View Full Version : Stitch the loveable alien becomes a DJ with a difference in Discoveryland

01-04-2009, 04:43 PM
Beware the world's top DJs! Stitch, the mischievous alien from Walt Disney Pictures' hit comedy Lilo & Stitch, is taking to the turntables at Disneyland Resort Paris.

It's Dance Time... in Discoveryland sees Stitch, in his new guise as DJ Stitch, bring his own mischievous mix of dance rhythms and troupe of dancers to entertain guests. Will DJ Stitch win the challenge to outpace his dancers with his manic mixes or will their fancy footwork match his every beat? Guests will be in stitches as they join in the fast and furious fun!

An all new entertainment experience, It's Dance Time... in Discoveryland (Disneyland Park) will be held several times a day, 5 days a week(1), from April 4th till November 8th 2009, on a new mobile stage next to Space Mountain: Mission 2. Said Simon Opie, Vice President Entertainment: "Stitch has tremendous energy and spontaneity, so we thought he'd make a terrific DJ. This show invites our guests to interact and participate actively in a way never seen before".

The only creature of his kind, Stitch is an alien created in an illegal genetic experiment by the mad scientist Jumba. Although his heart's in the right place, Stitch was engineered to cause chaos. Luckily, his adoptive family -- 7-year-old Lilo and her older sister Nani -- keep his naughty impulses in check. Or at least, they did until we gave him a pair of headphones and a licence to "make some noise"!