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07-07-2008, 07:20 PM
He sang this one last time

We are awakened this morning at the crack of 5.30am to the sound of Steven trying to climb out of the travel crib. He didn’t take too well to this crib throughout the whole trip and often ended up in bed with me. Most probably because the crib was rather small and he likes his room to move about. Anyway he couldn’t climb out because of the Grobag. Dawn’s shameless product placement here is for the Grobag. Check out www.grobag.com for details. They’re like sleeveless sleeping bags for babies and are great if, like ours, your one kicks their covers off in the night. It made the trip with us to give Steven a sense of familiarity, along with Brian the bedtime bunny.

So anyway we are ready for breakfast around 7am so we all troop down to the food court for food. I have a marvellous Mickey waffle and Steven has toast and banana. Big Steve tells the story of how he threw his bedtime cup of tea all over the bed last night. :lol: The floor is not too grubby where we are sitting so we let Steven have a bit of a crawl around before heading back to the rooms to prepare for the day ahead. Adrian took this opportunity to repair my glasses which had decided to fall apart yesterday somewhere between Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. They have a habit of falling apart so we had the repair kit handy. While he was doing this I wrote some postcards which we eventually got round to posting several days later. :oops:

Big Steve and Lisa proved quite good at being ready on time each morning, helped by the fact that Harry always wakes up at 5am. Apparently Harry was talking in his sleep last night; Lisa was woken at 2am by a little voice going, “Tigger, Tigger.” Anyway we’re ready for the off and today is Sea World day. We arrive at the entrance to Sea World at about 8.30am and…the parking lot isn’t open yet. Never mind, Adrian uses the time to fix Nanny Lesley’s camera which, for some reason, is saving pictures to the internal memory and not to the memory card. A few minutes of tweaking reveals the problem to be the fact that the memory card had not been inserted fully. Nanny Lesley pleaded with me not to mention that in my trip report but, well what can I say? :tongue0011-1:

We only have to wait a few minutes for the parking lot to open and we are in and parked. Of course we must visit the restroom next and at 9am the gates open and we approach the turnstiles with our pre-printed E-tickets and photo id in hand. Everything went smoothly except for one ticket where the bar code had to be entered manually but apart from that there was no problem using these tickets.

First stop was the ray lagoon where we all stick our hands in the water, then jump back shrieking every time a ray comes near us.


The feeding station wasn’t open here at this time so we didn’t get to feed them. A quick stop the check out the big turtles and then we are on to the dolphin lagoon where the feeding booth has just opened so we line up and spend an inordinate sum of money on small fish. For the record it’s $4 for a dish of 4 fishies. We found a spot further round from all the crowds and proceeding to tempt the dolphins in with our fish. Spent a lot of time here as it was a lot of fun, and Ellie had fun feeding the dolphins though Harry thought they were a bit gairy.


After exhausting our fish supply and having a dolphin splash me in disgust as a result, we move round to the underwater viewing area. This area is pretty much empty and they have soft flooring in there so Steven gets to stretch his legs a bit before being confined to Mummy’s lap for the duration of the Whale and Dolphin Show.


The show had its usual array of jumping and other tricks and the usual fake parent falling in the water trick. They also had the same guy singing the same songs in the same pre-show that they had two years ago. You’d think he’d have learnt a new song in the past two years.


We exited the dolphin stadium and back into the park down by Journey to Atlantis. Ellie is tall enough to ride but does not want to ride. Then she does want to ride. Then she does not want to ride because you get wet. Then she does want to ride because you get wet. Then there is a debate about whether she should change from her jeans into her shorts if she’s going to get wet. After a few more minutes of this, by which time I’m beyond caring about the stupid ride , Adrian, Big Steve, Ellie (in jeans), and myself enter the line. Actually there is no line so we get straight on. As we pull away Big Steve confesses to me that he can’t stand heights and has no idea why he persists in going on these rides. :lol:

Well we get fairly damp, but nothing like the splash zone at Shamu Stadium, which is where we head next, along with most of the rest of the guests. We arrive about 20 minutes before the show starts and there is plenty of room left so we take some nice seats in the upper section away from the splash zone. The stadium was still not quite full by show time. Don’t think the back rows of the splash zone are safe either; when they bought out the big whale at the end, even the people at the back here got more than their fair share of ice cold, salty water in their photographic equipment. :hah:

After managing to avoid all whale water and recovering our buggies we, via the restrooms, headed for Shamu’s Happy Harbor for the kids to wear themselves out a bit. We found some tables and chairs under the crawl nets and set up camp there while Big Steve and Adrian went off for food and returned with enough hot dogs to feed a small army.

07-07-2008, 07:26 PM
LOL, I sat right in the splash zone when I saw shamu, I *nearly* got on the camera that whizzes around you, but it only got my arm, which the man next to me didnt appreciate as I nearly hit him whilst I was waving!

07-07-2008, 07:30 PM
Journey to Atlantis is great, Unless you leave with wet jeans!