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01-07-2008, 08:42 PM
Right,, I think I have finally 'cracked' mum on my mission to get back to WDW!
She has said she wants to go back if we can afford it and if we just go, just the four of us, my sister, my dad, my mum and I!

I don't think dad will take much persuading so once we have confirmation I'm going to go ahead and plan :lol:

Basically, I have a few questions.

I've not been since 2005- does anyone have a list of new attractions and when they where added somewhere? I'd like to print some info off and show my mum.

Secondly, We stayed in a villa last time, booked with Thomas Cook (I *Think*) and flew with My Travel, The flight wasn't actually all that bad, except on the way back when the tills went down and they couldn't give us our complimentary drinks (we need a mob smiley) Do you find its cheaper to go fly-drive and then book a seperate villa/hotel?

We want to stay in an I-drive hotel (or villa if they have them!) as my mum didn't like being 'away' from everything as she felt 'unsafe' (shes a worry wart!)

Thirdly, Do you guys prefer renting a car or using transport/taxis?

I think we would go with a car, but if other people prefered the i-drive, taxis or coaches, I suppose they could be persuaded.

Fourthly- Tickets? Which is the cheapest place to buy them, we go to ALL the parks; IOA, US, SW, BG, and all the disney parks, we got in 3 waterparks too last time. but still want to take advantage of the park hopping so 'the one' ticket is out of the question.

Airlines- do you find that virgin economy is anymore expensive than a my travel 'premiair' flight?

05-07-2008, 07:04 PM
To hopefully answer some of your questions Josh:

We book everything separately - car hire, flights and accommodation. Although we became DVC members 2 years ago so that takes care of where we stay.

Even staying on I-Drive we hired a car.

Tickets - shop around. Some agencies are Floridatix, Orlando Ticket Deals, Mercury Travel Net. Can't help with the pass that covers Universal, Sea World, Wet & Wild, etc as we never bought them, but Universal's official site is sometimes good for ticket deals. At the moment with the dollar rate is seems to be cheaper to buy tix here.

Can't help with the Virgin question.

Good luck with all your planning!

05-07-2008, 08:59 PM
I have to agree with everything Cathy said Josh. I book everything separately, it's a lot cheaper for us.

We always rent a car, I like the freedom it gives us and also Chris without a car is like taking his legs away :lol: Plus it means there's no excuse not to go shopping :D

I've got a list of all the attractions, I'll have to find it, its on the PC here somewhere.

06-07-2008, 09:33 AM
same here Josh - whereever we go i usually try and book everything seperately, that way we get exactly what we want.

When we went in '05 we got a very good flydrive price with the dreaded TCD, yeah we had a delay but any airline can have those...the important thing was we got there and back!

We found the villa online and struck up some communication with the owners which left me feeling it would be ok - it was fine. We were in Davenport and it was nice to get away from it all sometimes.

The price we paid all in including park tickets (WDW, Universal, KSC, Seaworld) was what we would have paid for the flydrive alone with Virgin!

06-07-2008, 11:03 AM
We tend to book seperately as well but not *always* :)

Generally speaking we decide what dates we want to go and book the flights with virgin (although that may change the way virgin has been doing recently). We tend to look around all the comparison sites to see but usually end up just booking on the virgin site.

Then we look for the actual rooms and especially any discounts.

Now all that having been said, in recent past, we've had some deals from virgin holidays which has come so close to our DIY price that it's been easier to book with them. So they're worth checking ESPECIALLY when they do their 10% off deals etc.

We don't get a car although I'll be honest here and say a) that's only because we stay onsite and can use disney transport b) we probably SHOULD get a car <G> It's just that we like to chill and have the odd drink or three :alc:

06-07-2008, 07:26 PM
Thanks guys, that's been a TON of help! :D We've decided on easter now.