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California Grill

Restaurant at the top of the contemporary

  1. jojo
    Simply Excellent!

    Great food, great service and fireworks to watch with the lights dimmed and music piped in. Absolutely love it here!

    Food *****(5/5)
    Surroundings *****(5/5)
    Service *****(5/5)
    Price ****(4/5)
    Overall *****(5/5)
  2. disneymom
    We really love this place though its expensive

    There is often a wait to get a table and the bar area gets full really quickly.

    Also a danger of kids flocking to the window to watch the fireworks, can be annoying if they're surrounding and knocking your table.

    Food **** (4/5)
    Surroundings ****(4/5)
    Service ****(4/5)
    Price ***(3/5)
    Overall ****(4/5)