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  2. Welcome both old friends and new to the all new Walt Disney Secrets :-D Please take a moment to say hi
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Feb 25, 2010
May 6, 2009
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Earning my ears, from Cricklade, Wiltshire

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Feb 25, 2010
    1. Mandy
      Hi Linda- I'm ok I suppose, nothing exciting happening in my life at the moment i'm afraid.
      Sorry for the delay in replying I had a electric/gas sales man come to the door trying to sale them to me. I had to take my DS to school this morning when I was about to go in the shower, then I have got delayed from that again because I have come on here. I was only coming on while I had a cuppa and some brekkie then I was going to have my shower but still haven't got there yet. lol
    2. Mandy
      Hi Linda how are you?
    3. KelBelle
      Aww thanks hun!!
      We have my sisters 18th on Saturday night so I'll try and get pics of Chloe dancing :D lol.
      Might be hard because she slept for most of my party!!
    4. KelBelle
      Awww thank u Linda. That is very sweet of u. I found it very difficult. Felt like I was there :(
      How r u xx
    5. Yorkie
      Hi Hun,
      Meant to ask, how did it go with your bunk beds? Any luck with the damage?
      Just been to the Disney Store for some bits to bring in a couple of weeks:wink: They have a sale on at the moment, well has been on for the last two weeks but sthey still had a few bits and pieces.
      Take care Pal,
    6. Mandy
      Well I hope you enjoyed them all?
    7. Mandy
      They were lovely Linda.
      Make sure you share yours with Rob, you don't want him to feel left out now.lol
    8. Mandy
      I'm fine hun, just been to make a drink and eating strawberries and cream at the mo.
    9. Yorkie
      There is just no getting away from me is there x
    10. Mandy
      Thanks Linda for the big hug!
      Yes! its a nightmare for me at the moment trying to find temporary work till I go back to my other job.
    11. sunsetlakes
      I found it while browsing, so quite by accident really!! I joined at the beginning of May, so still quite a "newbie". It's not as fast moving as the other but is very friendly - although at first I didn't think I would fit in, I feel like i'm beginning too now. You'll see quite a few people you already know, although some have different names but you'll soon catch up with who's who. We are not so heavily moderated on here which is good as we should all be grown-ups together IYSWIM. Obviously because a lot of people use both forums there are a few duplications too and its quite interesting to watch how the same post on both can take totally different tracks with the tone of people answering. Over the past few days quite a few things have been deleted from the other one because it turned nasty, whereas this one things remained honest, calm & fair - what more can you ask!
      Linda xx
    12. Mandy
      Mick told me about this site yesterday so I thought i would join.
      How long have you been a member and how do you find it to the other one?
    13. Mandy
      Hi Hun, we meet again.lol
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