that ride the faster it goes, was told up to 80mph. Craig and Jamie want to ride it they must be b****y raving lunatics if they wanna ride this thing its nearly as high as a Saturn 5 which is over 360 ft high rocket for g**s sake :lol: you would not catch me on that thing for love nor money :lol: film this too as I wanna get a close up of their faces when they get to the top. They are cueing for at least ĺ of an hour and finally they are on the cherry picker to be strung up in the harness and hoisted onto the ride, there is a young lady who has joined them as she is riding alone and has locked arms with Craig as it looks like she is cacking herself :lol:, when they get there I can see Jamie start to reach for the release cord and they come hurtling towards the ground and all you can hear is really high pitched blood curdling screams :lol: then they start to laugh as it starts slowing up. There is also a camerawoman filming all the riders and Jamie decides he want a DVD of his ride to take home as its only $15 not bad I suppose, he also want to ride the G force next to the sky coaster, itís a kind of NASCAR type car that reaches speeds of up to 115mph over a 100 yard strip looks really fast, but he decides to pace himself and do it next Saturday when itís the turn of the newer cars I say heís chickened out :rotfl: then itís the turn of the shops and take a very casual walk and look in most of them we are all getting a bit cream crakered so we head off back to the villa and take a swim in the pool to loosen up a bit

Stay Tuned for the halloween night at the Magic Kingdom coming soon :D

02-07-2008, 04:16 PM
How many times did you get on Kracken! Like, 14-15 times all day!



Magical Moments.
02-07-2008, 06:02 PM
Ooooer Mick how many times on Kraken?
Having read that i feel sick now http://bestsmileys.com/sick/7.gif

I'm afraid i don't do roller coasters.http://bestsmileys.com/scared/3.gif

02-07-2008, 06:08 PM
oh must of been close on 10 straight.........not all day jodie, i thjink we wenmt back and did it some more too later in the day hehe....that was the story for every coaster in orlando we just rode them to death :lol: