After work on Tuesday, (I work at M&S) I finished and went down to the food hall for a few bits and pieces. Got to the checkout and put my things on the belt.
I got my purse out and took out a 5 note and a 10 note and moved my stuff along. When I had put them through and went to pay, I noticed I only had my tenner in my hand, I looked around the checkout and couldnt see it. The girl on the till called someone over to look underneath and the woman at the end of the queue ( there were 2 ladies in the queue after me) was looking for it too. The woman behind me never even attempted to look for it just stood looking straight ahead.
After a thorough search, we couldnt see it so I went home. When i got home I told my daughter and I said I thought the lady behind me had got it.
Asked the security lady today to check the CCTV for me and I was right, the lady behind me was seen bending over picking it up as soon as I had dropped it!!
I'm just so glad it wasn't a 20 note!
Love Rio