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24-08-2009, 02:13 PM
Friday 28th November
Ok so today we were up nice and early bright and bushy tailed after a good nights sleep! Today we had decided was going to be Animal Kingdom which opened at 8am! Seeing as this was the only day I had scheduled to visit we were going to spend the WHOLE day here which meant being here until closing at 8pm! Hope everyone has comfy shoes on!LOL
So bags packed, car loaded and off we set! As we drove up the US27 we spotted some hot air balloons which the kids loved seeing and asked if we could go in one? Not this time boys but maybe put that on the list of things to do next time we visit!
The Tom Tom luckily directed us up the Sherberth Road entrance! First we thought we might end up getting lost but as always the Sat nav got us there!
We parked up in Unicorn and as it was very close to the entrance we began walking in the direction of the crowds!
We didn’t quite make it in time to see the opening ceremony or rope drop but it was only around 8.20 so still wasn’t a bad starting time!
Kids got some pictures taken with the Christmas tree – but again Aaron wasn’t in posing mood!
We got some photopass pics taken as we went in with the Christmas tree
And then headed on in! It was still very airy but looked like it was going to be a very nice day indeed!
We started walking round taking in the scenery

24-08-2009, 02:14 PM
We spotted the Tree of Life and were stunned! It really is lovely all those carvings are just so well done and incorporated into the tree!
We started to walk round to Camp Minnie Mickey. We noticed Rafiki standing close by so thought we would go get some autographs!
The boys were so loving the autograph taking that we had to end up going and buying them a new autograph book each at a little nearby cart! Kieran also bought a plush baby Simba and Nala here too.
We noticed these guys along the way :

24-08-2009, 02:15 PM
Then we noticed some people lining up just a little bit further up and I realised this must be where the Character Meet and Greet was!
Sure enough Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy were all waiting to meet us in full Seasonal get up!
The boys loved this but Aaron was having none of it so I waited with him and Mum, Paddy and the boys went for Autographs
As they were going down the line and Mum had had a few pics taken she then swapped over with me so I could get a picture with Goofy! I wanted to get with Minnie and Mickey but the line got rather big and I managed to sneak in with the boys at Goofy!LOL
When we were done here we walked round towards Africa

24-08-2009, 02:16 PM
And the boys spotted another meet and greet – it was Baloo and King Louie from Jungle Book so off we went and joined the line for them! The boys were having so much fun meeting the characters that we didn’t mind waiting if they didn’t! We had lots of fun watching the interaction the characters had with all the people in front of us so that kept them entertained! King Louie and Baloo were fab fun!
Next we hit the Kilamanjaro Safri! Wow was this a bumpy safari!LOL Very difficult to get camcorder footage or pictures as we were knocked all over the place but our Tour Guide was Steven and he was fantastic! He really got into character so much so I think at one point we all believed we were on the hunt looking for the poachers!LOL
Here are a couple of the pics from the safari!
We came off this and noticed the silverback Gorilla but only got a bum picture I’m afraid as it was soo busy!

24-08-2009, 02:17 PM
We headed on up the Pangani Forest Trail we saw lots of animals here which the kids enjoyed seeing but I think after a wee while they got slightly bored!
We then jumped on the Wildlife Express Train up to Rafiki’s Planet watch area. Aaron loves trains so this put him in a great mood!
When we got off we saw this lovely owl
We headed on into Affection Section which the boys all seemed to love!
After spending a good while up here the boys started to ask about rides! We couldn’t put it off much longer we had to start doing them!LOL
So we hopped back on the train back down and made our way to Asia! It was River Rapids first!
Mum, Kieran, Aidan and I all decided to ride first! Now everytime we go to a theme park that has water rides it has to be done to death for Aidan! He just absolutely loves the feeling of getting wet and the adrenaline that comes with it on a water ride!
We got into our raft which we shared with an American family all gowned in HUGE ponchos! I thought to myself – its gorgeous if you get a bit wet who cares!
I wasn’t saying that when I got off mind you!LOL The boys and Mum all managed to get away with a little splash! I on the other hand was completely drenched!
It was a good job it was a hot day! It still seemed to take forever to dry mind you – more my bum than anything else!LOL
Boys started to say they were hungry and after that we all started to feel a bit peckish too! So we spotted a Hot-Dog cart and the smelled oh so good. We all had one expect Kieran as he was being fussy and saying he didn’t like them! He does normally just wanted to be awkward I think! Aaron devoured his and it was the first proper thing he had ate so far so was pleased to see him eat!
We walked a bit further round and noticed a snack place selling Chicken so Kieran said he would rather that. All fed and watered we decided to hit EVEREST!
Paddy, the boys and I rode first and we got a baby swap for Mum! Kieran was really nervous about doing this – remember Rock n Roller incident? Well he sucked it up and said he was definitely going to try it!
So off we went- Paddy with Kieran and Aidan with me! Aidan as usual was in his element he loves that “woosh” feeling he gets and its amazing to listen to him enjoy it! Again this winds Kieran up which isn’t Aidan’s fault but Kieran can be very aggressive towards Aidan at times as he sees it as Aidan is trying to wind him up! Which Aidan couldn’t possibly understand how to do!
Anyway Kieran came off rather upset but Aidan was desperate to go on again! Paddy, Aidan and I thoroughly enjoyed it and its definitely in our top 5!
So we went to find Mum to swap with her, but then Kieran started saying he wanted to try again and be brave. We said he didn’t have to prove anything but he kept protesting that he wanted to go again! So off Paddy, Mum, Kieran and Aidan went to go again!
Mum loved it! She’s not much of a ride fan but she really enjoyed that one! Kieran said it was a bit easier that time but not sure if he would do it again! But since returning he has said if we go again he will go on everything!LOL

24-08-2009, 02:18 PM
So with that ticked off our “to do” list we decided to head over to Dinoland USA so that Aaron could do a few things! He wasn’t as grumpy as he had been but still not quite right! Aidan, Aaron, Mum and I all rode TriceraTop spin together which was great fun!
We had missed the Finding Nemo show which I would have loved to see but it wasn’t to be!
So Kieran and Aidan wanted to try Primeval whirl so off we went! Its kina similar to Spinball Whizzer at Alton Towers and the boys loved that!
We enjoyed it but its not one that I would be all that bothered about doing again really!
Mum, Paddy and the big two now rode Dinosaur! They all came out buzzing saying it was really good fun so I went on again with them while Mum waited with Aaron
We never bought any ride photos which we were disappointed with as we usually get ride photos at Alton Towers and Legoland made into Magnets as that’s what we collect but they don’t do that at Disney unfortunately so we never bothered as I knew the pics would just gather dust somewhere! But I did manage to take a picture of the ride photo on the screen
It was great fun and we thoroughly enjoyed it! As we were coming out though there was a man hiding round the corner with a toy dinosaur and jumping out and scaring folk as the went by! I jumped out of my skin and Paddy and the boys have never let me live it down!LOL
Was one of those really funny moments!LOL

By now it was getting close to time for Mickey’s Jingle Jammin Jungle Parade so we wanted to head round to get a good view! We got a great little spot right across from Disney Outfitters but we still have about another half hour to go. So we got some icecreams and the boys sat and waited very patiently considering. Kieran then decided that he wanted to have a wee quick look in Outfitters so I took him over while the rest waited. It still wasn’t all that busy yet so we could get over and back fairly quickly!
Kieran bought a Pirates of the Caribbean T-shirt in here and I bought a Animal Kingdom Magnet ( this is what I wanted to collect from the parks!). By the time we came out (which only seemed like 5-10mins later) it had gotten really really busy and everywhere was roped off so getting back to where the others where was a bit of a task as we had to go the long way round and the jump over some ropes!LOL
But we made it back before the parade started!
We really enjoyed this Parade too! It was sooo colourful and vibrant and the characters where fab interacting with the crowds!

24-08-2009, 02:19 PM
We headed back round to Camp Minnie Mickey as we were going to try to catch the next showing of Festival of the Lion King, but as we went round we spotted Terk from Tarzan and yep you guessed it the boys just had to get her autograph!
She was really funny and really interacted well with the kids, Kieran got down on all fours and pretended to be a gorilla and Terk copied him it was just a really funny moment!
As we started to walk round a bit further we spotted Lilo and Stitch! We couldn’t go past – even though we already had autographs from a few days ago Kieran would have been heartbroken. The line was pretty long but we joined it anyway. Mum took a wee seat on a bench with Aaron and Paddy and I waited with the boys!
As we got closer to the front of the line the Cast Member with them said that Lilo and Stitch needed to “go potty” and would be right back! I thought to myself the boys are going to kick off here but they didn’t and asked if it was still ok to wait! So how could I refuse when they were being so patient!
About five mins later only Stitch returned! Slightly disappointed as it would have been good to have gotten pictures with Lilo too but Kieran and Aidan were more than happy it was just Stitch!
Again Kieran was glowing! I meant to say in the DHS day when we met Stitch the first time I had told Kieran how lovely his smile was and how it made me so happy to see him so happy so whenever he was getting a photo done he would turn to me and say “a Stitch smile mummy?” so that’s our little catchphrase now for photo taking Stitch smile!LOL Just thought I would share that with you all as it always makes me smile!

24-08-2009, 02:19 PM
Ok so by this time we had missed the 5pm show of the Lion King and the next was around 6-6.30pm I think? So we decided to head round to Flame Tree BBQ for some dinner!
Mum and I had the Turkey Sandwich Meal, Paddy had the Half Chicken Meal, Kieran had a Chicken Drumstick Kids meal and Aidan and Aaron both had another Kids HotDog meal all together that came to £59 according to my receipts!
We really enjoyed it and the kids all ate theirs! Hurrah!LOL
As we walked back round we saw another photopass photographer and this time I remembered about the Simba Magic shot I had read about and decided to get that done!
It was only Kieran and I that got it done but they were lovely!
It was now time for the Festival of the Lion King show. This show was worth any entrance fee alone! We all thoroughly enjoyed it! Even Paddy! Which I was soo surprised about! He usually hates anything musical like!LOL
It really was a special end to a fantastic day!
We got a few pictures taken of the Tree of Life and the Christmas trees at night before we headed out of the park!
Must have been around 7.30 when we left ! We took Mum and the Kids back to the house and got them settled for bed. Then Paddy and I went back out to Walmart to pick up some bits and pieces such as birthday cards and wrapping paper for Aaron and we needed to get a clothes airer as there was no-where in the house to dry clothes and I hate tumble drying everything! Always scared in case everything shrinks!
We got back and just chilled with a glass of wine before heading to bed around 11pm! It had been a great day!

24-08-2009, 03:13 PM
Love stitch smile comment. How sweet!

You know, disney is all about those little moments. Those are the ones we remember.

24-08-2009, 04:16 PM
What a fantastic day! Kieran sure loves his character meets! Stitch smile mummy, priceless!

26-08-2009, 12:58 PM
Love stitch smile comment. How sweet!

You know, disney is all about those little moments. Those are the ones we remember.

What a fantastic day! Kieran sure loves his character meets! Stitch smile mummy, priceless!

Thanks guys! it really was one of the best days that one! Just lots of great little moments!