View Full Version : Bev...you have a job...where're you going next?

27-07-2009, 11:24 PM
Ok...as you ALL know...we're going to WDW. ALONE....Just me and Rick..as a couple...the two of us...NO KIDS.

That being said....I need some dining advice. Normally we do the quick meals, fast service, barely sit down and eat before someone has to go potty, go play, go something.

I've got 5 dining plan meal tickets (well soon anyway) in my hot little hands, and I want to do the NEW experience thing.

Some of you have mentioned Raglan Road...this is a must since Rick loves Irish pubs. Any sort of pub actually...breweries, too. Same thing? Who knows..I don't drink the stuff.

The Hollywood Brown Derby is on the list...is this a good place to eat other than Cobb Salad?

Buffet with the Characters at the Crystal Palace is one I actually want to do.

Restaurant Marrakesh...I'm daring. I'll try ALMOST anything once. But Rick has wanted to try this place since we first saw it.

Coral Reef Restaurant...I'm not good with moving platforms...so I'm iffy with this.

Biergarten Restaurant...LOVE German food.

Boma...I've got feedback on this one, but I could use some more.

I think that's about it......so...send in YOUR reviews! I plan on keeping them and letting Rick read them when he gets back from Tx.

27-07-2009, 11:32 PM
I have been to all of these.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't use 2 TS credits for Brown Derby. The Cobb salad is wonderful and I would just pay OOP for it.

We really liked Germany when we went back in March. The beer is the real deal. It's also pretty cheap for lunch if you want to pay OOP.

Ok, I know you have dining credits :tongue:

I enjoyed the scallop forest (on the app menu) and the bread and butter bread pudding (dessert) at Raglan Road. Anyplace that has Guinness on tap is good for me :thumbsup: Entrees were just so so

Crystal Palace is a surprisingly good buffet. Characters are fun, it's light and airy inside and the food selection is good.

Restaurant Marakkesh is ok. The food was actually sort of bland. The belly dancer was awesome. Actually, you could use a CS credit outside and watch the belly dancer when Mo Rockin performs

Coral Reef does not move. That is Garden Grill. GG hardly moves though. I don't particularly care for either restaurant to be honest.

LOVE Boma for dinner! Best buffet on Disney property!

27-07-2009, 11:44 PM
oh youre going to have the BEST Time :yes:

Raglan road is good. It's better in the evening when it feels more like a pub with some vibrancy going on, during the day it's often empty and a bit soulless.

boma best buffet on property as Johnie says. Very african-taste to absolutely everything but good

again as per Johnie, brown derby is NOT worth 2 credits. It should be a solid 1 credit place :/ having said that, it's the best restaurant in terms of quality in DHS although quality is variable. Hmmmpf not sure I've helped there.

CP is an experience :) light airy fun although we prefer the liberty tree tavern

28-07-2009, 09:33 PM
Crystal Palace is great for dinner--particularly if you can eat a bit later. The characters still come around, but it's a bit less hectic!

The wait staff kept coming by to visit Troy (he was 14 weeks old) when we were there in December 2007. And so did the characters! They wanted photos with him when he was awake! :lol: They paid Lexie as much attention as she would allow--she was at the "I'm too old for characters but I want to have fun" stage. She enjoyed them to a certain extent--and really enjoyed the food. She's a picky eater, too! :lol:

28-07-2009, 09:54 PM
I actually didn't like Boma, but I think that's due to being picky.

I've always wanted to try Lecellier, and I always hear good things about it.

28-07-2009, 11:20 PM
I love Le Cellier...but I've eaten there 3 times already. So I've crossed that one off our list. I'd eat the breadsticks all night if I could! :lol:

Ok, Brown Derby is a no go then....I can have salad anywhere.
Boma's is still on.
Crystal Palace is DEFO
Raglan Road is also DEFO...Rick and his beer ya know.
Got a thumbs up for Germany from our son. He took his family there when we went as a group back in 2003. LOVED the beer that came in gallons :lol:

Folks...that's only 4 places for dinner...I need one more!..or two? How many do I get Johnie? 5 night stay....5 dining thingys?

28-07-2009, 11:21 PM
Oh never mind...I forgot merrakesh...LOLOL

28-07-2009, 11:39 PM
Teppen Edo in Japan is fabulous . The chef cooks right in front of you on your own special grill and the steak & shrimp is to die for .
MaMa Melrose at Disney's Hollywood Studios has become my DH's and my favorite . And if you are going to see Fantasmic , provided they have it the day/night that you go , you might try getting the package . Meal comes with everything and special reserved seating for the show .
Germany was just okay the last time Jim and I ate there . He was not impressed as he was the first couple of times we dined there . But his mother comes straight from Munich and she can cook up some mad German food . :lol: The entertainment was good though .
Johnie , glad you corrected Bev . Although, I've never been to Coral Reef , I have been to Garden Grill and remembered that had a moving floor . I got a bit whoozy, but was born that way . :lol:
Bev and Rick, have an awesome time . :biggrin:

29-07-2009, 11:20 AM
Bev, if you really want to to Brown Derby, go at lunch time and get the Cobb Salad and pay OOP. Don't go for dinner. This is one restaurant at WDW that I think they could close and reopen as something different. But the Cobb Salad would have to stay.

29-07-2009, 04:29 PM
I love the places youve choosen Bev!

Im sure you will have a fantastic time!!

31-07-2009, 09:54 PM
Raglan Road will rock yer socks off, especially at night, when there's live music and a lovely Irish step-dancing lassie who hops up on one of the tables to do her stompy footwork. If you know any pub songs (The Wild Rover, The Black Velvet Band)--the bands often take requests that turn into pub-wide singalongs. And if you don't know any, hit up YouTube and listen to a couple, so you can join in the alcohol-laden serenade!

I'm not a beer drinker (gasp--heresy in a pub, I know), but I still have a 2007 Raglan Road receipt wherein someone who strongly resembles myself seems to have knocked back eight "Nutty Irishmen".

The drink, that is. (Or, to be more accurate, a shot--but what delicious shots they were!) I recall the food through a somewhat fuzzy haze of nutty Irishness, but it was quite yummy, despite the dour portraits of famous Irish writers scowling down at us during the meal.

Teppen Edo has amazing teppanyaki-cooked dishes, and we enjoyed the sushi as well. Wasabi plus Disney...swoon!

Germany worked well as a dinner show the first time we were there. Beer drinkers in our travel party really enjoyed the German brews. The entertainment was lively and the meal was stick-to-your-ribs type stuff (who knew there were so many foods with -brat or -wurst in 'em?!) Years later, we had lunch there and enjoyed it just as much, though it was less raucous and more filled with young families at that time.

Marrakesh seems to scare folks away, though I'm not sure why. Maybe they envision a feast of whole eggs stuffed into whole ducks, stuffed into whole sheep, stuffed into whole camels?
The food was satisfying and tasty, but not exotic in any sort of "OMG what's THAT" sort of way. What I liked best about Marrakesh was the cool half-darkness of the place; a nice break from the heat...and we didn't even get to see the belly dancer! We booked our lunch so early that she wasn't performing yet, I think (but it's 15 years ago, so my memory may be a bit wonky there).

If you can splurge, Victoria and Albert's will give you a meal you will talk about for years. Again, 15 years later and I still remember my meal there--even without the personalized keepsake menu they sent me home with!