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08-02-2009, 01:06 PM
Ok from the top in simple terms how do I make disney dining reservations?

can I do it online? if so where please?

how far out do I make them and are they then guaranteed?

is there a way to know how much each will cost in advance?

can I make more than one for the same time so we can choose?

if a place is booked up do they have a wait list?

How much do we have to tip at disney?

and anything else I need to know but havent asked :hug2:

08-02-2009, 01:12 PM
You make the reservations up to 90 days prior by calling the reservation number. (I'll go look for that and post it back here. (I think it's WDW DISNEY DINE, but I'll double check).

They are guaranteed once you make them, and the only time you need to hold them with a credit card is when they are for CRT, or during high holiday seasons as far as I know. You may need to hold a Victoria and Alberts reservation with a card too.

No, Disney frowns heavily on mulitiple reservations for the same time. That's a drawback. You need to determine where and when you want to eat. You can cancel.

There is no way in knowing how much it will cost as you'll be choosing from a menu that has different prices for different selections. Buffets will be more predictable, but they usually do not include drinks of any kind so you'd need to add more for those.

No, Disney does not do wait lists for full restaurants. They simply tell you they can't book for you. You can always check back to see if they had a cancellation.

Tipping is a standard 18% on the total amount BEFORE tax is added. If you feel the service warrants you can increase the tip amount to 20%. If the service was not up to par, feel free to decrease to 15%. If I am going to leave a tip less than 15% I always speak with the manager, as that means something pretty serious has happened.

Some folks tip less for buffets (15% or 12%) but I'm not one of those. I believe the servers work harder at a buffet! :D

Hope that helps a bit!

08-02-2009, 01:13 PM
407 WDW DINE is the number for Disney reservations.