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17-01-2009, 05:44 PM
A rocking, Christmas adventure in the Wilderness - day 3


Me – Loves all things Disney, also loves planning and writing lists.
DH – Loves all things Disney. Hates planning and loathes my lists lol.
DS1 – Luuuuuuvs big coasters, Goofy, Swimming and all things Star wars.
DS2 – Is glad he is finally tall enough to get on some cool coasters. Loves all things Disney, loves my lists and is my planning buddy.

Day 3 Aquatica and The magic Kingdom

We were booked for Discovery cove today but I had a sore throat and was worried about taking a full cold this early on in the holiday, sooooo we changed our booking to the next week.

The kids still fancied swimming So DH suggested he take them to Aquatica as he knew I wasn’t fussed about going there. Yay!!Time to myself.

They went to Aquatica and had a blast. Sorry no pictures as DH doesn’t do normal cameras only video ones. They really did love it. DH said the kids play area was fab but would have been concerned if our kids had been younger. They pretty much had the place to themselves and got everything done really quickly.

I pottered in the hotel lobby bought a few Christmas presents at the hotel shop, then headed to the Magic Kingdom on the boat. It was a lovely trip over. I listened to the brass band and watched the show at the castle, but mostly I just pottered about lol



We all met up at the Christmas tree on Main Street, I think it was about 2pm and wandered through the shops for a while.

We had actually seen the parade the day before up near the Liberty Tree tavern but we had the sun in our eyes so not good for photos. We walked out of the shop right up on the top corner of Main Street, to a man and woman arguing about how long they had been waiting on the parade. Two of the three kids were crying and saying they were hungry and the man was all red in the face from yelling. In the end the woman snapped and said fine let’s spend our whole holiday eating, grabbed the kids by the arm and promptly stormed off, with the man huffing behind. So we quietly slip into place. Heeheeheehee!!!! Woot! Result lol as the parade began within 5 mins of us standing there.



After the parade we headed back to the hotel for food and a rest as the park was busy.


We headed back to the MK just in time for Spectromagic then we rode.
The haunted mansion
Peter Pan




Finally we had a slow walk down Main Street and back on the boat to bed.


Thanks for reading xxxxxxxxx

17-01-2009, 06:04 PM
I love the 'See Ya Real Soon' signs

17-01-2009, 06:06 PM
Some lovely photos there :yes:

Glad you were able to change DC easily :)

17-01-2009, 07:44 PM
Poor frazzled family :(