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Sep 6, 2009
Oct 13, 2008
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Earning my ears

mInNiE was last seen:
Sep 6, 2009
    1. Ilovesnowwhitej
      Hey hun

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year, what did you get up to?

      When do you go back to work? hopefully not to soon.

      Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness for 2009.

      Speak to you soon.
    2. caz1712
      Hey Hun! Sorry I haven't been logging on - been sooo busy! Christmas shopping? Don't even talk to me about Christmas shopping!LOL I am usually done by the end of October but because of Florida I couldn't think of anything else so now im in panic mode!LOL THis week is endless running about after school activities as usual but add on top of that Christmas Concerts, Nativities, School Discos and Christmas Parties and I think I may be a one woman time bomb!LOL
      What about you - you all done?xxx
    3. Jodie
      Heya Rhi

      We went to London to watch some car racing at Wembley. The train home last night was cancelled so we had a bit of a nightmare journey ending at 12.00 today rather tahn 1am this morning!

      What you been doing, owt gud?

    4. Dizneyblonde
      Hi babe.
      Awful being back but as you said only a week to go!
      Got my op date through too so as from 8th Jan i will be off for 3 months.
      Been car and house cleaning today ready for Christmas.
      What have you been doing?
    5. mrsc
      hello.... seem to keep missing you so i hope you read this before you go too work.
      hope you are ok and getting excited for crimbo!!!!! i am getting the shopping done very slowly!!!!

      how are the wedding plans ??

      catch up with you soon xx
    6. Jodie
      Hullo. Missing you on msn! You managed to get Alun to the cinema for HSM3 yet?! xx
    7. caz1712
      HEy Glad you had a good time! I've just been really hectic starting to panic me thinks!LOL Trying to get anything done with a toddler at your heals is near impossible! Can't wait to see your pics then! Just doing a bit more printing tonight. Try and catch you on MSN at some point!xxx
    8. Jodie
      Ohhh wedding plans! Me and Claire need sneak peeks of stuff when we meet up! Keep the dvd's until Claires, I doubt I can convince Gavin to watch 'em anytime soon! xx
    9. caz1712
      Hey Hun! How did your spa day go then? What you been up to?I've ordered my Dollars today whoohoo! So should have them in my hand tomorrow morning before 1pm!!!!! Things have been hectic as ever with me! Hope your well.xxxx
    10. Jodie
      Where are you woman! You promised us pics of the wedding venue and nowt, we've had nowt! :)
    11. Jodie
      Glad you loved HSM! Me and Gavin saw the third one on Friday night, brilliant!

      Not much else been done this weekend, relaxing mainly!

      Def' get loads of pics of your weeding venue!

    12. caz1712
      hey hunni! Just noticed on jodie's wall your going for a spa day! oooh sounds lovely hope you and your mum have a great day! And do take pictures - you know how we all like photos!!!
      Spk sn
    13. Jodie
    14. mrsc
      hope you have a lovely day with your mum shopping!!!!

      i look forward t hearing if you brought a dress !!!!

      come on the girls for x factor x
    15. caz1712
      Yeah Think I might just leave her over there for the time being!LOL Although I have a feeling she may peek anyway!LOL I had pointed her in the direction of a few trip reports to read anyway so that should keep her occupied!LOL
      Anyway must dash - Aidan has a swimming lesson at 9am! This October Half Term hasn't been very relaxing no lie in's or lazy mornings yet - roll on the weekend!!LOL
    16. caz1712
      Yeah I just played about with the colours - didn't have a clue what I was doing!LOL
      I spent ages copying it all over this morning so its up now! Not sure what to do about Dibb to be honest I really liked it over there but just think it was rather unfair the way Jodie was treated? Plus I've went on and on about Dibb to mum for months and as soon as she got her net up and running she joined and the same day all that happened! Mad eh!
    17. caz1712
      Hey Hunni! Just popping by to say Hello seeing as you don't have any wee messages yet!xxxxxxx
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