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Jan 24, 2014
Aug 10, 2008
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Dorset UK

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Addicted to Mickey, from Dorset UK

daveann was last seen:
Jan 24, 2014
    1. Isafari
      Bouncing off the walls!!!! :D
    2. Isafari
      ....and have you seen how cold it is at the moment in Orlando :unsure:
      We had terrible cold weather last December and thought there was no way it could happen again :thumbsdown:
      It sure makes a difference to the holiday when you don't want to hang around waiting for parades etc
    3. Isafari
      nope - been soooo busy with new job etc that I haven't thought of packing yet! Maybe I should :unsure: :lol:
    4. Isafari
      Yes....posted the article in the SW section. Cute.....but 7ft long cute :lol:
    5. Isafari
      :D I know, we have been especially lucky this year with our trips to WDW. Busy making plans right now and booking a tour at SW.
    6. ukwdwnut
      thx ann. its good to be back, that was the slowest 2 weeks ever lol

    7. ukwdwnut
      i know especially as its oct 2011 :lol:
    8. horsedog1
    9. horsedog1
    10. horsedog1
    11. Isafari
      I can't sleep already!! Just like the advert :lol:
    12. Slowhand
      Thanks for those kind words.
      Yep, we are really looking forward to this trip. :thumbsup:
    13. Jazmine
      Hi hon thanks for leaving me a message, im sooooo sorry havent been on, started work after 14 years of looking after disabled DS and im finding it very hard going, but i love it, i work with vulnerable adults and adults who are at end of life, i get quite emotional too i need to toughen up a bit !! Hope all ok with you x
      Love Jacqui xxxx
    14. ukwdwnut
      i was gonna say lmaodont cost me anything to call the states it goes with my broadband package, canada, oz and 8 euro countries too all free lol and US and canada free to mobiles too woohoo....not sure im staying onsite for a week yet ann just getting all the quotes together to see which way works out best, would luv to stay onsite for a few days if pos only ever been to the boardwalk to look round and thats it lol...just off to brush me wig lmao
    15. ukwdwnut
      cool...a wig??? can be expensive to eat on property cant it, can you not get a decent quote for onsite and get the dining plan?
    16. ukwdwnut
      well we dont in the lakes i go fishing in lmao...looks like another hot one :) so hows the plans coming along ann?
    17. ukwdwnut
      i know what you mean ann i totally luv going in october its the only time we ahve been too. both of us work for the school now so we are totally tied to school holidays :( still i get 19 weeks off a year so cant grumble :lol:....just been fishing a few times and went yesterday too and got a bump on my head for good measure where a big one snapped my line and the rod pinged up with real force got a bruise too :lol:
    18. ukwdwnut
      hi ann....lol my face and arms are as black as newgates knocker as the old saying used to go lol, looks like ive been on holiday :D. can do much as yet until the dates for next years half term dates are released then i can book the dates, should be in the next few weeks. usually they are the last 2 weeks of oct but they may be chsnging in the state schools next year so we have to follow suit. hows you hun good i hope :)
    19. Tinker
      Hi Ann, our trip was lovely . I need your address . I have your ornament . You didn't think I'd forget . :hug2:
    20. Tinker
      Thank You ... hopefully its just a diagnosis and not the worse case scenario . Still has me scared . I so appreciate your kindness, Ann . :hug1:
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