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17-01-2009, 06:52 PM
A rocking, Christmas adventure in the Wilderness – Day 12 – New Years Day


Me – Loves all things Disney, also loves planning and writing lists.
DH – Loves all things Disney. Hates planning and loathes my lists lol.
DS1 – Luuuuuuvs big coasters, Goofy, Swimming and all things Star wars.
DS2 – Is glad he is finally tall enough to get on some cool coasters. Loves all things Disney, loves my lists and is my planning buddy.

Day 12 – New Years Day

We had an ADR for Boma this morning but after seeing how busy the parks were yesterday we decided to cancel and head straight to the Animal Kingdom. We arrived at about 9:40 and the park was already busy. I’m so glad we took the bus from the hotel as the roads were also really busy. Once in the park we do lots of photo pass photos some pin trading and general wandering. We then realise just how busy the park is and DH runs for Everest fast passes and we all head to primeval whirl, where DH meets us in the queue.


The wait time was saying 40 mins but we waited just 25 after this we walked round to Dinosaur but it had broken down so we wandered down to the Lion King Show. This was as fab as ever. We were in the Warthog section heeheehee,





as we hadn’t had any breakfast we decided to find something to eat. Now that our favourite counter service the Tusker House had been changed into a buffet we had no idea where we wanted to eat. The kids didn’t fancy the BBQ place as it was only just lunch time. We see the Pizzafari (SP) and think that will do. I was quit surprised, It really was lovely in here. Lots of wee separate rooms all brightly painted animals and patterns on the walls. We found a quiet room which was so nice. Also I had a chicken salad that was really good. Afterwards we met Stitch


Next we wandered back to dinosaur which was still broken but we were able to get fast passes for later. The kids then wanted to play in the bone yard for a while DH and I sat and soaked up the sun on a near by bench. I gave my Mum a phone and she was saying how the temperatures had been below zero back home. The conversation felt very bizarre lol

Next we head over to Africa and do the trail and then take the train up to see and pet the goats. I did take pictures here but I can’t seem to find them. Once we are back we head to the safari which is nearly about to finish for the day. We got on one of the last trains. It was great as ever and we even see a lion on the move.




After this we took a slow wander over to Everest to find that it was also broken down but the cast member said our fast passes would be good for any day or time in the future. By this time it’s starting to get dark so we head over to dinosaur which is working now phew lol


It’s time to head back for our ADR at the whispering canyon café, we really enjoyed our meal here this time. Last year our DS1 had been ill and our server wasn’t great but this time it was excellent. DS2 had a blast doing the hokey pokey (SP) Pony racing and napkin twirling. He still loves the whole ketchup thing too. Our server was very funny, and gave DH a bit of a hard time heeheeheehee!



We decided to pop over to the Magic Kingdom to do some shopping as we hadn’t bought any presents yet for family or friends. We picked up some bits and pieces, to be honest though in the past I would have been able to spend a month’s wages in the main street shops but I really struggled this time.

After this we thought about doing some rides but due to the magic Kingdom being busy, we thought we would rather go back to our room and pack as we only have one full day left and get up and hit the parks early. So that’s exactly what we did. Lol

Thanks for reading xxxxxxx

17-01-2009, 07:19 PM
I loved Whispering Canyon as well - looks like another fun server :lol:

17-01-2009, 08:57 PM
Great lion photo!