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Feb 25, 2010
May 6, 2009
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Earning my ears, from Cricklade, Wiltshire

sunsetlakes was last seen:
Feb 25, 2010
    1. mumof2
      thank you hunny, doing ok here. as expected ya know. how about you sweetie?
    2. Mandy
      Hi Linda, Thanks you so much. No doubt I will be intouch will i'm away. Take care! xx
    3. Mandy
      Yes if we are back. My son has a fooball match up near Blackpool so we are there and not sure if we will be back, I am hoping to be.
    4. Mandy
      Hi Linda, Yeah! we all are get excited now it as come around so quickly.
      My Son is getting better now, still coughing a little but not as bad as he was thanks!
      Are you going in the chat room tomorrow night?
    5. Mandy
      Hi Linda, I wished I knew it was your birthday today I would of loved to of sent you a card.
    6. Mandy
      Hi Linda, Just read the message below.......sounds like you has a great time at the meet.

      I thought I would tell you to tell Rob to chill the wine tonight ready for the chat at 9pm.lol
    7. sunsetlakes
      Hi Mandy, how are you today, getting much better I hope, its lovely to have you back on here - we all missed you. The meet went really well, although it was a bit like the arctic circle with the cold wind blowing through. There were around 60 of us to start with, eventually went back to our house (around 40 of us) and as we had all been so cold at the park I decided to cook (must be mad). So........... Did a spag bol, lasagne and pasta bake and quickly tossed a salad - added some garlic bread and chopped a load of fruit and.......................... voila, dinner for 40 ish. Turned out really well, the kids were all impeccably behaved, a real credit to their parents and it was great fun putting some faces to names. We had a free raffle (prizes from Villa Owners) and a tombola which everyone donated into and got a gift from. We have a pale cream carpet in the living room and I did wonder what colour it would be when everyone left, but guess what? it's still pale cream - lol. Had 8 people to stay the night and enjoyed a shopping trip with them the next day.
      Glad to see you back on the forum - hopefully you'll be up for a chat on Sunday????
      Love, Linda x
    8. Mandy
      Hi Linda- How did the dibb meet go? Did you have a house left? lol
      Have you got any pics?
    9. Mandy
      :wave: Hi Linda Thanks for the best wishes.
      I have had swine flu and an infection, I couldn't lift my head off the pillow it was horrible. I didn't get up until lunchtime yesterday and still feel a little unwell.
      Hope you are well. How did the dibb meet go?
    10. Mandy
      I might do if I am on tonight at 9 because I don't feel to good at the moment got a horrible cold come. :(
    11. Mandy
      I have just heard you had a good laugh in the chat room tonight. I didn't know their was one going on.lol
    12. marky11
      i am excited for our holiday now and would have liked to have come to your villa to see you.
      I hope we are going again next year but not sure yet if mum and dad can afford it, i hope so though
    13. showells
      Lol, he doesnt waste any time does he, he was so excited setting his countdown up, he loves spongebob and managed to get him on it!
      He has gone out again now so i get my laptop back unitl he comes home that is...lol
      He managed to get another half an ear on dibb today so i have no chance now!
      I will do a special good weather dance for you for the weekend, how many people will there be? I darent even ask how it ended up at your house if the weather fails, it is exremely generous of you but then again you do have the biggest heart xxx
    14. showells
      Hi Linda, mark caught me looking on here last night and asked straight away if he could join...lol, you have him sussed right out, i showed him your post, you know him so well.
      We are all getting extremely excited now for the holiday and it is starting to feel real again now. My lucky little fairy will be coming with me too, i have called her tink as she is just the same as tinkerbell and she stays at the side of m bed bringing me luck.
      How are you all? I bet you are all getting excited for your next visit too xxx
    15. sunsetlakes
      Same old, same old - lol I get up around 6ish anyway, so that wouldn't be a problem for me!! Hopefully the Anti-bs will start to work soon - big hugs
    16. Mandy
      He is still coughing a lot, I think it will take time for the antibiotics to work. I did sleep a little better but still up at 6.30.
      How things with you and yours?
    17. Mandy
      Not getting much sleep really keeping me awake.
    18. Mandy
      Yeah the doctor gave him some antibiotics and some strong lintus to take. He was awake most of the night coughing, bless him.
    19. Mandy
      Hi Linda, when will your son be 15? I just read your post. Bless him!
    20. KelBelle
      Hey Linda.
      Was given tamiflu on friday because I just couldnt fight it on my own like they originally said. Felt very sick with the first dose but I'm feeling alot better now.
      Hopefully Chloe will be coming home tonight as she has been staying with Mum for a few days.
      Thank u for asking.
      How r u? xx
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