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Oct 20, 2013
Jul 1, 2008
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Yorkshire, England

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Addicted to Mickey, from Yorkshire, England

Jodie was last seen:
Oct 20, 2013
    1. Dizneyblonde
      Flippin work getting in the way if trippie writing!
      No laptop either and I'm not writing it on iPod!
      Promise to do more over weekend!
    2. caz1712
      I can't believe its at 400 already it was at something like 525 when we first booked! Scary! But no not quite ready for a pre-trippie just yet! Think I had better finish the first trippie first!LOL.xxx
    3. caz1712
      I know! Its next on my list as soon as I have replied to all the messages!LOL.xxx
    4. Dizneyblonde
      thanks Hun just seen it on the dibb hope you are ok x
    5. KelBelle
      I am uncontrolably excited Jodie lol!! Think I'm driving Aaron mad :D xx
    6. mumof2
      Hi Jodie, could've sworn you were my friend already! how are things with you, you need to get on here more often.
    7. KelBelle
      Aww thanks babe :) Wish her vocals were cute. She's soooo loud LOL.
      Yeah we had an amazing time! We r going again in September and we r all so excited lol! When's ur next trip? xx
    8. KelBelle
      Hey Jodie! How r u? Good to see u babe xx
    9. Ursula
      Aw it's er very pink in here! Lol!
    10. loadsapixiedust
      Glad you are doing OK, shame about the laptop sharing, I could never share!
      So far so good, we both have public sector jobs so as safe as they can be I guess. I think we had our own personal credit crunch a little early, we are doing better now.
    11. loadsapixiedust
      Hi Jodie I wondered where you'd gone :wavey:
    12. Ilovesnowwhitej
      Hey Jodie

      Hope you and Gavin had a wicked Christmas. Do you visit anyone? or are you lucky enough to have the day to yourselves?

      I have a house full 11 for lunch manic but fun.

      Hows Gavins job hunting going?

      Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness for 2009.

      Hope to speak to you soon.
    13. caz1712
      Hey Hunni! Thankfully I have loads of great holiday memories now! I'm so glad that after I got over the jetlag I started to feel a bit better about it all! Christmas is always mad round ours but hopefully it will be a bit quieter and less stressful than usual as we are having a quiet Christmas just the five of us this year as apposed to me cooking for 16 of us!LOL

      I was just asking Jodie and Claire if they had had theirs today actually cos quite a few of them arrived the day we came back but there are some that still haven't received theirs? I posted 20 all at the same time - its really weird how it some got them sooner than others - royal mail for you I suppose!LOL

      You all set for Christmas then? I still have a few bits to organise and a load of wrapping to do - just can't seem to get in the festive mood this year? Strange as I usually love Christmas - think everyone is feeling it this year though - everyone I speak to is feeling the same.
      Anyway if I don't get a chance to speak to you before, I hope you and Gavin have lovely Christmas hunni and hope Santa is good to you both!l
    14. mInNiE
      Hello, what have you been up to with your weekend? x x x
    15. mInNiE
      I know, have not been around much lately, mostly because Alun has been days! He's nights tomorrow and Friday though so expect I'll be around again then! Got another bridesmaid appointment on Thursday, this time in Newport! I did find my dress on Saturday though in a shop in Cardiff I loved it as soon as I put it on so that's exciting, haven't ordered it yet thouh but will have to soon because it takes 6-8 months to arrive!!! No, we haven't been to see HSM3 yet, he did say that we could go one daytime though so that we're not likely to bump into anyone he knows lol! Don't think he'd be too impressed if any of the boys spotted him going in to see that, he'd probably pretend we're there to see the new James Bond!!:D We're watching the election stuff at the moment, got me thinking about Claire so I text her earlier, she said she's having a great time and looking forward to 4 parks tomorrow! You'll have to PM me your mobile number too! Hope everything's ok with you! Speak soon x x x
    16. caz1712
      Oh yeah I have smelt them, and smelt them some more! Its fab!!! Have finally finished printing off the journals tonight! Well apart from the covers that I am waiting for, hope i can get them soon dying to get them bound and take pictures! I really need to get bum in gear and do an update on the pre-trippie just don't seem to have a free minute these days! Hope you well hunni and catch you soon.xxx
    17. mInNiE
      Heeyyy!!! I'm alive lol!! Have been so busy with wedding dress appointments etc most nights and the gym! Am off the the gym tonight but then in for the rest of the night so hopefully catch up then! Will post about my Spa day over the weekend :) Was fab!! Also, about the HSM, we're planning to watch it AGAIN!! on Sunday in case you thought I'd run off with it lol x x x x
    18. caz1712
      Hey Hun! Just thought I would drop in and say hello! How you doing? Things have been as mad as ever for me this week! What you been up to? I ordered my dollars today from Tesco so should be here tomorrow whoohoo! Can't wait to hold them in my hand!LOL Still busy printing journals off bit by bit every night! I'l tell you, you wnat to see how thick and heavy this thing is - think it might need a weight allowance of its own!LOL Hope your ok.xxxx
    19. lizbro
      just popping back in-think i might do a pre trippie when i get to 1 yr to go!! hope everything has calmed down your end -thanks for the tip about this place-its great!!
    20. mInNiE

      Well I've now caught up with HSM, (apart from the third one)! Ended up watching the first one again on Thursday night with Alun when he got home from work, then watched the second one on Friday night!! Love them!

      We went out for a Chinese with friends last night, then they all came back to ours for a drink! Today/tonight, I'm going on a Spa afternoon/night with my mother to the place we're getting married so I may take my camera to show you all! Booked the day off work tomorrow to make the most of it! Hope you've had a good weekend, been up to much? x x x
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