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21-01-2009, 12:23 PM
I was awake at 5.30am & got up at 6.30am. We went to catch shuttle at 7.15 & there was massive Q!! Got to airport at 7.50am.

Checked in with no problem & had brekky, which was OK as far as airport food is concerned. Tara had chicken popcorn from Burger King (OMG for Breakfast - but at least she ate which was a problem we had during flight last year in that she did not eat anything all day - she drives me mad with her food!):mental:

Went to boarding gate & noticed we had Jersey Girl.


We had row of middle seats 32 D,E,F,G which was in a great place.

Flight very bumpy & had to keep putting seat belts back on.:lipwobble: Tara very nervous (I don't think she moved an inch the whole of the flight!) but Jodie took it all in her stride.

Once landed we went through to customs & headed towards furthest right - but the computers were playing up & it took a very long time to get through.

We were collected by Quicksilver (who had upgraded us to SUV, though they did not tell us this so we had a shock on return - more later!)

Waiting for car!


Unfortunatley we got to Homewood Suites & due to a conference over-running we did not have a room :nono:. We were put up at Crowne Plaza for night (even though I did ask if we could be put up in Grand Floridian :beg:). Nice hotel & room & reception gave girls lots of tokens to use in games room.

Jodie on bed at Crowne Plaza

We walked to TGI's for tea - Stu had Steak & Shrimp Jack Daniel, I had Flat Iron Jack Daniel, Tara had Chicken Fingers & Jodie had hamburger -with drinks cost $55. It was so nice & we all really enjoyed the food & the restaurant.

Went back to hotel, played in games room for a while & was in bed by 7.30pm as we were all on our last legs!!

21-01-2009, 05:19 PM
Oh my, I would not have been impressed at the hotel switch for one night. Not impressed at all. I would probably have rather switched hotel for the whole holiday, I hate unpacking-repacking and moving my packed clothes around!

21-01-2009, 08:40 PM
It was actually no bother at all - we just took it all in our stride - both hotels were brill & they kept our suitcases at Homewood & let us put our valuables in their safe! Homewood staff were fantastic for the whole of our holiday & they let us keep on our room later on last day with no charge!!