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  2. Welcome both old friends and new to the all new Walt Disney Secrets :-D Please take a moment to say hi
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Jun 10, 2013
Jul 22, 2008
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Earning my ears

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Jun 10, 2013
    1. robertcraig
      merry christmas and a happy newyear
    2. robertcraig
    3. daveann
      hi tinker hope your having the best holiday ever :)
    4. Watchinherskip
      Hey Deb, I am in SE Virginia, near VA Beach...man Blacksburg is a LONG way away. One of the reasons that Alex wanted to go to Longwood was the long drive to the Blacksburg area. My buddy went to the Catholic school in Pburg though he wasn't a liner.
    5. Isafari
      Thanks :hug2: Having an early night tonight :yes:
    6. Ursula
      Sorry sweetie thought I'd done this already XXXXXXXXXXX
    7. daveann
      thinking about you today i am sure everything will be fine. many :hug2:
    8. daveann
      Hi tinker just thought i would leave you a note to say i had dropped by :)
    9. *Bambi-Belle*
      Oh! I love miniature Dachshunds, they are gorgeous. They always look so happy and pleased with themselves. We thought about getting one as a wee friend for Gypsy, but we are going to wait until she has grown a bit and think about it again next Spring/Summer. It was fab having a puppy in the summer.

      It’s amazing how attached we have become to her even though we have only had her a few months. We’ve forgotten what the house was like before she came to us.
    10. *Bambi-Belle*
      Awwww! thanks, she would give you big hugs for saying that. heeheehee!:lol:

      She is a whippet. We looked into getting an Italian Greyhound, as I think they are adorable, but the breeder suggested that we get a whippet as it would be less likely to chase our old cats. She is a small one though. Her Mum was just little.

      I must say he was right as Gypsy is fab with the cats, infact she has been such an easy puppy. She practically house trained herself. She loves a good run once a day on the beach but the rest of the time she just sleeps or want cuddles. lol

      :o She is spoiled rotten though.
    11. tb2830
      thank you tinker, yep vodka helps in every situation lol as siobhan will agree xx
    12. mainecoon lover
      mainecoon lover
      Thankyou Tinker
    13. mainecoon lover
      mainecoon lover
      Thankyou Tinker. Its been a horrible 10 days here. I was just starting to get use to Brandon not being here when we get this horrible blow. She was such a cutie and so special. She went through so much in her short life. She knew we loved her and she showed us so much love back.
    14. Tink
      Thanks for the chat tonight, Sister Tinker. :hug1: You're the best! G'night!:23dors:
    15. Tink
      Thank you so much for the invitation! :yes: I truly appreciate your kindness. :hug1:
    16. Wendy
      Debbie, I'm so glad you changed your mind, you will be happy and at home here, you really will :hug1:
    17. Tink
      Welcome home, Sister Tinker. It's wonderful to have you with us! :hug1:
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