View Full Version : What to wear on the plane?

29-06-2009, 11:19 AM
its the worst part of Disney for me :( the 9 hour plane trip. What do you wear to keep comfortable? Are there any moisturisers you take to help or anything else other than a sleeping tablet

thanks for any advice

29-06-2009, 11:31 AM
i try and change into shorts, already have a light t shirt on so im ready to catch the florida rays as soon as i get off the plane :lol:

29-06-2009, 12:08 PM
its the worst part of Disney for me the 9 hour plane trip.

Me too. It's ages away but I'm already starting to get anxious about it.:(

I wear a loose fitting skirt and top. Comfortable footwear and flight socks. I use E.Arden 8 hour hand cream and moisturiser. Last time I took a small lavender-filled pillow to rest my head on and that really helped. :thumbsup:

29-06-2009, 04:52 PM
For long flights I really love sweatpants.... they are as comfortable as pjs...
Also.. crocs... they are comfortable, easy to take off both at security and in the plane and roomy!

I cannot sleep while sitting, but I usually take my own travel blanket, and a neck pillow.... that way Im much more comfortable, and both my blanket and pillow smell nice...

I use the blanket provided to cover my feet, since sometimes it get a bit chilly!!

I also take a small hand lotion, Ive found that Ives Rocher ones are great, they are small, really moisturize, smell nice, and arent expensive...
Also.. drink loads of water during the flight...

29-06-2009, 05:20 PM
something loose fitting and cool. I'm wearing linen trousers in 2 weeks time (YAY) and a tshirt.

29-06-2009, 05:26 PM
I know when we flew to Vegas it was about 6 hours and I wore one of those gypsy-type skirts and a light top. I tend to like to tuck my feet under me, so this made it easy to move and the skirt covered me so nothing got cold.

I honestly don't remember what the brand was, but I had one of those face mist sprays that freshens your face. I used that now and again and it really made me feel better. I don't know if anyone makes those anymore.

We don't do flights like that often, so I guess I'm not much help. Our flight to Disney is only 2 hours..sorry..go ahead :slap: