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24-08-2009, 02:31 PM
Monday 1st December
Ok so on to another “proper” day! Lots of photos coming up people!LOL
We were up at the crack of dawn again (although to be honest the early starts are starting to take its toll slightly now! ) but we had to be on the ball as today was the only day scheduled at Seaworld!
We arrived just as the park had opened
And we bumped into this little guy as we went in!
We got some maps and started to make our way in! We looked at the timings of all the shows and we decided to do all three “big” shows first and get them out of the way as we could basically see one after the other and have them done by lunchtime and have the rest of the day free to just take everything else in!
So Clyde and Seamore show was up first! On the way round we saw the dolphins
Which are just lovely! I really love dolphins and so does my Mum so we just loved being able to see them. We would have loved being able to go to discovery cove but just couldn’t justify the price plus Aaron would have been too small anyway so that will be something for years to come hopefully!
They weren’t letting anyone into the auditorium yet so we headed in to see the penguins first
They were lovely and all Aidan kept saying was” are they going to sing and dance like in Happy Feet Mum?” was soo cute!
We then realised it was time to head over. We got quite good seats at the back end of the splash zone in the middle. We got seated and then the mime guy came on! He was sooo funny! We really enjoyed watching him take the mick out of everyone going by !
Us waiting for the show to begin

24-08-2009, 02:32 PM
Then the show began!
We really enjoyed this show especially the kids! Aidan loves all that slapstick humor! We walked round to the sealions and otters
And then it was time to walk round for the Blue Horizon show!
Again we got not too bad seats in the back of the splash zone and we waited for it to begin ! The set is so colourful, I was really looking forward to this one!
It is really cheesy and a bit of a pointless story line but we loved it! Mum was in tears at the end! She said this just made her holiday! Which was really nice to hear!

24-08-2009, 02:33 PM
There are loads of pictures I know but its really hard to pick which ones to post, we took over 5000 of our own pictures so picking the best is really difficult!LOL Plus I know I really loved reading trippies that have lots of pictures!LOL
So with that finished it was a mad dash to get to the Shamu Stadium in time as it’s a fair wee walk!
We got there – this place is HUGE!! Our seats were off to the right which weren’t too bad! There was no way I was sitting down the front but Kieran insisted! So I warned him I said “ IT’S A KILLER WHALE!!!! It won’t be a little splash of water!” but no he was determined so he sat down the front while we sat on the last row of the splash zone!
Aaron was really tired and grumpy and clinging to Paddy so Mum took the camcorder while I tried to get pictures! Again it’s a really cheesy show but you just can’t help smiling and loving it!
All the divers came jumping over the tank and stood in front of us getting us all to do the “Shamu” dance/chant thing! Kieran was in his element and really joined in! I just knew what was coming although I don’t think he did! Then all of a sudden woooossshhhh – the water came flying over the tank and right on top of Kieran!

24-08-2009, 02:33 PM
He was warned!!! But even though it was a sunny day it was still quite chilly and I was worried he wouldn’t dry off quick enough and would end up not well too! He got a little huffy cos his zip up was drenched and he was cold!
Once it was finished we found a spot in the sun to sit just next to the little arcades outside the stadium but he just wasn’t drying. Everyone was saying they were hungry by now so we went to find food!
I can’t remember the name of the place where we ate as I don’t have any receipts for that day unfortunately but it was at the place where they gave out the free beer?
Anyway the kids had the usual nuggets meals and Mum and I had the Roast Turkey Sandwich meal and Paddy had Stew in a bread bowl which was all lovely although expensive at around $70 I think!
So we decided to head over to Shamu’s Happy Harbour and let the kids have a go on some of the little rides! Aaron had fell asleep by this point so we left him be.
The boys loved going on the Shamu express ride although I did get a row for taking a picture of the screen!
That’s the best I got I’m afraid!LOL
They did the frog hopper thingy (can’t remember what it was called sorry!LOL)
We bumped into this little fella!
These guys were keeping the crowds entertained!
Aidan and I went on this thing but cant remember what its called!
Mum, Kieran and Aidan rode on the carousel
The boys got a few pictures taken on the shamu!

24-08-2009, 02:34 PM
We decided to head round and do the Polar Express thing,
Paddy took Aaron to do the walk version and Mum and I took the big boys to do the Train version!
The boys really enjoyed this!
The boys got a surprise when they say who was waiting for them!
The polar express is one of our favourite Christmas films so they really enjoyed it all! We saw the lovely polar bears too! http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f376/carreen2001/Florida%20Day%206/P1030302.jpg
We had a bit of a moment with Kieran when we came out as he wanted to spend $40 on a stuffed polar bear! I just thought that was ridiculous amount of money for a cuddly toy and it was ENORMOUS! He started to have a bit of a tantrum about it even though we were showing him the same one but smaller and thought that would settle it –but he was adament he was having the bigger one! I put my foot down and told him it wasn’t happening! I know it was his money but we still had another week to go and I just know there would be other things he would have wanted to buy! Anyway he eventually calmed down and listened to reason. He was very apologetic, he kept going on that there was something in the shop that he wanted to buy for us to say sorry, no matter how much we told him that he didn’t have to do that and to save his money he just was getting more upset so Mum took him into the shop to let him buy it!
Out he came with a mug each for us one with Mom and the other with Dad! It was really sweet and thoughtful but I just wanted him to save his money! Nevermind!
When we came out the boys had wanted to go see the Sharks so headed round there!
We had a little wonder in the gift shops but didn’t see anything much – I got a seaworld magnet for myself and a dolphin one for my sister.
We then decided to call it a day as it was nearlly 6pm anyway and we had an ADR at Chef Mickey’s at 7.55pm anyway!
We headed home to get freshened up and change into trousers as it was getting really cold by this point!
Next up Chef Mickey’s!

24-08-2009, 02:35 PM
Ok so we found the Contemporary quite easily and parked up! We went inside and made our way to Chef Mickey’s there was a massive queue leading to what looked like the podium so we joined it. We got checked in and made our way to get our photo taken. Aaron was really tired and not in the mood for getting a picture taken so it was a bit of a disaster – needless to say when they came round with it later we declined buying it!
So we were taken to get seated which was just in across from the buffet area! It was soo busy but there was lots of food! I went to see what the food was like for the kids and while I was gone Mickey had been and gone to our table! GUTTED! So got thekids some pizza and nuggets and stuff to keep them going. Then Paddy and Mum went up for food! There was so much to choose from! Lots of salad, pasta, roast pork, beef, a chicken dish and I really can’t remember what else but we all agreed it was the best meal so far! I was worried that such a late ADR would be a bit of a disaster as the kids would be tired but this was certainly not the case! The character interaction was just amazing! The Characters all came round at least twice! So I got to see Mickey again!LOL The Characters were all fab with the kids! We had such a good time here we all left buzzing!
The pictures aren’t brilliant quality I’m afraid – don’t know what was up with the camera to be honest but here they are!

24-08-2009, 02:36 PM
I’ve not had a chance to organise all my video footage yet but just thought I’d share this little clip with you all!
http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f376/carreen2001/Disney%20Videos/th_Produce.jpg (http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f376/carreen2001/Disney%20Videos/?action=view&current=Produce.flv)
I love the fact that Aaron was clapping away to the music and the kids got into the napkin twirling!
All in all it was a fab night and it must have been after 10pm before we got home but we really had had and amazing day at Seaworld it was a really relaxing park to walk around and then Chef Mickey’s was the icing on the cake! We will definitely be back there!
Tomorrow is back to Disney Hollywood Studios!

24-08-2009, 03:50 PM
Thank you for sharing your photos! I have yet to visit Seaworld in FL, even though I definitely want to. The park always looks like such a fun time.

Gotta love Chef Mickeys. My favorite character meal (but I've only had breakfast there).

24-08-2009, 05:04 PM
The kids, despite the odd meltdown, seem to cope well with the long days or at least the positve moments are making up for the tantrums?!

26-08-2009, 01:05 PM
Thank you for sharing your photos! I have yet to visit Seaworld in FL, even though I definitely want to. The park always looks like such a fun time.

Gotta love Chef Mickeys. My favorite character meal (but I've only had breakfast there).

Seaworld is such a different pace from Disney and its a nice way to have a relaxing slower park day!

The kids, despite the odd meltdown, seem to cope well with the long days or at least the positve moments are making up for the tantrums?!

Yeah they did really well - and like you say - the good moments make up for the bad!

Thanks for reading guys.