View Full Version : Well done Virgin Indian call centre

mainecoon lover
26-08-2009, 02:38 PM
Well i thought they should have some praise when due as they normally get bad press when things go wrong, and rightfully.
We had 10000 miles on VA so changed to 50 voucher as we had not purchased Beth's universal ticket. We were going to buy out there as she would get 15% discount. With my 10% discount on VH and the voucher it will only cost me 20.70. We are not likely to use it again due to circumstances so we thought good idea.
I tried to book on there web page but would not let me, i am guessing because i only wanted one as i have mine. So i though great need to call now and we all know what that means. I called and the guy was helpful and the only issue e had was understanding each other. Any how all went through and said goodbye. I then 10 minutes later got a call from the guy to say he checked my booking to make sure all had gone through and he noticed my Disney tickets were no longer :unsure:. He asked what cost i got them at as i ordered last year so were 183 plus discount. He reordered the tickets at this cost . So well done to him for checking and me not having to have to short it when the tickets come :thumbsup:

26-08-2009, 02:45 PM
Well done to Virgin, I assume they've had a slap on the butt recently!