Disney Channel actors and a new Disney character and his band will be among those taping segments Dec. 2 at Walt Disney World for the 2011 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade.

Bella Thorne and Zendaya, the lead actors on “Shake It Up,” and Jake and the Never Land Pirate Band will be at the resort, and likely the Magic Kingdom, that Friday, a Disney Channel spokeswoman confirmed.

The show that airs Dec. 25 has been pre-recorded in November at Disneyland and during the first weekend of December at Disney World for more than a decade. On the East Coast, Friday typically is dedicated to filming individual performances and Saturday is used to capture the Christmas parade. Disney has not confirmed taping will take place Saturday, Dec. 3.

For many years, Disney has given free admission and parking to groups of guests who agree to be in the audience for the tapings. Tickets have been offered to the public through the production company, to Disney World passholders through the website and, more recently, to sports enthusiasts who volunteer at Disney World events. Disney has not yet announced who, if anyone, will be offered the complimentary tickets this year.

However, the Magic Kingdom is open to the public both days. Guests who pay regular admission (or have annual and seasonal passes) can enter at 9 a.m. Friday and Saturday and may be able to see some of the filming.

A word of warning: This is an actual television production, which means that songs are sung multiple times and individual floats are sent down Main Street over and over again to get the correct camera angle. That means you most likely will spend more time waiting than viewing the events, and you shouldn’t expect to see a seamless concert or parade. Still, it can be an interesting experience.

source: Orlando Sentinel