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03-07-2008, 03:48 PM
made me remember this.....

A few years back now, I was driving into town behind a guy on a motorbike. We came to a set of red lights and the motorbike stopped....and immediately tipped to one side. The guy went splat on the road. I jumped out my car and ran up to the guy sprawled in the middle of the road to see if he was okay.
He was laughing hysterically :rofl:

Turns out up to the previous day, he had always had a sidecar on his motorbike and was used to leaning into it when he stopped. :hah:

03-07-2008, 03:50 PM
Oh gosh! That must have been rather funny! Good that he didn't get hurt!

mainecoon lover
03-07-2008, 04:22 PM
How funny. Made me :rofl:

03-07-2008, 04:43 PM
:rofl:that's so funny Diane!! :rofl: