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14-05-2009, 08:37 AM
we are going to disney on september 18th 2009 we are taking our beautiful children and grandchildren with us. Our christmas present to them (saved for years for this) so they are not sleeping with excitment already. Has anyone any tips for taking little ones they are 5,3,3.
thank you

14-05-2009, 08:42 AM

WELCOME to our happy home - yes we all have TONS of tips and more information than you can shake a stick at


Please ask any and every question you can possibly think of and someone will be right along to anser your questions - I took both of mine at those ages and had a fantastic time.

I suppose my top tip is try not to do too much too quickly and take things at their pace, thye will need rests, they will also all need buggys as there is a LOAD of walking involved

You will have an amazing trip

but forst and foremost welcome aboard - make yourself at home and please please please post any questions that come to mind :D

14-05-2009, 08:43 AM
welcome to secrets san :wave:

14-05-2009, 11:59 AM
Hi and welcome. Sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned. There will be loads of tips on here. When we have taken our children/grandchildren over we tend to go at a steadier pace and let the children lead. Don't forget pushchairs - if the kids don't need them you can load your daily supplies on them :wiggle:

14-05-2009, 02:33 PM

Welcome to Disney Secrets!

What fun! A multi-generational visit to WDW!

As everyone has said, plan to take things at the children's pace. They'll be fascinated by things that you don't even see! :lol: And strollers are a must--even for the five-year-old. As sunsetlakes noted, they may not spend the entire day in them, but carrying an exhausted child through the parks--particularly in the heat and humidity--is miserable for everyone! If you have enough adults to go around, single strollers that fold easily work best.

Is this your first visit to WDW?

14-05-2009, 02:41 PM
Yes, Welcome and congratulations on putting together an event that your family will remember for years to come!:wave:

A tip for you..think it is still a protocol. You can sort of ride share if you have little kids. Maybe someone can explain it better, but tell a cast member that you have very young ones and somehow they let you go on the ride and then switch off with the babysitting..oh boy I feel I have flubbed this one..a little help anyone>:tongue:

14-05-2009, 03:00 PM
:hello1: and :welcome: to Secrets!

14-05-2009, 03:32 PM
Welcome to Secrets!

please ASK AWAY!!!

What a GREAT present for your grandchildren, and just being able to see their excited little fces will make it an unforgettale trip for you as welll!!!!


lets see

During your stay there is a promotion for free dining, so checkit out, you can save a lot.
Character meals
Autograph boos
Stroller, definetly for the 3 yo and maybe the 5y olds will use one from time to time

14-05-2009, 03:35 PM
:wave: Hello and welcome! You'll find loads of tips and info here. :thumbsup:

17-05-2009, 04:52 PM
thank you all so much for your messages, where can we get the free dining? where is the best place to buy our 14 day disney passes.

17-05-2009, 05:57 PM
Well it depends where you are from but from the UK I have always booked direct with Disney

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can someone tell me how to get the count down and picture on my screen, sorry i am a computer novice.
thank you

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Hi and a big :secrets1: I'm so glad you decided to join us. We're a friendly, helpful bunch here and I look forward to seeing you round :wave:

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can someone tell me how to get the count down and picture on my screen, sorry i am a computer novice.
thank you

Hi there :wave:

Have a look here http://toys.wdisneysecrets.com/countdown/ for a great disney countdown ! if you can't get it to work just let us know :yes:

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Welcome to Secrets:)

You go on the same day as me (ignore my countdown, it's wrong and I don't know how to fix it)