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My name is Michelle. I am a mom to 2 kids, ages 3 1/2 and almost 2, and 1 husband (trust me he counts as a kid). We are planning a trip to WDW in January 2010 with my family. My mother is running in the Mickey Marathon and my dad is running in the Donald (I think that's it) 1/2 marathon.

The kids will be ages 4 1/2 and almost 3 by the time we go. I will be looking and asking for any tips and money savers over the next year, especially relating to kids!

Thanks in Advance!

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Hello and welcome.

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:hello1: And welcome to Secrets! Looking forward to chatting Disney with you.

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Hello and Welcome Michelle X

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Hi Michelle and a warm :rainbowwelcome: to Secrets.
You`ve found the right place to pick up tips to help you make the most of your trip.
See you around the site. :wave:

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:wave: welcome aboard :D

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Hi Michelle!


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Hello and welcome to Disney Secrets! It's great that you've found us and chose to join our membership! :yes: We love to help folks plan their visits to WDW (or any other Disney Park!) and surrounds. :D

You'll find loads of great tips here, but more importantly you'll find our members to be the most helpful and friendliest community on the internet! :yes:

Have a good old look around and if you don't see what you need, just post away and folks will help you out!

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Hi Michelle and :secrets3: glad you decided to join our Disney family.

Looking forward to helping you plan your holiday and seeing you round the site :wave:

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Hello, Michelle. :secrets3:

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Welcome to Disney Secrets, Michelle! We're glad you've joined us! :)

Kudos to your parents for taking part in the marathon and 1/2 marathon! That requires a lot of work and dedication!

Looking forward to helping you plan your WDW visit! :D

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Hello welcome