Thanks for all of the replies so far guys....some of them have brought tears to my eyes

I often have a few tears of joy while on holiday in Florida so I'll tell you just a couple....

Christmas Eve just gone, we did the Marine Mammal Keeper experience at SW. Part of the day included interaction with the belugas where we got to kiss them etc and that was so special to me. However....a couple of days later, we were at SW and went to Wild Arctic to pass time before Believe. We got to the beluga section and one particular beluga just couldn't get enough of looking at me. Even the CM couldn't believe how much attention I was getting from him. He would stop right in front of me and open and close his mouth as though he was talking to me. We actually stayed there for nearly two hours (completely missing believe) and that time spent with that beluga will stay with me for a very long time......he was beautiful.

Another time was back in 2004. It was our 20th wedding anniversary and I had secretly planned for months to have our wedding vows renewed while in Florida. The location was Cypress Grove Park. Everything went to plan with the photographer, flowers arriving, limo to get us there, an empty and very beautiful park to ourselves etc. The sun was shining and we had a gentle breeze. We were at the gazebo by the lake and the reverand said such beautiful words that he had written especially for us....I looked over at our friend and her whole face was quivering as she tried to hold back the tears. Well...that got me going too!
I looked deep into DH's eyes and could clearly see that he still loved me after all those years. I felt beautiful and oh so special.......that exact moment was a moment I won't and don't want to forget.
I bet some of you are :rolleyes008: