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16-07-2009, 10:38 PM
I did write a very composed letter to guest communications about my horrid birthday trip . About 8 paragraphs long . Didn't get an answer, re ~sent it with ... I guess Walt's Dream is really gone and I would keep forwarding it till I got someones attention . I Got It !!! From Lucrietia Roma executive director of Walt Disney World .
The sad part , Cindy is getting the credit even though it was suppose to be a gift from her , I ended up giving her $150. in cash ... as she brought no cash and paid all the table service tips . I'm too send a copy of my KTTW cards and a copy of the front & back of my MYW ticket . i have no clue as to why .
She did however say that they were having a meeting to find out how they can have better communication between the cast members/ supervisors and guests .
Johnie ... you will not appreciate this one . They are still passing the blame on the TA's overbooking and not sending the deposits in ... in time or try to find out if it was Disney's fault in anyway . You and I both know it will not be their fault !
Unbelieveable ! Lets throw the TA's under the bus .
She said to me , I see you have been here 22 times in 10 years and I replied and some not accounted for as I was with friends, but take a good look at those statistics as I will not be returning . :thumbsdown:

16-07-2009, 11:57 PM
I am sorry you had such a horrible time and even more so the response you have gotten.

17-07-2009, 12:03 AM
Jim and I are going in October with friends, but it will be an unaccounted trip . Not under my name as we will be at the Boardwalk Villas . She did not need to know that .
Yes, it is horrible that Disney has sank to this level . Poor Walt must be rolling in his grave to see his dream crushed .

17-07-2009, 01:01 AM
Sorry you had such a bad experience :hug2: I think all of us from time to time have had this or that happen, I guess the more often we go, the more opportunities we have to notice when it falls short of perfection.

I sometimes wonder if it's because Disney is usually so great that when they mess up it feels 100times worse than it would elsewhere. I guess sometimes when things start to go wrong they just keep on going :( and lets face it, things wouldve been a lot better for you had you have had a decent companion :hug2:

I have to keep on believing that Disney is the best place in the world because it's where I go to to escape the problems of every day life and having been to, and appreciated, many other places round the world, it's Disney where my heart belongs.

So here's to looking on the bright side! Let's hope that Disney do the right thing and they want your cards to investigate things and perhaps try their best to make it up to you in some way :yes:

17-07-2009, 01:04 AM
I've had a couple of unpleasant experiences at WDW, but I must say I've always gotten much more out of Disney than those experiences took away.

I guess it's all how you look at things. I have never, ever, not once been able to see something in black and white. There are always a myriad of mitigating factors for every circumstance (from my point of view of course). That perspective has always given me the ability to find the good in nearly every single situation. After all, with the exception of true tragedy, there is good to be found in our circumstances of life.

As an aside, when contacting any company for restitution, or any sort of compensation or resolution if the customer makes it clear they are no longer going to be using the company, then the motivation to correct the circumstances that the company had control over, is essentially gone. I mean, why would a company work to repair relations with someone who makes it clear that they are no longer going to use that company?

It's one of the factors that I learned in contract negotiations. If you make it clear that you are done with a corporation/merchant/ect. that removes their motivation to work with you. :shrug:

17-07-2009, 03:31 AM
I would say thats true enough Sister Tink . But it was so disturbing for one thing right after another to go wrong and not really find anything white throughout the black . :yes:
And I wasn't looking or asking for compensation .. just asking that some extra training is done with the cast members so that this doesn't happen to another guest .What if it were a first time guest .
It did burn my buns to find out though that Cindy had wrote and got monetary credits . I guess what I wouldn't have known, wouldn't have hurt me .

17-07-2009, 11:32 AM
Still, hang in there and don't let one bad experience sour you on a wonderful place :hug2:

17-07-2009, 12:50 PM
:hug2: I agree, think of the MANY wonderful trips you've had in the past and the wonderful ones to come in the future. It sounds like Oct. should be fun. i would hate for " Cindy" to make you lose perspective.

17-07-2009, 02:31 PM
me too or three :hug2: I still believe they do a better job of creating magic than anywhere else, dont let one selfish woman destroy your faith in the :pixiedust:

mainecoon lover
17-07-2009, 03:58 PM
I am sorry to hear your birthday trip was not good hun and even more sorry to hear about Disney's poor communication with you. What happened to good customer services.

17-07-2009, 04:43 PM
Img lad you wrote to them and let them know

I think as you say THEY need to know and they NEED to train tha people working there
Also... if their system is not working, they should know that too

As for your "firend" Cindy..... wow!! she's really a character huh?

18-07-2009, 03:20 AM
Thanks, Mari ! :hug2: Almost made me feel like I had done wrong by writing and my response to being upset .
She'd make a good villian . Cruella comes to mind . :evil: And she use to be a cast member at DHS . :mental:

29-07-2009, 12:53 AM
Alrighty then, remember this topic that I felt I was scolded for for expressing my feelings

Here is the letter I sent :

To whom it may concern:

I just returned from a trip to Walt Disney World. Arriving June 25th , the day of my 53rd birthday ... till June 29th .

I attended the Pin Event ~ Museum of Pintiquittes ... as a birthday gift from my friend & husband. When I saw the ad "What Will You Celebrate?" and found out the Pin Event would be going on at the same time, I was THRILLED ! I decided why not celebrate my birthday with Mickey . I was truly excited as I've Unofficially celebrated my birthday at Walt Disney World, but this was the first time I would be officially celebrating my birthday at WDW . As I said, I was just over the moon.. thinking this is truly going to be one special celebration .

From the time I arrived at the All Star Movies until close to the end... it was the most horrific trip I have ever encountered.

Upon arrival at the All Star Movies... at 1:15 PM ... June 25th ... wearing two older Disney birthday badges . One from the Magic Kingdom on one side and one from Epcot on the other . It was hard to miss . I was told I did not have a room... that the resort was Soldout . That my Travel Agent had overbooked the resort .
Abid had the nerve to tell me that the next time maybe I should book my own trips and dining and I wouldn't have this problem. I had my confirmation number and receipt from my Travel Agent and informed Abid I was going to call her. I called her and she immediately got on the phone with All Star Movies and told them she had a copy of my reservation in front of her and it was paid in full on June 6. I have never encountered such rudeness from a cast member and a Supervisor, none the less .

While she was on the phone with them I kept repeating myself which fell on deaf ears . I felt like he was ignoring me as he typed on his laptop ... my guess looking for a room . He never said ! After an hour and ten minutes later, I told Abid to take my cell phone number and call me when they had a room for me.

I told Abid I had a 2:55 reservation at MaMa Melrose for my birthday . It was now 2:25 PM . I asked if he would please call Guest Services and or MaMa Melrose because I was now going to be late for my reservation . This rude CM Supervisor states coldly ... I wouldn't be able to get there in time . It takes 20 minutes to get to DHS from All Star Movies and by the time I got through security and inside the gates, it would be much too late . He went on to say that Melrose would be seating for the Fantasmic Package and that was SOLDOUT . I reititerate that he announced this loudly , but went on to say , I will call and see what I can do for you, but with NO PROMISES . I said , Sir, do you realize it is my birthday today and now half the day is gone ? I never even got an apology , just that he would call me and to GO ! I really expected to sleep on a park bench at this point .

Nonetheless , I went over to Disney Hollywood Studios . It was 3:15 PM , when I arrived . I went to the Will Call window and got my birthday fun card as I had purchased a multi day pass with no expiration in May . Yes, May of 2009 . My husband and I did a week at Pop Century and a week on the seven night Disney cruise . I am not a Florida resident , I reside in NJ .

Felix was the first smiling face I'd come across all day . Smiling and said Happy Birthday . I thought , Yeah, big deal, but smiled and said Thank You as it was not his fault .

My next stop was at Guest Services ... thinking I'd definitely get help here . I was greeted by Danielle . Can I help you Ma'am ? I explained what had happened at All Star Movies and that Abid was suppose to call to try and at least get us seated for a meal . She then *rudely* told me with a huff , I Do Not Know Why Abid Would Tell You That !!! He Certainly Has Not Called Here and Even If He Had ... There Is Nothing We Can Do !!! You Missed Your ADR ( it is now 3:30 PM ) The Fantasmic Package Has Begun and It Is Totally SOLDOUT ! That word again and loudly . At least this time I got an I'm Sorry !

I truly thought I hadn't woke up that morning and I was having a bad nightmare . But I was awake and it was happening ! Where was the Magic and the Celebration !

I'm not one to give up easily , so I set off to MaMa Melrose to fight my plight . I got yelled at along the way by another cast member for going under a parade rope . The parade was back near Keystone Clothiers and I was by the new American Idol . I apologized and explained I was trying to get to MaMa Melrose for my supposed birthday dinner . She then smiled and said ... Good Luck and Happy Birthday .

Once I got to MaMa Melrose, I went to the podium and spoke to Jacqueline from Paris , France . I explained why I was late and what I had encountered since arriving at WDW . She felt bad , but this time at least softly told me , there was no room and I was way too late for my ADR as the Fantasmic Package had begun and they were completely soldout . As I was leaving , tears filled my eyes , as I had finally succumbed to the fact that this was it . My birthday was ruined , I hadn't ate all day , had no room and was just a lost soul .

I felt someone take my hand before I reached the Muppet Store . Her CM badge read Helen . She was about my age , I had turned 53 that day . She said , Honey, I listened to your story and I cannot believe that you were treated so badly . She could not believe that I hadn't been upgraded immediately to a moderate or deluxe resort . She said ... Please come with me . She gave me some napkins and said , you dry those tears and I will be back .

She went into the back and when she came out she brought Laura, the manager, to our table. I asked Laura to sit down next to me . I once again explained my experience and she was flabbergasted . She did not know what to say ! Laura was kind enough to give us the Fantasmic meal . And she also gave us the ticket to get into Fantasmic. After being told , three times , that it was Soldout . Which I'm sure it was . Laura was the only person to go out of her way to try and make a bad experience , better . I cried in her arms as I finally found some of that old Disney Magic . Laura also gave me 3 golden fast passes, which I never got to use as they seem to have dissappeared from my grasp. I cannot find them anywhere.

We went to Fantasmic and it poured ... so it was canceled. No Fantasmic for me this trip. But I can't blame Disney for Mother Nature . It was just a horrible birthday , so I wasn't surprised that it poured . I felt doomed !

Upon leaving DHS , I noticed I had a voicemail on my cell phone . The message was from Abid stating that he had got us a room at the Pop Century . Which was the resort we were moving to the next day . Once I arrived at Pop Century , I spoke to Ryan , another supervisor on his laptop . I explained whom I was and asked him to check that this was true , that we had a room there . He looked and again was not very friendly, but not as rude as Abid . He asked me to go to the desk and check in . Was I Surprised , when they did not have a room ? Not At All !!! My birthday was not over , it was only 10:00 PM . I looked over at Ryan with my arms out and said, she, Shaniqua, has no clue . Ryan then said , put them somewhere . So, I asked if we could have a room in the front as I have medical problems and had forwarded this request through my travel agent . I even had my disabled paper from my doctor . I asked if we could please get the other three days put on this key as well. Since we were to be staying at Pop Century from June 26th through June 29th . They proceeded to tell us they could not add the other days on . That I would have to checkout and check back in . I was truly traumatized at this point . I was living in a nightmare .

And then as if this hadn't been enough for anyone to handle ... Shaniqua proceeded to want to charge me for the one nigt stay at Pop . I was Beyond Shocked ! I had to excuse myself and said I'd get back to her . I have Colitis and went in the bathroom and threw up everything I had ate for dinner and then got diarrhea . After one of these attacks, I am severely dehydrated . And my energy level is zero .This occurs from stress .

I drug myself literally back to the front desk and proceeded to tell Shaniqua , I nor my friend was giving Disney another cent . I expained that the room at the All Stars was paid in full and even though I understood it was a different entity . That Disney needed to take care of their mistake, not us .
Ryan finally stepped in and they credited back that nigts stay to my friend's card. Nothing for my inconvenience .

The room they gave us was 7112 all the way in the back. I could have literally jumped in the lake and swam to the undone portion of Pop Century . It was close to midnight by the time we got to our room and my birthday was over . What Will You Celebrate ??? You have to be kidding !!!

My Travel Agent called a few times to ask them that since it was my birthday and since things were so messed up... could they please send a card and balloons ? At that time she was told we don't do balloons since we went green, but we will send a card up immediately. I never received anything , but I did notice two doors down birthday banners with Mickey and other window decorations .
I was Truly Hurt !!!

My husband and myself started coming to WDW in May of 1999 and I've been back 20 + times in 10 years and have done five Disney Cruises . My family already thinks I need my head examined . And I'm beginning to think they are right after this horrendous experience .

On the next day, I was too meet with some friends at OHanas for dinner. I arrived and as I was going into my purse to get my wallet out, I noticed it was gone . Now, this was not Disney's fault , but I feel that if I hadn't been so traumatized that I would have been more alert . I excused myself from the table and went to the front desk of The Poly . They told me all I could do was fill out a lost & found form. I literally sat down in a sofa and started to sob. While sitting there I felt a slight touch on my hand and looked up to see a very cute and sweet Cast Member . His name was Adam . Who asked "Can I help you sweet lady?". I told him all about my day yesterday and now losing my wallet with everything in it. He told me he would do his best to find it. He started going through where I had been softly ... retracing my steps . He spoke so softly that he calmed me . He could not believe when I told him that I had took the turquiose striped monorail from Epcot to the Ticket & Transprtation Center , the black striped monorail from the ticket & transportation center to the Magic Kingdom and the Pink striped monorail from the Magic Kingdom to the Polynesian . He said , My Gosh, Sweetie, with everything you have been through , How on earth did you remember all that ? He for the first time made me slightly giggle . He said, Debbie , you wait here a moment . He returned with a wet, very, warm washcloth . He took my cell phone number and directed me toward the restroom . He said you go wash that pretty face and wash away those tears . I will do my best to find your wallet ... but you do something for me . I asked, what and he said, please try to eat something . I returned to my seat and tried to eat something , but I'm sure you can imagine how sick I felt . I don't think 15 minutes passed and I got a call . Hello , Mrs. Kieffer , Yes ? This is Adam , I have your wallet , where are you ? Well, let me tell you,,, I ran into my angels arms and I cried again . Not only had he found it , but all the cash was there as well . He went onto say that it was on the pink monorail and found by a guest leaving the Grand Floridian . I cried and thanked him and cried some more . He said, no ... if not for your memory we may have not got it back this soon . He had the driver of the pink monorail delivered it to him and he in turn delivered it back to me . I could not Thank Him Enough . He said, this is what makes my job worth it , when I can help someone as yourself . He joked do i need to get you another washcloth and I started Laughing . He was so SweeT ! If all cast members were like he was , Disney would be the way Walt dreamed it !
I am not only writing to complain, which is something I normally do not do . But I am a member of not only www.********.com, but www.wdisneysecrets.com , as well . Unofficial Disney forums with members from all over the world that love coming to Disney as much as I did until this recent trip . Some members advised me to write .
I want you to know there are some great cast members in your company such as Helen, Laura, and Adam , but the bad ones outweigh the good ones . There is definitely a lack of the Disney Magic from when I first visited in May of 1999 to now .
Walt would be ashamed .
This trip was such a traumatic experience that I told my dear husband that we will not be not returning to Walt Disney World . It is very sad as we are expecting our very first grandchild in August . A little girl ! I dreamed of bringing her to WDW and taking her to the Bippittiy Boutique and transforming her into her favorite princess . Needless, to say, that will no longer be happening . There are other places that will gladly except our money . This is such a shame as I truy LoVed Disney .
In closing , I returned Monday and today Wednesday , July 1st , I was to see a specialist . I lost more weight and it wasn't from walking , it was from keeping nothing in the entire trip . I would eat which in turn went in one end and out the other . My blood pressure was high and I am dehydrated from the colitis attacks I suffered at Disney .
I truly hope that no one ever has to experience what I did while Celebrating and that more training will be taken with your cast members . Not only the ones Earning Their Ears , but obviously some Supervisors & Guest Services Cast Members as well . Please, Bring Back That Good Ole' Disney Magic for the next generation .

I would truly appreciate if someone would reply to this response . If anything , to just say that it was read .

The Best Of Magical Wishes,

Well, in todays mail , was a letter of apology . And 3 , yes 3 one day park hoppers with no expiration date and six golden fast passes . Hoping that once the shock of this horrendous trip wears off that I may want to return . The tickets on KTTW cards nor the golden fast passes do not expire .
So, indeed , Disney does listen and they hear the complaints with open ears .
Hows that for Magic !!!

29-07-2009, 01:10 AM
I really cant see where anyone scolded you :unsure: I can see where we all said to keep believing in the magic and it looks like it paid off! REALLY really glad they listened to you and I hope the trip where you get to use those complimentary tickets is SOOOOO great that it puts that awful trip well and truly behind you

29-07-2009, 01:24 AM
Sometimes my medical conditions over ride my judgement level Keith and my feelings get hurt easily . Something I wish I could control, but can't . But none the less , I wasn't asking for anything, but I was surprised , no shocked , when I got it . I put them away for next October 2010 . Thought I'd help the kids save some money .
The trip is behind me . It has been for sometime now, just wanted members too know, that if there is a problem, don't give up, write in .

29-07-2009, 01:30 AM
I certainly agree with that! Disney is great but it's also not cheap. We pay for exceptional service and if we don't receive it, we should most definitely complain. I'm extremely glad they've tried to make it up to you :yes:

29-07-2009, 01:39 AM
I think they gave me back the tickets I used while I was there . :yes: And I am truly sorry for taking petty things in a different direction at times . I'll try harder . :hug2:

29-07-2009, 02:05 AM
Good that Disney did something to make you feel somewhat better, Sister Tinker.

I too must agree with Keith. No one here scolded, but we did encourage you to see a brighter side to things. It's easy to be beaten down by sadness after sadness, or mean spirited interactions (such as you had) so we come together to try and cheer you and show you that there are brighter sides, silver linings if you will.

And see? Just a little shimmer of silver has shined its way into your bad experience!

29-07-2009, 04:34 AM
Now, I'm really :embarassed: I do take things out of context sometimes and for that I'm :sorry: My dear sweet Wendy would really be giving me a swift kick if she knew I stopped my therapy sessions , :whistle: but after the past two days of coming back over this way, MeThinks I need to go back . If I've taken things the wrong way, I truly apologize . I know myself that I haven't been me for sometime with my ongoing medical condition & personal issues which I'm learning to be more private on ... which is good . I'm :embarassed: Yup, definitely going back . Promise !

29-07-2009, 04:40 AM
just noticed your avatar Tink, gorgeous ! :hug2: we got a hand ... may we get more in the cruise pics .

29-07-2009, 05:59 AM
Please don't be embarrassed. That wasn't the point. We were just trying to reassure you and let you know that no one was finding fault with your being upset by all the things that went wrong during your trip. :hug2:

Thank you. :)

29-07-2009, 07:47 PM
Im gla din the end and after such a terrible experience, Disney brought back some of the magic straight to your door!