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Hi, joining a forum is a completely new thing for me but I love to read about people's Disney experiences. We have been to WDW 5 times and are returning on the 30th Nov 2009. We joined DVC in 2007 to make staying on Disney much more achievable for the children (20 and 14) as they grow and make their own memories.
This year we are not hiring a car and we are using the Magical express to get to Disney but I wondered in any Disney veterans have found out if there is regular transport that takes you from Disney to any malls or International drive and back again or whether it will be taxis?

Thanks :wave:

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Can't answer your questions but just wanted to say Hi and welcome.

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Hi, thanks for the welcome. I have been reading some of your 40th birthday trip report and you sound so sorted.... I'm really jealous! You mention you are going to try Le Cellier, we LOVE this place. We wanted to try it in 2005 but hadn't booked and they had a three month waiting list. We have learned to book every time now. The filet mignon with the mushroom risotto is my fave.
You also mention a kitchen sink at Boardwalk, do you mean the ice-cream dessert at Beaches and Cream restaurant at Beach club? If you do they actually make a huge thing of it when they bring it out (announcing it and flashing lights) a bit like they do with the volcano dessert at Rainforest Cafe.

13-05-2009, 09:21 AM
Hi KangaRoo and a warm welcome to the site :wave:[or should I say "Welcome Home" seeing as you are a fellow DVC member? :lol:] We joined in 1992 and we still reckon that it was one of our smartest moves. :yes:
Sorry, can`t help much on the transport issue as we always rent a car whenever we visit WDW but others will be along soon I`m sure.

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A warm welcome - hope you stay and play for a while :D

13-05-2009, 09:59 AM
Hi and Welcome to Disney secrets.
I have traveled to Florida without a car and we used the local bus service to the malls and if I remember we got it from magic kingdom. If you look on LYNX Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (http://www.golynx.com/) you might be able to find which bus you need. I must be truefully it was much easier with a car and we did get a taxi home from the mall.
International drive by buses was very easy to get to and from.

13-05-2009, 10:12 AM
Welcome HOME!!!! :9: Another DVC member here! It's great that you have chosen to join our site. :yes: You are going to find some of the very best advice and information here, and the absolutely friendliest members! :yes:

When we lived in the northeast (of the US) we used to fly in and didn't always have a car. We stayed at DVC and used Disney transport to get around the parks with no problem at all.

We've walked from DTD to Crossroad's plaza, but there isn't much real shopping there and we'd never recommend the grocery shop there anymore. It's ridiculously overpriced (Disney prices are better! :eek: ) and the food is often very poor quality.

I know some folks MinnieMe is one, have great success using the Lynx public transport bus system. I've not ever done it, but it does run to areas on Disney property.

There is the I-Drive Trolley which is fairly inexpensive (the last time we used it the cost was about 75 cents, not sure what it is now) but you have to be at I Drive to use it.

So, all that to say I don't know too much about getting around without your own transport (other than taxis, towncars and the like).

13-05-2009, 10:57 AM
:wave:Hello and welcome!

We never have a car and use Towncar transfers. My children have used the Lynx bus system with no problems.

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Hi and and big welcome to :secrets1:

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Welcome to Disney Secrets!

Can't help with the transportation--I'm not much of a shopper and when we rent a car, it seems to spend most of its time in the resort car park! :rolleyes:

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:hello1: and welcome to Secrets.
Looking forward to chatting Disney with you :yes:

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Ooh you have so come to the right place for Disney madness! Welcome X

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hi and a warm welcome to secrets :wave:

hope you have loads of fun finding out and giving your own advice about all things disney :D

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We also joined DVC in 2007 and have our first trip home booked for August :)

14-05-2009, 05:01 PM
Hi, just wanted to say thanks to you all for the fantastic responses about the Lynx bus service for getting around without a car whilst at Disney. This is going to be a first for us but my daughter and her fiance (Disney first-timer) are hoping to go next year using DVC points and they are a bit timid about driving so we are the guinea pigs!!
It is so fantastic to "meet" like minded Disney nutters who all believe the magic:worship: